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NATA Online Coaching Classes 2022/23 by Creative Edge

NATA- National Aptitude Test in Architecture is a national-level entrance examination conducted for candidates who want to pursue B.Arch courses in various colleges all over India. Council of Architecture (COA) conducts NATA exams every year. 

Every candidate who wishes to build their career as an architect will have to pursue a B.Arch course for five years. To opt for this course in one of the top colleges in India, they need to attempt NATA Exam. To help the candidates perform better in the exams, there NATA Online Coaching & NATA Coaching centres are located at various places. 

NATA entrance examination is conducted twice a year. Candidates who have NATA stands for National Aptitude Test in Architecture which is conducted by COA (Council of Architecture), which is constituted by the Government of India. This examination conducts a separate aptitude test for the candidates who want to take admission in Architecture, so it should not be combined with other admission tests for engineering, pharmacy, medicine, or any other disciplines.

This common aptitude test for Architecture provides a seamless system for candidates and institutions to effortlessly take admission to the first year of five years B. Arch. in every recognized institution all over the country. NATA offers a single scheme of examination to hold the aptitude test and facilitate students from all over the country to apply for admissions in architectures seats. This way, the candidate does not have to appear multiple-aptitude tests to take admission in the Architecture course.

However, the actual admission is to be carried out by the respective authorities of the states or institutions on the basis of the candidate's NATA score. Candidates who are aspirants of appearing NATA 2021 can apply for NATA online coaching classes. Moreover, NATA also ensures the candidate's eligibility for taking admission to a five-year bachelor of Architecture degree course as prescribed by the Council of Architecture.

missed out on their first test due to certain reasons or candidates who wish to improve their previous NATA score in the first test, the second test gives them the opportunity to re-appear in the entrance test. Candidates can consider taking up NATA coaching to perform better in the test. The first and second entrance tests are conducted on different dates as one-day online examinations all over India.

The entrance test is consists of two parts, i.e. Part A and Part B. While Part A is for drawing test, i.e. paper-based, Part B entails Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and general aptitude that has to be answered online. Contemplate appearing NATA coaching classes to experience practical knowledge on NATA exam pattern and syllabus. These examination parts are devised to identify competent aspirants to study Architecture.

Part A – Drawing Test

Part A test has to be answered on A4 size drawing sheets. There would be three questions given to the candidate for Drawing Test. The exam duration would be 135 minutes, so the candidate has to attempt all three questions within that time, with two questions carrying 35 marks each and one question carrying 55 marks. NATA coaching classes videos will show you how to manage all the drawings within that two hours and fifteen minutes. Here are the skill aspects of judging the drawing aptitude.

  • Sketching the given objects proportionately and the ability to furnish and present the objects in a similar visually appealing manner.
  • Sketching how the light has effects on the object and its visualization. Furthermore, the drawing shadows are cast on the surroundings in the picture.
  • The candidate's sense of perspective drawing will be judged too. Therefore, take up online coaching for NATA to considerably develop in that aspect.
  • The candidate's ability to combine and composing the given three-dimensional elements to give them a structural form is also considered for evaluation.
  • Drawing interesting two-dimensional compositions from given shapes and forms are also judged.
  • The candidate's potential to create visual harmony via using different colours in a given composition is estimated.
  • Candidate's propensity to understand the scale and proportions are considered too for evaluation. Thus, NATA architecture coaching would be beneficial to gain a better understanding of those aspects.
  • Candidates skills for drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from standard daily experiences.

Candidates should know that the answers for each question in the Part – A paper would be examined by more than one examiner independently. Then all the scores will be combined and averaged to form the final score. The primary emphasis is given to the candidate's skills for drawing, imagination and observation skills in order to score in the drawing section. Moreover, the candidate's sense of proportion, colour and composition would be evaluated together. Browse online to know about the fees for NATA coaching classes to achieve an excellent score on the entrance test.

Part B – General Aptitude Test

Part B contains Multiple Choice Questions that must be answered online. As per the syllabus for NATA, all the questions and instructions for the Part B test will be available only in the English medium. Consider applying for NATA online coaching classes to know about the question patterns for the Part B test.

The candidate would have to answer fifty questions within 45 minutes. In the MCQ patterned questions, out of four options, only one option would be correct. When the candidate responds with a correct answer, they will get a score of 1.5 marks. There would be no negative marking for wrongfully answering a question.

