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Mock AIBE 01

Scheduled On : 10 Mar 2022, 12:00 AM

100 Questions
100 Marks
210 Minutes
3 Attempts available
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AIBE Mock 01

100 Questions
100 Marks
210 Minutes
3 Attempts available
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Mock AIBE 02

100 Questions
100 Marks
210 Minutes
3 Attempts available
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AIBE Mock Test Series 2023 by LegalEdge [Free Mocks]

The Bar Council of India conducts the All India Bar Examination for law graduates who want to practice as lawyers. After passing the exam, the candidate will receive a certificate of practice, allowing him or her to practice in any court in India. The exam is held in 40 cities across India and is conducted in both national and regional languages.

The All India Bar Examination is a certification exam held twice a year by the Bar Council of India for law graduates who want to pursue a career as a lawyer. The open book test is held in 50 cities with 140 centres. The exam is held to assess a member's fundamental knowledge level, establish a minimum standard for joining the practice of law, and assess the candidate's analytical ability.

The candidate is issued a certificate of practice by the Bar Council of India after passing the All India Bar Examination. Members who pass the exam are eligible to attend court hearings in all tribunals, courts, and administrative bodies. The exam is a multi-choice type that takes three and a half hours to complete.

AIBE Exam Pattern 2023

The AIBE XVII (17) 2023 test pattern has been prescribed by the Bar Council of India (BCI). Candidates taking the bar exam should be familiar with the AIBE XVII (17) 2023 exam pattern, which details the test format, types of questions, examination method, duration, and marking scheme. Such material would aid candidates in comprehending the test modes and preparing for the entrance exam properly.

AIBE XVII (17) 2023 is an offline exam in which candidates will be given 100 questions covering various legal topics. Candidates should be aware that the AIBE XVII (17) 2023 exam will not be an open-book exam; rather, bar actions with no remarks will be permitted within the exam hall.

AIBE exam 2023 will be a pen-and-paper test with 100 objective-type questions to be answered in 3 hours and 30 minutes, according to the exam format.



Mode of Examination


Examination Type

Certification based

Examination Timeframe

3 hours 30 minutes

Type of Questions

Objective-type questions

Number of Questions in Total


Total Marks


Negative Marking


Benefits of AIBE Online Mock Tests 2023

These AIBE sample tests aim to assist students in excelling on the exam and to support them in any way possible. It's beneficial to practice by learning and comprehending things, but is it enough? You must evaluate your preparation and identify your weaknesses; else, your exam performance will suffer.

To overcome this, you must take regular exams and prepare more, and our fake tests provide you with the extra edge you need to ace the exam. When it comes to AIBE sample tests, they cover every area in the syllabus, from easy to difficult. These AIBE practice exams include complete solutions and a quick explanation to ensure that your concepts are solid and long-lasting.

Mock tests have substantially altered students' learning, which has helped them refine their preparation to meet the standards. These practice exams and online test series will provide a realistic simulation of the actual exam, increasing your chances of passing. Here are some of the reasons why these mock tests should be your first choice;

  • These mock tests are provided to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and at a lower cost than the market.
  • The online exam series is written in both Hindi and English to ensure that it is easily understood regardless of the medium.
  • These mock tests are based on the most recent AIBE syllabus and structure and include a wide range of questions, from easy to moderately difficult.
  • After you've completed the fake test, look at your report card to compare your results. Your performance will be compared to the national and state rankings.
  • The AIBE online test series also includes previous years' papers and practice tests.
  • These AIBE practice exams cover the whole syllabus and include a variety of questions from various topics.
  • Candidates can improve their problem-solving skills by working on AIBE practice papers. As a result, they will be able to use it on exam day to help them pass the certification exam.
  • Candidates should complete AIBE sample papers as soon as possible to become familiar with the question pattern, marking distribution, and difficulty level of the certification test.
  • Taking the AIBE test series can assist you in swiftly remembering the subject. Any topic of varying difficulty can be easily comprehended by taking the AIBE test series. You can also put your knowledge to the test by practising different questions, which will help you remember what you've learned.
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