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SBI PO 2016-17 Final Cut-Off

 SBI PO 2016-17 Final Cut-Off

SBI PO 2016-17 Final Cut Offs: Complete details of cut off marks of SBI PO 2016 with category-wise.

SBI PO 2016-17 Final Cut Off

State bank of India has released the Probationary Officer recruitment to fill various vacancies in SBI branches in India. The SBI PO cut off is the minimum qualifying marks a candidate is supposed to secure in each phase of the exam. The cut off in each stage of exam will be decided by the State Bank of India based on factors like the number of candidates appearing for the exam, number of marks, difficulty level of the exam, number of vacancies etc. The candidates who secure the SBI 2017 cut off or above will be eligible for appearing for the next level of recruitment process. The candidates must qualify in all the three stages of exam by securing the SBI PO cut off 2017 score. Separate cut off scores will be announced by the examination authority for the objective and descriptive tests. The final allotment of the cut off scores will be based on the scores calculated using normalization at each level.

This article attempts to provide the expected cut off for 2017.

SBI PO Mock Test - Attempt now!

Final Cut off Score of SBI PO 2016-17:


Cut Off (out of 100)















Sectional SBI PO Cut Off 2016-17:


Max Marks







Data Analysis & Interpretation




General Awareness/Marketing/Computer Knowledge




English Language




Total Cut Off




SBI PO Cut Off 2016-17 Descriptive, Interview and Group Discussion:


Max Marks








Descriptive Type test


















Marks secured in descriptive tests and GD and interview









SBI Preliminary Cut Off 2016 Subject-wise:




English language



Quantitative Aptitude



Reasoning Ability



Overall Cut Off SBI PO Prelims 2016:


SBI PO Cut Off















Hope this will give you clear idea about SBI PO 2016-17 cut off, Good Luck for Upcoming exams.

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How to Prepare English for SBI PO 2017 in 1 Month

How to Prepare English for SBI PO 2017 in One Month

Syllabus and related updates is a vital part of your preparation schedule for Bank PO exams. Meanwhile, a good strategy is also important for a healthy preparation. So, we bring you the best approach to prepare English for SBI PO 2017 in 1 month only. Basically we divide the English Section for SBI PO exam into 4 parts. We, in this article, have also included smart strategies to prepare English for SBI PO 2017 in this article.

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Verbal Ability
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Grammar

SBI PO Mock Test  - Attempt now

In the SBI PO Prelims exam, English is one of the most vital sections of all. We will provide you three different approaches to attempt English in SBI PO exam.

Approach No.1:

  • Practice 6 Qs from Reading Comprehension
  • Practice 4/ 5 Qs from Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Practice 10 Qs from Close Test
  • Practice 10 Qs from Error Spotting

Approach No. 2:

  • Practice 7/8 Qs from Reading comprehension
  • Practice 7/8 Qs from Cloze test
  • Practice 6/ 7 Qs from Error spotting
  • Practice 10 Qs from Error Spotting

Approach No. 3:

  • Practice 10 Qs from Reading comprehension
  • Practice 4/ 5 Qs from Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Practice 6/ 7 Qs from Close Test
  • Practice 5/ 6 Qs from Error Spotting
  • Practice 5/ 6 Qs from Error Spotting
  • Practice 5 Qs from Fill in the blanks

Tips and Tricks to prepare for English in SBI PO 2017

How to crack SBI PO 2017 exam in just 30 days? There is no rocket science or magical spell in this. All you need is systematic preparation and the correct approach. We suggest you the steps given below:


  • In grammar you need to focus on two main topics which are asked: Error Spotting and Phrase Replacement.
  • Read and revise the basic rules of grammar from a standard book and practice the subsequent exercises.
  • Look out for particular lessons/ articles/ exercises asked particularly in error spotting and gerunds.


  • In vocabulary, you will get questions mainly from two topics: Cloze Test (a passage with 5 to 10 blanks) and Fill in the blanks/ gap fillers (double blanks).
  • If in case you come across a new word in a newspaper or book, you can find out the meaning and jot it down with the meaning.
  • Inculcate the reading habit which will immensely help you with vocabulary. Try to read newspapers, blogs, novels or magazines.  This will make your reading process proficient and help you completing the reading process faster.
  • Practice with full-length and sectional tests on every day basis.