Syllabus for Part B test

Mathematics: Algebra, Logarithms, Matrices, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Theory & Application of Calculus, Permutation & Combination, 3D Geometry, Statistics & Probability.

Physics: Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction, Optics, Atoms & Nuclei, Electronic Devises.

Chemistry: Basic Concepts of Atoms and molecules, Thermodynamics, Organic Chemistry, Chemical bonding, etc.

General Aptitude: Mathematical Reasoning, Sets & Relations.

NATA Exam Pattern 2022

The Council of Architecture has released the official exam pattern of NATA 2022. The NATA Exam pattern provides an overview of the NATA exam. It includes the mode of conduction, duration, marking scheme, and more. 

Exam Mode Computer-Based Test
Duration 3 Hours
Medium  English
Section Aptitude 
Total Number of Questions 125 Questions
Type of Questions Multiple-Choice type (MCQ); Multiple Select types (MSQ); Preferential Choice type (PCQ); Numerical Answer type (NAQ)
Total Marks 200
Negative Marking No
Marking Scheme The questions will be of 1 or 2 or 3 marks


Benefits of NATA online coaching classes 2022/23

NATA coaching classes help candidates shape their skills to excel in the exam. The NATA online coaching classes involve different levels, where the candidates can focus more on the objectives with special attention. NATA Online Coaching consists of videos where the candidates can learn the concepts from the comfort of their homes. TopRankers is one such NATA online coaching centre that can help the candidates with all the necessary requirements. 

Now, let’s understand the benefits of online coaching classes. 

Obtain top ranks in NATA Exam 2022/23

NATA exams require a lot of preparation, and without any guidance, it is not possible. NATA Online Coaching & NATA Coaching centres will help the aspirants understand the concepts and prepare well for the examination. Hence, enable them to score top ranks in the NATA exam 2022. 

Explore more about the exam

Before attempting the exam, the candidates should be well aware of the whereabouts of the exam. NATA architecture coaching classes will provide all the details about the exam. Moreover, the online coaching for NATA provides the best practices to enhance the candidate’s knowledge to achieve a higher success rate. 

Stand out of the crowd

The NATA Online Coaching classes prepare the candidates in such a way that the candidates appear unique from the crowd. The online coaching for NATA will include mock tests, model tests, etc., that can help candidates ace the exam. 

Communicate with expert faculties

There are many aspirants around the country to appear in the NATA entrance examination to take their career to the next level. However, there is always a lack of expert faculties that hinders many candidates from scoring good marks in the test. NATA coaching classes videos easily solves this issue along with its virtual learning process regardless of candidates geographical location. They provide well-experienced professors to acquire great results in the NATA entrance examination.

Keep you focused on the subject

It's not always possible for aspirants to concentrate fully while being in a physical classroom. Thus, you should join an online service after checking their fees for NATA coaching classes, where you get to study individually with the professor. From various studies, it has been proved that focusing on online courses is much simple than physical classes.

Even though you are in loud surroundings, you can wear headphones to cancel them out. As you interact online, The experts would help you stay on topic without any distraction. If a candidate struggles to concentrate on NATA syllabus topics, then online coaching for NATA can be the suitable solution for them.

Get coaching guidance at the candidate's convenience

There might be many architecture career aspirants who are either busy with attending their current academic sessions or engaged in vocational works etc. So it would not be convenient for them to take time off to attend their coaching sessions for NATA. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to choose their own timing that would be convenient for them to attend NATA coaching online Free.

The candidates can revisit the expired study sessions and pause videos to make notes or do their additional research while studying online. Aspirants can learn at their own pace while working through their lesson plans before moving to the next segment.

Get access to valuable study materials

Along with all the above benefits, coaching for NATA from an online academy can provide you with all kinds of online access to study materials. With you will get instant feedback from the professors. You must complete the NATA preparation course to gain an excellent score in the NATA exam. The candidates can have access to all types of mock tests and previous year's question papers, along with a wide range of study materials.

Clarify about the doubts

Within a typical classroom setting, it can be intimidating for the students to discuss their doubts with the professors. Moreover, in the typical classroom setting, the experts would have a set timing to discuss student's queries, where the student might either don't remember about their query or the doubt session ends before their turn comes.

However, with the online NATA coaching classes videos, the students get the benefit of their doubt by going over the previous study sessions. The professors can also connect online with the students at any given time to clarify their queries. All the student has to do is leave a comment for the faculty to learn about their doubt.

