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70+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 29th Nov
Target NID NIFT 2022 l 21 Days Comprehensive Design Program | Watch Demo Class (Batch-02)
3+ Mock Tests
Study Material
₹ 9,999
70+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 18th Oct
Target NID NIFT 2022 l 21 Days Comprehensive Design Program | Watch Demo Class (Batch-01)
3+ Mock Tests
Study Material
₹ 9,999
700+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 8th Nov
CreativeEdge Select | Target NID NIFT UCEED 2023 l Till Exam Subscription Plan | Watch Demo Class
100+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 89,999 70,000
You Save ₹ 19,999
700+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 29th Nov
Marathon(monthly) Subscription Plan 2023 | Target NID, NIFT, UCEED, JEE B.ARCH & NATA | 1 Month Subscription
100+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 7,999 5,000
You Save ₹ 2,999
350+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 8th Nov
CreativeEdge Select | Target NID, NIFT, UCEED 2022 | Till Exam Subscription Plan | Watch Demo Class
100+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 60,000 30,000
You Save ₹ 30,000

NID DAT Online Coaching Classes 2022/23 by Creative Edge

The NID exam that you appear in is also known as DAT. It means the design aptitude test. The conducting body that conducts this exam is the National Institute of design. The conducting body selects the question pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, and every other aspect. Further, the NID exam is a national-level entrance test.

The frequency of the exam commencement is once every year. The NID exams have three objectives. It is selecting the best candidates to pursue a bachelor in design, Master in design, and GDPD courses. The aspirants preparing for the exam at several NID coaching classes should know that this exam commences for three hours. So, they have much time to answer all the questions without any hurry.

Further, the mode of this exam is usually offline, but due to the pandemic, the conducting body changed it to an online exam. Aspirants will appear in the prelims and the main exam in English as a mode of language. If you are aspiring for NID, you should start online coaching classes for NID. 

What is NID DAT? 

The NID exam or the DAT is also an entrance exam that many students aspire to appear in. Many of them even leave no chance in preparation at several NID online coaching. This is because the exam lets you acquire a seat in the prestigious national institute of design universities located in several places of India. The NID or the nationwide institute of design has three major campuses. All these campuses get located in Ahmedabad, Gandhi Nagar, and Bengaluru. Further, many new campuses locate in several other parts of India; it includes Vijayawada, Kurukshetra, Bhopal, and Jorhat.

All these campuses get the identification as universities of national importance. Thus, reading is one of these prestigious colleges that will offer you a great career in designing. That is why most people dream of reading in one of the NIDs present in India. Further, the NID exam allows you to acquire seats in the national identified university; you can also gain seats in many prestigious private colleges in India. In such cases, NID coaching is a vital requirement for preparation if you dream of reading designing courses.

Besides, the NID exam enables the aspirants to get admission in the UG and PG design courses. The UG and PG courses, in other words, are also known as bachelor in design courses and Master in design courses. Any aspirant who wants to join any of these two programs needs to clear the NID Exam.

The NID exam is a three hours duration exam that gets conducted in offline mode. Further, two pursue the design courses at prestigious NID campuses, the aspirants also need to clear the NID exam in two stages. It includes the prelims exam test and main exam test. Thus, you need NID coaching to pursue your programs in designing.

NID Exam Stages 

There are usually three-stage to cover if you want to get a seat on the NID campus. The prelims test's initial stage; the prelims test filters the aspirants to streamline the selection process. On passing the prelims stage, you will soon then get notifications for the main exam. You have to get the best preparation along with NID online coaching to clear your Main exams.

The aspirants selected for the main exam will then have to appear for the studio test and interview. The members of conducting body will ask you a set of questions to know your aptitude and desire to continue with the course. After passing the interview round, you will now be eligible to read on the NID campuses.

You may get the best preparation for your written exams at home. But the NID coaching is what you need for interview preparation. The professionals at NID online coaching mould you for the interview round so that you will get selected. Besides, this is something that you will get to know in the latter part of the article. Now that you know the exam stages, here is an overview of the exam.

How do coaching classes for NID entrance help you to crack the exam?

Guidance in the right direction

The first and foremost reason why you should incline for the best NID coaching is the guidance in the right direction. No doubt determining self-study also helps you in cracking the exam. But sometimes, you will lack the base. The teachers and faculties at best coaching for NID entrance will always help you make your base powerful.

How do they do it is making you familiar with all aspects of the exam. Reading at home may offer you knowledge about your subjects only. However, the best coaching for NID entrance will make you aware of the types of questions, difficulty level, and extensive range of questions in mock tests, exam patterns, and many more. You can say that you are complete with your preparation when you are aware of every detail on the exam. Thus, coaching helps you to crack the exam even on the first attempt.