Reading Comprehension:

  • There is probability of reading comprehension asked from trending topics like Economy, Finance, Geo- politics, Society and Issues, Business, National and International events, etc.
  • In a reading passage question, either questions can be asked based on the main idea or you may be asked to infer facts from the passage.
  • Develop a habit of reading fast. This will help you cover the passage in a short period of time.
  • Practice RC questions from past year papers and SBI PO mock tests.

Verbal Ability:

  • In verbal ability, you need to practice questions from para jumbles which is one of the most important topics.
  • Questions may also be asked from completion of paragraphs. In these type of questions, you may be asked to complete a sentence by understanding the context of the sentence or paragraph.

Strategies to prepare for English in SBI PO 2017

1)  You must always start with small questions from topics like gap fillers, sentence rearrangement, spotting errors, etc. and keep reading comprehension in store till the end as RCs are generally time consuming.

2) Do not make guesses. There are high chances that you will end up with a wrong answer. Instead, attempt only those questions you are sure about. 
3) If you are weak at vocabulary questions, don’t panic. There will be hardly 2 to 4 questions from vocabulary and if you are not able to, you can also skip them. 
4) When you are attempting fill in the blanks with two fillers, fill in the first blank and then relate to the second blank. You will be able to choose the right answer.

5) In sentence rearrangement problems, if you are unable to solve, arrange the first and last sentence and you will get idea of the rest.

We hope that this article helps. Stay tuned for more updates on English preparation in SBI PO 2017. All the best!

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Smart Tricks to Solve Profit Loss Questions for SBI PO Exam

How to solve profit and loss problems for SBI PO 2017

How to solve profit and loss problems for SBI PO 2017

SBI PO 2017

Profit and loss has always been an essential topic for people from all walks of life. Right from high school exams to major competitive exams, profit and loss has always been one of the most vital topics. Students who are preparing for SBI PO 2017 exam, we bring this article for you which will make you go through short tricks on How to solve profit and loss problems for SBI PO 2017.

Before moving to the section of ‘tips to solve profit and loss in SBI PO 2017’, let us skim through some basics and fundamentals related to Profit and Loss:

Profit and Loss Basic Concepts:

Selling Price- Selling price is the price at which an article is sold. Selling price is otherwise known as S.P.

The selling price of an article can be calculated by applying the formula of (100+gain in %) /100 x C.P.

Cost Price- Cost price is the price at which an article is purchased. Cost price is otherwise known as C.P.

The cost price of an article can be calculated by applying the formula of 100/ (100+gain in %) x S.P.

Loss- If the cost price of the article exceeds the selling price, this case is a loss for the seller.

The loss can be calculated by using formula- CP- SP and the loss percentage can be calculated using Loss/ (C.P.) x 100.

Let us go through some of the smart ways of solving profit and loss problems:

Profit and Loss Based on Cost Price


If you have to find gain or loss in form of percentage, you can divide the gain or loss amount by cost of the article followed by a multiplication with 100.


Example: A notebook which is of 60 rupees is sold at a profit of 20 rupees. Calculate the rate of profit.


Apply the formula-

Gain/cost × 100 = % profit.

20/60 × 100 = 33%.

If you are asked to calculate the loss and selling price when the percent loss and cost are already mentioned, you can multiply the cost by the loss percent followed by a subtraction of the product from the cost.


Example: A damaged table worth Rs.110 was sold with a loss percentage of 10%. Calculate the loss and selling price.


As we all know, Cost x percent loss = loss.

Multiply 110 x 1/10 = 11, loss.

Apply the formula Cost - loss = selling price.

  • - 11 = 99.

Profit and Loss Based on Selling Price


When you know the selling price and percent profit, multiply the S.P. by the percent profit followed by a subtraction of the result from the S.P.

Example: A boy sells a pen at Rs. 6.00 with a profit percent of 25% of the S.P. Segregate the SP into cost and profit.


