Sample Judiciary All India Scholarship and Admission Test

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Sample All India Judiciary Scholarship Test

100 Questions
100 Marks
30 Minutes
1 Attempts available
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All India Comprehensive Test - Based on MPCJ Pattern

150 Questions
150 Marks
120 Minutes
Available from 30th Jan
1 Attempts available
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Judiciary AISAT Plans & Packages

Judiciary AICT Based on MP Civil Judge Judiciary Service Pattern 30th January 2022

₹ 99/-

The exam will be Based on MP Civil Judge Judiciary Service Pattern.

Date of exam : 30th January, 2022

Exam Timing : 12:00PM-10:00PM

Package Validity: 1 Month from the purchase date


Who conducts Judiciary All India Scholarship & Admission Test 2021

Judiciary Gold holds the responsibility of conducting AISAT. 

How many times can I appear for Judiciary Gold AISAT?

If you register once, you can appear for the AISAT only once.

What is the time duration of the Judiciary All India Scholarship & Admission Test 2021?

The time duration shall be the same as the Judiciary examination time duration.

What is the entry fee for AISAT?

You need to log in to the our (Toprankers) website to know about the fee structure for AISAT.




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Judiciary Gold Scholarship Test November 21, 2021

Are you preparing for any state judicial services exam? If yes, then here is a great opportunity to check your preparation levels. You can compete with various Judiciary Exam aspirants across India by participating in the All India national level scholarship exam- AISAT. 

The subject mentors from the Judiciary Gold team have designed the Judiciary AISAT to help aspirants enhance their preparations and score good marks in the Upcoming Judiciary Exams. 

You might be wondering what is AISAT? how to take up this test and what are its benefits. Well, check out the below points to know more about the test.

What is Judiciary Gold AISAT 2021?

Judiciary Gold AISAT is an All India Scholarship Test for Judiciary Examination. This is conducted by Judiciary Gold - Toprankers. The test is designed as per the recent pattern and syllabus of the Judicial Services examination. 

The Judiciary Gold team includes faculties with over 10+ years of experience. The mentors ensure to provide quality coaching for aspirants. 

Benefits of Judiciary Gold All India Scholarship Admission Test 2021 [AISAT]

If you are wondering how the AISAT is beneficial in Judiciary Exam Preparation, then take a look at the list of advantages. 

  1. You can compete with fellow aspirants of Judiciary Exam across India
  2. Know what type of questions can be asked in the exam
  3. You can set a benchmark of your performance 
  4. You can get scholarships up to 100% on the tuition fee.
  5. You will know your weaker section and improve on those topics.

How To Attempt Judiciary Gold Scholarship Test 2021?

By following the simple steps below you can take up AISAT.

  1. Register yourself with Toprankers website
  2. On the homepage, click on the Test series tab
  3. Select Judiciary and choose the AISAT option.
  4. Make the payment and be ready for the test. 

Toprankers will notify you about the scholarship test time. Gear up your preparation for the Judiciary AISAT and know your performance level. 

So, what are you waiting for? start your preparation now for the All India Scholarship Admission Test and know preparation levels.