How online coaching helps you to crack the NATA exam?

When a candidate does not have any knowledge on the exam pattern, questions difficulty level, but aspiring to go into the architecture field, should consider taking NATA architecture coaching. In order to become the architect being a novice to this aptitude entrance test, it's wise to join a well-known institution that could provide you with appropriate training to qualify for the entrance with high scores.

Candidates can also take NATA coaching online free if they can't spend much expense attending physical classes. Unlike the earlier ages, India now provides great career scope in the design and architecture industry. Thus, you should consider joining NATA online coaching classes to crack the NATA entrance to take admission in the best institutes available all over India. Below are some aspects with which the coaching can be helpful for you.


In order to appear for an entrance with a serious mindset to get qualified, a candidate must be thorough with the syllabus, and the topics that would be included in the entrance test and NATA is no different. And coaching for NATA would be very helpful for you to get familiar with the subject patterns. The Aptitude section of Part-B comes in Section A together with Mathematics in the NATA examination.

So, you should know about the tips and tricks on how to ace the aptitude section and score maximum to increase the overall score of the entrance test. NATA coaching classes videos would help you with having complete knowledge of famous architects, architectural buildings from India and around the world. This would help you to be thorough with architectural terms.

NATA coaching online free would also let you know about the basic logical and analytical reasoning questions that you have studied in the 10th and 12th standards. They assist you with learning how to observe and analyze objects associated with architectures. Other than that, the NATA coaching classes help you to develop your visualizing skills for 2D and 3D objects.


Mathematics is an essential part of the architectural career. Thus, a candidate must learn about basic mathematics, which is the primary purpose of NATA to have a mathematics section. Since there is no negative marking, NATA coaching would help you score a complete mark as a good section. The coaching faculty would help you revise the mathematics of the 10th and 12th standards.


Drawing is the Part–A test for this entrance, which is again a good section to score more. NATA coaching classes would help you draw in perspective. It would help you improve your shading and detailing skills. Give a lot of resources to practice drawing that has the potential to come in the test. A reliable NATA architecture coaching can provide you with relevant questions similar to the original exam pattern. They would provide you with designed modules to keep improving your skills. 

Reference Materials

The coaching classes are a great source to get study materials for NATA preparation. Check for fees for coaching classes before joining them. NATA books mostly contain different topics, but no single book can cover the entire syllabus. Thus, you should join a coaching class to limit your expenses on purchasing too many books.

Why Creative Edge? 

Creative Edge - A TopRankers initiative is one of the top online coaching centres for the NATA exams in India. They offer online Study Materials, Online Mock tests, Tutorial Packages, Question Banks, Sample Papers, and online courses for students preparing for the entrance exams. The online study materials will also be provided in pdf format. 

They conduct live classes where the candidates can easily clear their doubts with the subject experts. In case the candidate misses any live classes, he/she can access the recorded videos whenever they are free. TopRankers conducts a separate doubt session for NATA online coaching classes. They also provide NATA coaching classes videos that the students can download and prepare for the exam. 

They offer paid courses that come at affordable prices. These courses come in Hindi & English languages. The courses will also include 100+ mock tests, doubt clearing sessions, and online study materials designed by the subject experts. 



Can I download NATA Mock Test PDF?

You can download the detailed analysis report of the mock test. Attempt the NATA mock tests to enhance your preparation levels. 

How to attempt NATA Aptitude Mock Test?

Visit Toprankers website and login with your login credentials. Click on Test Series tab present on the homepage. In the drop down click on NATA. Check out the free test or buy more mock tests. 

What are the advantages of NATA Free Mock Test?

By attempting NATA Free Mock Test,

  • you can know the difficulty level of the questions
  • you can know which type of questions are asked.
  • you can improve your speed and time management.

Are NATA coaching classes fees high?

No, fees for NATA coaching classes are lesser when compared to offline classes.

Is there any doubt clearing session for NATA architecture coaching?

Yes, there is a separate doubt clearing session for NATA coaching. 

What is a good score for NATA?

155+ is the top score for the NATA exam. However, 120 or more will be a good score for the NATA aspirants. 

Will the online study materials be available in pdf format?

Yes, the candidates will get the pdf version of the online study materials. 

Who conducts the NATA 2021 exams?

The Council of Architecture (COA) conducts the NATA exam every year.