Selling price x % profit = profit.

Selling price = profit + cost.

6.00 x .25 = 1.50, profit.

6.00 - 1.50 = 4.50, cost.


To find the loss and the cost when the selling price and the percent loss are given, multiply the selling price by the percent loss and subtract the result from the selling price.

Example: At a wholesale marketplace, handkerchiefs selling at Rs. 50.00 are sold with a loss of 60% of S.P. Calculate the loss and original cost?


Selling price x % loss = loss.

Selling price + loss = cost.

50.00 x .60 = 30.00, loss.

50.00 - 30.00 = 20.00, cost.


When you are given the data of cost and the percent loss and cost and asked to, you can add the loss percentage to 100% followed by division of the cost by this sum.


Example: Earrings which were of Rs. 7.00 per pair were sold at a loss percentage of 25% of S.P. Calculate the selling price?

Answer: Calculate selling price- Cost / (100% + % loss) -

7.00 / 1.25 = 5.60


When you are given the data of profit/loss, the percent profit/ percent loss and asked to calculate selling price, you can divide the given profit/ loss by the profit percentage/ loss percentage.


Example: A cloth is sold at a profit of 12% of its S.P., which is equivalent to 18 per yard. Calculate the cloth’s selling price?

Answer: Calculate the selling price- Profit / % profit

18 /.12 = 1.50


If you are asked to find the percent profit or loss, you have to divide the amount lost or gained by the selling price.


Example: If an ice-cream is sold at 3.30 at a profit of 72. Calculate the profit percent.

Answer: Gain / selling price = % profit.

72 / 3.30 = 21% profit.

Problems based on Mark-up Price

Definition- The marked price is always less than the selling price. Discount is referred to as the difference- MP – SP 

The Discount % (D %) can be calculated using formula = (Discount) / (M P) ×100


In order to reduce the loss percentage on cost to loss percentage on S.P., you need to divide the loss percentage on cost by 100% minus loss percentage on cost.

 Example: 40% loss on cost is what percent loss on selling price?


Formula is: % loss on cost / (100% - % loss on cost) = % loss on selling price.

0.40 / 60 = .0066 or 66% loss on selling price


In order to reduce the loss percentage on selling price to loss percentage on cost, you need to divide the loss percentage on S.P. by 100% plus loss percentage percent on cost.

Example: 40% loss on selling price is what percent loss on cost?


% loss on selling price / (100% + % loss on selling price) = % loss on cost.

.40 / 1.40 = 0.28

To find out percent mark- up (which is profit percentage on cost) to profit percentage on selling price, you need to divide the percent mark- up by 100 % percent plus the percent mark- up.


Example: A coat marked up 60% carries what percent of profit on selling price?

Answer: % profit on cost / (100% + % profit on cost) = % profit on selling price.

.60 / 1.60 = .375 or 37.5% on selling price.

We hope that this article on How to solve profit and loss problems for SBI PO 2017 helps. We would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Stay tuned and happy learning!

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SBI PO Previous 10 Year Question Papers

SBI PO  Previous 10 Year Question Papers

SBI PO  Previous 10 Year Question Papers


SBI PO Previous Year Questions Papers

State Bank of India (SBI) conducts examinations every year to recruit candidates for ‘Probationary Officers’. A student needs a smart strategy along with enormous practice to clear SBI PO exam. So, in this article we bring you SBI PO 2017 Previous year papers for you to practice and get your preparation into the right track. This article SBI PO exam previous 10 year Question papers will help you with your study regime and make your preparation an effective one.

SBI PO previous year papers will trigger your zeal to prepare for SBI PO exams which will also make you familiar with the SBI PO exam pattern along with questions asked in SBI PO exams.

SBI PO previous year papers will also help you to cover the exam and exam pattern. It will also help you to discover the pattern changes that have evolved lately. So, get started with SBI PO previous year question papers PDF download and go an extra mile.