Knowledge about short tricks and time-saving formulas

Although the subjective types of questions won't work, the NID objective question will always demand shorter tricks to solve questions and save time. Every question that you face has two approaches to find the answer. One is your regular approach, and the other one is your shorter trick approach.

The shorter tricks help you find the answers to the same questions saving your time. The best coaching for NID entrance offers you all such shorter tricks and formulas to answer every question efficiently. The time you save with these formulas can get implemented to answer the subjective type questions.

Maximum clearance of doubts 

Another way how the coaching classes for NID helps you is the doubt clearance. Self-study indulges only you. You don't always get the right resources to clear your doubts. However, coaching classes for NID have experienced faculties to clear all your doubts with comprehensive sessions.

The coaching classes for NID nowadays offer you maximum time and extra sessions for only clearing all your doubts. This is what helps you clear and crack your exam. When your roots are clear, you will always succeed in the NID exam or any other exam. Further, you also get individual attention for doubt clearing that makes you more confident enough to clear all your doubts.

Coaching helps you cover all subjects and topics

The preparation with coaching classes for NID entrance usually boosts your study. You will get the opportunity to complete all your subjects and topics at once. When you are clear with all the subjects, there are maximum chances of clearing the exam on the first attempt.

These are the reasons how the coaching classes for NID entrance help you crack your exam with ease. Besides, online coaching for NID entrance is the new approach for getting success. Online classes have certainly evolved during the pandemic. They are offering many perks to the aspirants. Here are some perks that you get from online NID coaching.

Benefits of online NID coaching by Creative Edge

In the current situation, you never know when you can again get quarantined at home. Further, reading with online NID coaching offers you the opportunity to stay away from crowded offline coaching classes. Online classes are the mainstream approach to access study everywhere now. Schools, colleges, coaching, and many other institutions are using the online teaching mode to help students acquire knowledge.

In such cases, if you are preparing for NID exams, you will also require coaching and guidance to excel. In such cases, the online mode of learning has many perks to offer you. Here are some benefits that you get from online coaching classes.

Flexible learning

Flexible learning is one of the greatest perks that you get from online coaching classes. The aspirants in online classes have access to read at their comfort. You can obtain the classes at any time and anywhere you want. This is because; the live online classes also have the recorded version that helps you access it. If you are finding it difficult to find times sometimes, you can get your knowledge anytime you want. In this way, you can set a routine to manage your day in a result-driven way.

Better time administration 

Every aspirant reading for any competitive exam needs to manage their time in the right way to get the best preparation. Aspirants in their course of preparation also have to attend school or colleges. In such cases, taking out time is tedious. The online classes offer you the access to choose your session time for coaching. This helps you in better time administration.

Wider reach 

This is one of the greatest perks that you get from online coaching. The aspirants from any part of the world get access to online access. If you find your mobile network, you may attend the online classes in any state, even amidst the jungle. This is why maximum aspirants prefer online NID coaching.

After reading all the perks and importance of online coaching, it is hard to deny that it plays an undeniable role in your success. With online coaching, you get access to resources, knowledge, faculties, and time. Thus, it would be best if you always prefer the online coaching classes for your NID exam preparation. The online coaching classes offer you persistent knowledge with the help of both live sessions and recorded classes. You can enhance your self-pace of learning with online coaching.

Why Creative Edge?

Creative Edge - A TopRankers initiative is one of the best NID coaching centres for NID exams in India. They offer online Study Materials, Tutorial Packages, Online Mock tests, Question Banks, Sample Papers, and online lectures for students preparing for the entrance exams. The online study materials will also be provided in pdf format. 

They conduct live classes where the candidates can easily clear their doubts with the subject experts. In case the candidate misses any live classes, he/she can access the recorded videos whenever they are free. TopRankers conducts a separate doubt session for NID preparation coaching. 

They offer paid courses that come at affordable prices. These courses come in Hindi & English languages. The courses will also include 100+ mock tests, doubt clearing sessions, and online study materials designed by the subject experts. 

NID Exam Pattern 2022

As you know that the NID exam is a two-tier system exam. That implies; you need to appear and clear two stages of written exams to appear in the interview. In such cases, despite joining the online coaching classes for NID, you should also know the exam pattern for different tiers. Understanding the exam pattern will always help you know the exam difficulty, type, and easily clear it.

Again, you can also say that NID entrance exam coaching is an inevitable factor that enables you clear the exams. Some NID preparation coaching also offers you exam patterns and complete detail on syllabus and question type. However, if you don't have access to that, here is the exam pattern that will offer you better visibility of the exam.

Further, the NID exam pattern is different for the prelims and the main exams. Here below, you will find two distinctive patterns for prelims and main exams of NID.

