NATA Preparation Tips 2021

Preparing for the architecture and design entrance exams like NATA can be a big challenge for many students. But what if we will tell you some simple tricks and strategies to crack the exam?

This post shall guide you through NATA Preparation Tips provided by our experts at Creative Edge (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for design exams). 

So, Why Late? Dig into the post to learn smart techniques that will help enhance your creativity and sketching skills.

How to Prepare for NATA 2021?

Preparing for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture is not challenging if you follow a proper Study Plan for NATA.

General Aptitude and drawing are the most important sections in the NATA Exam, which must be given maximum priority during your preparation.

To crack the exam, you must make the best study timetable and stick to it accordingly. Allocate more time for the topics that you feel are difficult. 

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Try to learn good sketching techniques on effects of light and shadow, understanding scale and proportion, dimensional elements, memory drawing, etc.

Solve as many questions as possible from the previous year's Question Papers for NATA. In this way, you can improve your time management skills and problem-solving skills.

Avoid taking unnecessary stress, which may lead to a lack of confidence and create confusion during the exam.

Know the Syllabus

Before starting the preparation, it is important to go through the detailed syllabus as it will help you know the important topics from the exam point of view.

Through the Syllabus for NATA, you will familiarize yourself with the topis from where the questions are asked in the exam.

The following are some important topics that you need to focus on more to score good marks in the exam.

Subject Important Topics
General Aptitude Objects, texture related to architecture and the built environment. Interpretation of pictorial compositions, Visualizing three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional drawing.
Mathematics Algebra, logarithms, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, matrices.
Drawing Understanding of scale and proportion of objects, geometric composition, shape, building forms and elements, aesthetics, color texture, harmony

NATA mock test

NATA Mock test

Understand the Exam Pattern

Through the Exam Pattern for NATA, you will get an idea about the number of questions asked from each section, type of questions, marking scheme, exam mode, and more.

The exam is conducted in online mode, i.e., a Computer-Based Test. There will be a total of 125 questions and the time duration of the exam is 3 hours.

The exam is conducted only in the English Language. 

How to Prepare for NATA in One Month

Be Creative

As we all know, creativity is the key to crack the NATA exam. If you want to get admission to a good college, it is important to practice drawing regularly.

Begin your preparation with the memory drawing questions and then move towards 2-dimensional/3-dimensional questions.

To improve your 2-dimensional drawing skills, sketch roughly on a piece of paper first and later on your drawing sheet.

Attempt Mock Tests

Solving mock tests play an important role in your preparation. These tests will help understand the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam.

With the help of Mock Tests for NATA, you can improve your speed and accuracy. Also, it will help build your confidence levels.

Which Books Can I Choose for NATA Preparation?

Preparing from the right books is important to understand the concepts in-depth. The following are some of the best Books for NATA Exam Preparation.

A Complete Self Study Guide for B.Arch Entrance Examination 2018/19/20  PK Mishra
NATA (B.Arch) Guide to Bachelor of Architecture Entrance Examination B.Arch Entrance Examination Guide Surendra Kavimandan
Quantitative Aptitude R S Agarwal

Subject-wise Preparation Strategy for NATA 2021 Exam

The NATA entrance exam will have two parts: Part A comprises Maths and Aptitude, while Part B comprises drawing. 

There is no negative marking in the exam, and it is a good opportunity for you to attempt the maximum number of questions without fear of marks deduction.

Let us look at the best preparation tips for general aptitude, drawing, and mathematics from the post below.

NATA Preparation Tips for General Aptitude

  • To score good marks in this section, you should keep your general knowledge updated.
  • You should have strong knowledge on topics like Buildings in India and the World, speed distance and time, Important Architects of India and the World, Logical and Reasoning Ability questions, General Maths questions like area, volume Mirror Images, Building Materials and Terminology, etc.
  • Practice NATA Aptitude Questions from the previous year's papers as this will help help you get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam.

NATA Preparation Tips for Mathematics

  • The questions asked in this section are mainly based on the 12th-grade syllabus.
  • You can easily score well if you have studied your CBSE Maths Books Properly.
  • Revise basic maths formulas from profit and loss, area and proportion, probability, speed and distance, interest, etc.
  • Practice is the key to scoring full marks in this section.

NATA Preparation Tips for Drawing

In this section, you will be evaluated on the following parameters: creating an interesting 2-D composition using given shapes and forms, understanding scale and balance, drawing from day-to-day experiences, sense of perspective drawing, etc.

NATA Drawing Preparation is comparatively easy if you are good at sketching.  The drawing section can have any question. You have to draw the exact scene as asked in the question paper.

  • Develop a habit of making a small thumbnail to plan everything, like placing what and how to utilize the answer sheet.
  • While practicing, make a habit of drawing the objects very, very lightly. Later, darken the lines.
  • Make sure to practice making freehand straight lines regularly without using the scale in a minimum of 5-7 sheets.


What are the important topics that need to be prepared under General aptitude section of NATA Syllabus?

Mathematical Reasoning, seta & relations including complement, union, intersection, and difference of sets, Venn diagram are some of the important topics that need to be prepared under General aptitude section of NATA Syllabus.

What are the best books for preparation of NATA 2021 Syllabus?

  • A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by S.Chand
  • NATA (B.Arch) Guide Bachelor of  Architecture Ent. Exams by GKP

Can I prepare for NATA drawing exam in two months?

Yes. If you are studying 6-7 hours a day, you can easily prepare for the NATA drawing exam in two months.

How can I improve my creative skills for NATA drawing?

You should understand each and every scale and proportion. Bring out your best from day-to-day experience. This will give uniqueness to your drawings.

The evaluator's focus will be on your drawings, imagination and observation skills. So, you should never compromise on the creativity.

Is NATA Drawing Exam easy?

As per previous year analysis, the NATA drawing exam was moderate level of difficulty. With the right preparation strategy, you can definitely clear NATA drawing Exam with a high score. 

How much time does it take to prepare for NATA Exam?

It completely depends on your understanding of topics. There are few students who are good at understanding and grasping concepts quickly while some are too slow. On average, if starting to prepare from basics it will take a minimum of 3-4 months.

How much time should I keep aside for revision in the NATA Exam Preparation plan?

At least you required 25-30 days for revision. So, make sure to allocate at least 1-1.5 hours hours of your daily time for revision.