SBI PO Exam Books Recommended

·        Objective English for Competitive Examinations - Hari Mohan Prasad, Uma Rani Sinha

·        Objective General English -R. S. Aggarwal, Vikas Aggarwal

·        Objective English- Edgar Thorpe

Quantitative Aptitude (35 Marks)

·        Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations- R. S. Aggarwal

·        Magical Book On Quicker Maths- M Tyra

·        Quantitative Aptitude Test- N. K. Singh

Reasoning Ability (35 Marks)

·        A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning- R. S. Aggarwal

·        A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Non- Verbal- BS Sijwali, Indu Sijwal

·        The Hand on Guide to Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning- Peeyush Bhardwaj

Download SBI PO Previous Years Question Papers in PDF 

SBI PO Question Paper 2010 in PDF

SBI PO Question Paper 2013 in PDF

SBI PO Question Paper 2014 in PDF

SBI PO Question Paper 2015 in PDF

Note: we will update SBI PO Previous 10 Year Question Papers as soon as possible, stay tuned for updates

We hope that this article on SBI PO Exam Previous 10 year Question Papers. We would love to answer any of your queries in the comments section below. All the best!

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SBI PO Exam 2017: Ten ways to crack the Preliminary exam

SBI PO Exam 2017: Ten ways to crack the Preliminary exam

SBI PO Exam 2017: Ten ways to crack the Preliminary exam

It is a known fact that the SBI PO Exam is one of the most sought-after and a prestigious post to begin with. Every year, this exam is conducted by the State Bank of India. A number of graduates pass out each year and aspire to crack this exam. Let me give a gist of this post of PO. PO stands for probationary Officer, this exam is conducted to recruit Assistant Manager on probation. The exam is conducted in 3 phases. Phase I is the Preliminary Examination, Phase II is the Main Examination and Phase III is the Group Discussion & Interview. This article throws light on the ways to crack Preliminary exam of SBI Po 2017.

Preliminary Examination – Date of Exam - 29th & 30th Apr and 6th & 7th May'17

Firstly one needs to be aware of the pattern and syllabus for SBI PO Prelims. The Preliminary Exam is an online objective type exam for 100 marks and its duration will is for one-hour. This exam consists of 3 sections namely (1) English Language, (2) Quantitative Aptitude and (3) Reasoning Ability.

10 Master Tips to Crack SBI PO Preliminary Exam:

  1. The English language is the language of communication and so the test. This test will pose questions based on a cloze test, reading comprehension, Synonyms & Antonyms, Spellings, Grammar.
  2. Work on the Grammar to be sure with the rules of the grammar, start reading the News papers on a daily basis. Prepare a word list and check the meanings and opposites. It is also important to know their usability as to how the words fit into a context. This will help to remember the meanings of the words.
  3. Quantitative aptitude checks your knowledge in Arithmetic, Simplification and Data Interpretation. One must learn the shortcuts, tricks in solving the problem quickly. 
  4. Practice the BODMAS Rule, approximations, Square & Cubes, Surds & Indices, Decimals and Percentages. Quadratic Equations need a lot of practice. Solve the previous years’ exam papers.
  5. Averages, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Interest, Ratios, Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Algebra, Time & Work related problems are likely to appear.
  6. The Reasoning Ability is one section which is challenging and time consuming. However, candidates can solve these questions accurately if they prepare sufficiently. It is better to avoid lengthy and complex questions.
  7. Puzzle tests, Blood Relations, syllogism, coding-decoding, input-output are the topics which can’t be left. Prepare well with the help of previous years’ question papers.
  8. Prepare a schedule to cover the syllabus. Online Mock tests, pre-tests, previous year question papers help a lot in improving your speed and accuracy.
  9. Prepare a word list with the meanings on flash cards to go through as and when you can. Try to include the required formulae and short tricks which are helpful.
  10. Do not forget that, your incorrect guess work might cost you a 0.25 mark. So, please avoid such type of guess work in the process of answering a question.

Lastly, please rest well so that your next day is a fresh start for a better preparation. Do well, Follow Above Ten ways to crack the SBI PO 2017 Preliminary exam

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Sure Shot Tricks to Score Better in SBI PO 2017

Sure Shot Tricks to Score Better in SBI PO 2017

Sure Shot Tricks to Score better in SBI PO 2017? 