NID exam pattern for prelims exam 

As you already must be aware in your NID entrance exam coaching, the NID prelims exam for design programs commences for three hours. However, the mode of exam is always pen and paper. The total marks of questions you appear in the prelims are 100 marks, and you will also appear 26 total questions.

The aspirants will appear in both subjective and objective type questions. Thus, the preparations must be hardcore in the NID preparation coaching. 

The prelim, again, as you know, indulges two sections. It includes section one that is objective type and section two that is subjective type. In section one, you will appear questions 1-22 as MCQ. Question numbers 1-14 will carry one mark each, while question numbers 15-22 will carry two marks each. The total marks that you get in the MCQs are 30 marks.

Moving on to the second section, find question numbers 23-26 as subjective type questions in this section. All the question carries distinctive marks. The total marks of questions that you will appear in this section are 70 marks.

Highlights on the first section of prelims 

  • In the first section, the aspirants need to appear only MCQ-type questions.
  • For the first section, the aspirants will distribute OMR sheets to shade or darken the correct option.
  • Section one in the prelims will offer you total questions carrying 30 marks in total
  • The OMR sheet answers get digitally verified

Highlights on the second section of prelims 

  • The second section is the subjective type section offering you four questions
  • All questions are mandatory to attend
  • This section doesn't include negative marking for incorrect answers

NID exam pattern for Main exams

As you must be already cautious in your NID preparation coaching, that NID main paper commences in the English language. The exam continues to three hours and offers you 100 marks in total. Thus, you need to focus on the main exam and prepare best at NID entrance exam coaching. Here is the exam pattern for the main paper.

The main exam commences in NID for only bachelor and GDPD programs. The main exam has various formats; The formats include the following.

  • Drawing
  • Sketching
  • And hands-on model making

Now that you know the detailed structure of NID exams and their exam pattern, you should start preparing as per the prerequisites set by the conducting body. However, to get success, you will always need the best NID coaching in the long run. No matter how determined you are about your self-preparation, but the online coaching for NID entrance is like extra armour. The clearing of NID exams allows you to obtain a seat at prestigious NID campuses.

In such cases, you should never leave a single chance to pursue your dream program in design. The best NID coaching always helps you understand the exam difficulty and offer you mock tests to help you get acquainted with the exam.

Who are eligible to appear in the NID exam?

All the aspirants reading at several NID coaching classes should know that there are certain eligibility criteria to get selected for appearing in the exam. Thus, you need to check all the criteria here before starting your online coaching classes for NID.

Eligibility for the B.Des course and GDPD

Age limit: The candidates who are aspiring for the bachelor in Design program should ensure that they are not more than 20 years of age as of the current year.

Educational qualifications

The aspirants who aspire to pursue the bachelor's program and appear NID exam for that should have completed their 10+2 or anything equivalent to that from a board that comes acceptable by the nation. The recognized board includes CBSE, ICSE, and AISSE.

Eligibility for the M.Des course

Age limit

The aspirants who want to appear NID exam for the Master's program should ensure that they are below 30 years of age.

Educational qualification

If you are willing to pursue the Master's program at NID, you must have completed your bachelor's program from any discipline. However, the duration must be 10+2+4 system; the aspirants with a diploma in design can also enroll in a Master's program. However, they should also get passed with the 10+2+4 system.

Thus, if you are aspiring for NID and are reading at NID coaching classes, you must go through the criteria to ensure you will not find any hassle in the future.


What are the benefits of NID online coaching?

NID Online coaching is the best option in terms of the comfort factor. It is not time-consuming and gives you a chance to prepare in your comfort zone. Furthermore, it is pretty reasonable as related to offline courses/ CUCET coaching institutes in the market.

Are NID online coaching worth it?

Yes, Online Coaching worth it because the value is very effective than offline/ regular classes. Students can save money- while traveling, shifting from one place to another, managing food costs, etc.

Is there NID Coaching classes available in offline?

No, Toprankers offers only online coaching for NID. You can register on the Toprankers website and choose your desired course. 

Do I get mock test papers for NID Entrance Exam Coaching?

Yes, along with the online coaching you shall receive all the study materials and mock tests papers for preparation. You can download the PDF and enhance your preparation for NID Exam. 

Does online coaching classes for NID have separate doubt sessions for the weak students?

Yes, NID Coaching have separate doubt sessions for the weak students. We take the combined test for all the registered students and segregate them as per their performance. Based on the performance, we help learners to prepare for the exam.

What is the minimum qualification for NID?

The minimum qualification for B.Des is 10+2, and for M.Des is 10+2+4.

How should I prepare for the NID exams?

Self-study and online coaching are the two best approaches to read for NID exams.

I am art stream in class 12th. Can I appear for the exam?

Yes, you can appear for the exam.

Are there any limits on attempting the NID exams numerous times?

No, there are no limits, and you can compete as long as you meet the age criteria.