State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the “golden names” in the field of banking. The major curiosity in the minds of students is to come across Sure Shot Tricks to score better in SBI PO 2017. As we all are well aware of, the SBI PO Prelims 2017 is round the corner and every year the competition gets tougher. But, only a few candidates manage to get through. How ready are you to get into the merit list of SBI PO 2017?

In accordance to this cut- throat competition, it is not only enough to perform good but also to clear the cut- off marks(60+). If a candidate is determined enough to clear SBI PO Mains, we share some attempt and preparation methodologies/ strategies for scoring 60+ marks in SBI PO Prelims 2017.

Strategy before SBI PO exam:

  • Equal weightage to all sections: You should make sure that you allot equal time intervals for each section. Devoting too much of time to one section or ignoring any of the sections is not a healthy practice. So, devote genuine weightage to all sections.
  • Make a note of syllabus and cover it: Try to cover the complete SBI PO syllabus and pattern by giving away your best efforts. Make sure that you don’t skip any topic on the list of “Important topics for SBI-PO exam”.
  • Follow the important topics and exam pattern: Try to solve as many previous year papers as you can and you will get an idea of the exam pattern and important topics asked in the exam. This is one of the most important point to keep in mind if you want to crack the SBI PO 2017 exam.
  • Practice using mock tests: Get started with Online mock test series. The more you practice with SBI PO test series, the more you will get familiar with the exam pattern. You can figure out your strong and you will be able to work hard on the weak areas.
  • Prepare sticky notes: Prepare sticky notes of important formulas and tricks for SBI PO 2017. This method will help you in remembering and recalling all the important concepts at one go.

Click here for SBI PO Test Series

Strategy by previous year toppers to score more in SBI PO 2017 Exam:

  • Try not to follow an order while attempting: There is no such order of answering the questions in SBI PO exam. You can start with the questions which are easy for you.
  • Effective Time Management: The total time duration is 60 minutes for 100 marks. Hence, the time to question ratio is less than 1. You must avoid sticking to one particular question and instead allow minimal time to each question. You must follow an effective and accurate‘Strategy for Time-Management’in the SBI PO recruitment exam.
  • Prepare the ones asked frequently: We would recommend you to prepare questions from frequently asked questions instead of going through topics which are untouched. Reasoning and Quant questions have the possibility of lengthy calculations and you need to be careful while solving them.
  • Sectional Cutoffs must be taken care of: You need to practice sufficient questions in each section to make sure that you are equipped enough to clear sectional cut-off of sections instead of being concerned about the SBI-PO Prelims 2017 cut-off.
  • No guesses: Do not guess the answers. Guessing will result in negative marking which will have an adverse effect on your overall result.
  • Use Tricks and Shortcuts: You can use shortcuts and tricks to save a lot of time.

Previous- years asked questions

English Language-

  • Reading Comprehension 

Preferences in ‘Computer Education’ Girls and Boys

Antonyms and Synonyms, RC and Inferences based questions.

  • Cloze Test- 

Use of Technology in the Modern World 

  • Para Jumbles

Chinese Applications- Newspaper Advertisement


Quantitative Aptitude-

  • Data Interpretation (Table Chart)

Total number of students in 3 different sections in which a section of students opted ‘Banking’astheir subject. Also, there was a given ratio between Male & Female students given. 

Reasoning Ability-

  • Linear Seating Arrangement

People facing North and South and sitting in a lane

  • Puzzles

7 boxes consisting of 7 different Items are stacked above each other.

Different people with different days and different lectures.

  • Mathematical Inequalities

Direct Inequalities were asked instead of coded ones

  • 3 Questions from Blood Relations
  • 2 Questions from Directions & Distances
This is it for sure shot tricks to score better in SBI PO 2017 Exam. We would like you to drop any of your queries regarding SBI PO 2017 exam in the comments section below. Good luck!

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Prepare English Language for SBI PO 2017 in 2 months


Prepare English Language for SBI PO 2017 in 2 months

The State Bank of India PO Mains Exam is scheduled to be held on 4th June, 2017. It will be an online exam which is both objective and descriptive. The objective type consists of 4 sections namely (1) Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, (2) Data Analysis and Interpretation, (3) General Economics & Banking Awareness (4) English Language. Objective type is for 200 Marks and the duration is 3 Hours. The descriptive type which is for 30 Minutes carries 50 Marks which will be a test of the English language in Letter Writing & Essay. There will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer (applicable for objective type questions only).

So, to crack the Mains examination, candidate needs to prepare with lot of planning and dedication. It is going to be difficult for someone who is average in English. This article will cover the preparation strategy for English section.

Preparation Tips for the English Language:

The English section in SBI PO Mains Exams can be divided into 4 parts namely:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Grammar
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Verbal Ability


Direct questions related to Cloze Test, Fill in the Blanks, Error spotting, Phrase Replacement, Word Association Pair, Phrase or Idiom Meaning, Spellings.

  1. Work on your vocabulary by reading Newspaper on a regular basis, make a note of vague words, and find out meanings. Whenever you come across a new word, try to find the meaning and its usage. You can practice keeping a note of these words and their synonyms and antonyms, it will be easier to refer.
  2. Solve previous years’ question papers.
  3. Go through articles on the easily confused words like ‘Affect and Effect’, ‘Loose and Lose’. Learn the meaning and use the words in your context.


The main topics related to Grammar related questions are:

  1. Error Spotting
  2. Phrase Replacement
  3. About 5-10 questions will be easily asked based on Grammar.
  4. Learn basic Grammar concepts like Tenses, Articles, Prepositions, Degrees of Comparison, Subject-Verb Agreement, Conjunctions, Parts of Speech, Standard Construction, Adverbs, Number in Nouns, etc. These grammar rules help you in a long run.
  5. Practice Grammar questions on various apps available online these days. The reason, I recommend an app, is you cannot afford to lose out on time. You can comfortable practice such questions on apps while travelling as well.
  6. Try to attempt the SBI PO test series online. Check the solutions as well as they will have the easy shortcuts and tricks to solve.
  7. Check for the articles related to Error Spotting and Gerunds.

Reading Comprehension:

  1. The passages asked here are highly likely to be based on Finance, Banking and Economy, Geo-Politics, Social Issues, Business etc. Direct questions will be asked based on the passage. However, the correct option is sometimes similar to create confusion. So, answer wisely.
  2. The questions asked in this section are often fact-based, inference and vocabulary based. You may sometimes be asked to draw inferences on your understanding of the passage.
  3. Practice on comprehension questions on a daily basis, you can develop accuracy and good understanding.
  4. Make a habit of reading passages of medium length, little faster than usual. Understanding the intent of the passage is necessary to respond in minimal time.

Verbal Ability:

This section consists of 6 Para jumble sentences with 5 questions. Even questions like an odd one out can also be expected. Learn effective ways to solve them with the tips given here:

  1. Questions on sentence and Para completion may be asked, you will be needed to complete a sentence understanding the context of the paragraph.
  2. You must follow the logic of the passage while answering, the passage tells a story with a beginning, mid and end.
  3. Look for connecting words, it will help to link the story.

Accuracy and speed can only be developed by solving more and more mock tests. Take out time to revise the Grammar rules and use them effectively. You must try to attempt sectional mock tests on a daily basis until the exam. Try to attempt Vocabulary section first which is easier and scoring as well. Next, try to finish Reading Comprehension. Verbal Ability section must come next. If you are not strong in Grammar, keep it at the end as it may consume most of your time.

Prepare well, revise well, practice sample test papers and mock tests on a regular basis. All the Best.

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SBI PO Daily Study Schedule 2017


SBI PO Daily Study Schedule 2017

SBI is one of the major public sector banks, and the Probationary Officer is the most sought after exam. Many graduates yearn to successfully become POs. SBI conducts national level examination to appoint Probationary Officer by conducting the SBI PO examination for young graduates. The exam is held in 3 phases. Phase I is the Preliminary Examination, Phase II is the Main Examination and Phase III is the Group Discussion & Interview. In order to make a candid SBI PO daily study schedule, the candidates must know the syllabus and exam pattern of these phases. It is not an easy thing to crack SBI PO 2017, however, you can do so with dedication, plan and hard work. Prepare, Practice and Revise should be your motive.

Please refer to the article titled “SBI PO syllabus and exam pattern” which would help in preparing study plan.

SBI PO Preparation Strategy:

The study plan given here is based on the approach by the toppers at the time of their respective preparation for SBI Bank PO.

  1. The candidates need to be well informed about the syllabus and the pattern.
  2. Make a study plan for a minimum of 8 hours in a day to cover all the subjects from the syllabus. Spend 75% of your preparation time to practice what you have prepared..
  3. The table here projects a week-wise schedule. The number of hours for each topic is given in brackets.

SBI PO Weekly Study Plan:


Quantitative Aptitude



Week 1

Simplification Number Series (7-8 Hrs)

Analytical Reasoning (12-14 Hrs)


Week 2

Averages & Alligations, Ratio & Proportion, Age problems (5-6 Hrs)

Syllogism (4-5 Hrs)

Reading comprehension, Vocabulary practice (8-10 Hrs)

Week 3

Percentage, Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Speed, Time & distance,  Time & Work (8-9 Hrs)

Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding(8-9 Hrs)

Grammar & Sentence Correction (3-4 Hrs)

Week 4

Mensuration, Probability, Permutations & combinations (3-4 Hrs)

Logical Inequalities, Direction Sense (7-8 Hrs)

Para jumbles (3-4 Hrs)

Week 5

Data Interpretation (9-10 Hrs)


Cloze Test, Fill in the Blanks (5-6 Hrs)

Week 6

Quadratic Equations (5-6 Hrs)

Full length Mock tests (12-16 Hrs)

Week 7

Full Length Mock tests, Test Series and Analysis of the tests. List out the topics that are challenging and prepare an action plan to do better in those areas. (24-28 Hrs)

SBI PO Prelims Exam Pattern:

Name of Section No. of Questions Maximum Marks
Reasoning Ability 35 35
English Language 30 30
Quantitative Aptitude 35 35
Total 100 100

  • The exam will comprise of 100 questions of 1 mark each to be solved in a composite time of 60 minutes.
  • There will be negative marking of 25% for each wrong answer.

This is a comprehensive SBI PO study plan for the aspirants.

Always remember, the goal is to prepare, practice and Revise. After working on a lot of sample tests, mock tests, the aspirants would understand their drawbacks. Work on those weak areas and prepare better. Take the tests again, it will improvise your speed and accuracy.

Friends this it for SBI PO daily study schedule. If you have any queries or suggestions, please drop them in comment section below. Way to go!

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How to Solve Coding Decoding Problems for SBI PO 2017 Exam

How to solve coding-decoding for SBI PO Exam

Hello People,

Are you preparing for SBI PO 2017? Do you face issues while solving coding- decoding questions of ‘Reasoning Ability’? If yes, then don’t worry. We have the right solution for you. In this article, we will illustrate techniques to solve Coding-Decoding Problems for SBI PO 2017 Exam.

SBI PO, being one of the most competitive examinations of all times, has the trickiest questions as well. It is important for students to know important short tricks and concepts on ‘Coding- Decoding’ to score well in this section. The shortcuts and tricks in this content will help you score high marks in Coding and Decoding section.

Coding and Decoding refers to an end- to- end process where the message from the receiver is encrypted into a specific code and then decoded at the receiver side. Coding and decoding is a part of reasoning section in every competitive exam. But, the level of difficulty of questions differ. In case of banking (IBPS), questions of coding and decoding come under Machine Coding and Decoding Topic.

How to Solve Coding- Decoding Problems- The right approach

Step 1- Pay attention to the numbers or alphabets given in the code keenly.

Step 2- Try to figure out the order by which the numbers/ words/ alphabets are arranged.

Step 3- Fill in the blank with the appropriate number/ letter/ word.

How to Solve Coding- Decoding Problems- Basics you must know

  • Position of letters- (A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 …… Y=25, Z=26)
  • Position of letters (Opposite Direction)- (A=26, B=25 …… Z=1)
  • Opposites- (A opposite to Z, B opposite to Y and C opposite to X …… so on)

Types of Questions asked in bank exams:

  • Mixed Letter Coding
  • Mixed Number Coding
  • Letter Coding
  • Substitution

Mixed Letter Coding-

  • In this type of coding questions, you can find three or four complete messages represented in coded language and code for a particular word is sought for.
  • To analyse such codes, pick up two (any) two messages having a common word.
  • The word which is common will mean that word.


If 'ish lto inm' stands for 'neat and tidy'

If 'qpr inm sen' stands for 'small but neat'

If 'hsm sen rso' stands for 'good but erratic'

What would 'but' stand for?

Ans- sen

Explanation- When you see the second and third statements, the code word which is common is 'sen' and the word which is common is 'but'.

Mixed Number Coding-

  • In this type of coding questions, you can find groups of numbers coding a message.
  • Take two coded messages at one time, find the common codes and eliminate them.
  • The number left at the last is the one sought for.


If ‘786’ means ‘study very hard’,

If ‘958’ means ‘hard work pays’

If ‘645’ means ‘study and work’’.

Which code means for ‘very’?

1. 5   2. 7  3. 6  4.8  5. Either 6 or 7

Ans- Option 2 = 7


In the statements 1 and 2, the word common is ‘hard’ and the code digit common is ’8’. Therefore, ‘8’ means ‘hard’.

In the statements 1 and 3, the word common is ‘study’ and the code digit common is ’6’. Therefore, ‘6’ means ‘study’.

So, answer is 7.

Letter Coding-

  • In this type of coding questions, you need to figure out the order in which the code given is set.
  • Analyze the answer using the order of arrangement.


If MADRAS in coded form is written as NBESBT, how would BOMBAY be coded then?

      Ans- CPNCBZ


 In this, each of the letter in the word is moved in the manner of one step forward to get the code.


  • This method employs the substitution of object names with different names. Based on this relationship, the answer has to be traced and guessed.


Say if white is blue, blue is red, red is yellowyellow is greengreen is blackblack is violet and violet is orange, what would be color of human blood?

Ans- yellow

Explanation- Red is the colour of human blood. But as per the question, as red is named as yellow. So, the answer is yellow.

We hope that this article helps to prepare for Coding and Decoding questions for Reasoning of SBI PO exam. Stay tuned for more updates. Good luck!

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How to Solve Spotting Error and Fill in the Blanks for SBI PO 2017


The English language section of SBI PO 2017 is one of the best scoring sections of all. The questions asked are from reading comprehension, cloze test, para- jumbles, spotting the errors and fill in the blanks.

We present you short yet effective guidelines with tips and tricks for solving "spotting the error” and “fill in the blanks” questions in SBI PO 2017:

How to Solve Spotting error questions and Fill in the blanks in SBI PO 2017?

Error Spotting-

  1. To solve spotting errors questions, what you can initially do is read the question with utmost attention. When you read the question carefully, you will be able to detect the error at once.
  2. While reading the entire sentence, you must be careful checking the subject-verb agreement. When you don’t find an error here, you can move on to the next step
  3. The next level is to check the spellings. You can spot errors in spellings and all you need is to pay attention to easily figure them out.
  4. If you are still unable to detect the error, you may go ahead by examining each and every part of the sentence to check again.

Fill in the blanks

  1. You need to read the statement carefully and try to figure out what the missing part can be. You can go for multiple trails and then read the statements. The sentence must sound right after filling in the missing part.
  2. You will be provided with many options. Try to choose each and every word and fill in the blanks to check if it fits in the sentence.
  3. Read the sentence again with the word you have chosen to fill in the blank.

We hope that this article helps you with efficient preparation in solving of Questions on Spotting Error and Fill in the Blanks. Stay tuned for more updates around SBI PO 2017. Till then, happy learning!

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