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How to Prepare for NID 2024 In 6 Months? [Preparation Strategy]

Author : Aparna

Updated On : September 19, 2023


What to expect from this article: You must create an efficient exam preparation strategy to pass the NID DAT exam with top grades. This includes choosing the appropriate study material, creating a schedule, writing notes, and attending mock tests. So, to score good marks in the NID 2024, you must go above and beyond!

Many of you may have misconceptions that drawing skills are enough to crack the NID entrance exam. But that is false. It takes a lot more to clear the exam.

You must be creative, imaginative, and innovative to crack the NID exam 2024. You should focus mainly on

  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Time management

Practice is the only key to enhancing your time management skills in the final exam. Are you wondering how to improve your creative skills?

Read through the blog to understand how to Prepare for NID 2024 In 6 Months.

How To Prepare For NID 2024 In 6 Months?

In the NID entrance exam, you will be tested on your creative skills rather than your artistic skills. So, you should focus on developing your creative skills to succeed in the exam.

Here are important topics for the NID exam:

Design Outline for Beginners Colour Terminology
Mood, Theme & Colour Inter-relationship Design Theory
Natural & Geometrical Form Innovation in Design
Lettering Optical Illusion
Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions Form & Function
Theme Development Creative thinking & writing
Visual Logic Good Design vs Bad Design
Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions Optical Illusion
Developing Themes & Colour Associations Inspiration & Creativity
Memory Drawing Usage of Colour in Compositions

How To Prepare For NID 2024 In 6 Months?

The key to success in the NID Entrance Exam is planning and executing it effectively. Check out the plan in this post below to understand how to prepare for NID in 6 months?

How to study for NID entrance exam?

1st & 2nd Month

  • Before starting the preparation, go through the detailed NID syllabus and pattern
  • Allot at least 2 hours for preparing each topic
  • Clear all your basics and learn the fundamentals of all the subjects.
  • Be thorough with all the topics as per the syllabus.

Check: NID Exam Pattern

3rd & 4th Month

  • List out the topics that you are weak on and rework them.
  • Every 10 days once, do your revision to remember what you have studied earlier.
  • Solve as many questions as possible from previous years' question papers for NID to improve your time management skills and speed.
  • Try to analyze your performance after the completion of each paper.

5th & 6th Month

  • In the 5th month, start your revision.
  • Make sure to revise all the topics that you have prepared last 4 months.
  • Do not pick any new topic, as this will create confusion and fear.
  • Solve at least 1-2 previous year's papers each day.
  • Attempt as many mock tests as possible to test your preparation levels.

Check: How to prepare for NID Studio Test?

NID Online Coaching

NID Online Coaching

Best Preparation Strategy to Crack NID 2024 in 4 Months

Many of you might be preparing for the NID entrance exam 2024 along with board exams. However, you can easily crack the exam if you have a well-structured plan and preparation strategy. 

Here are a few experts' suggested tips and tricks that will help you prepare well for the NID exam in four months.

Here's how to crack NID DAT.

Know the Pattern

You must be familiar with the Question Paper Pattern for NID as it helps in understanding the pattern of the question paper, the marking scheme, and the number of questions asked from each section.

Check Out the Syllabus

Before starting the preparation, you must review the detailed syllabus and plan accordingly. 

 The syllabus might be vast, but there are a few important topics that you need to be thorough with to score good well in the exam.

Check: NID Exam Section Wise Preparation Strategy

Be Innovative

You should develop the ability to think out of the box.

Make a design from daily materials, like glass, straw, tape, etc.

Check: Design Thinking Questions

Make a Study Plan

For cracking the NID exam, the first and foremost important thing has a well-planned study schedule.

  • Each one of your study timings may vary. However, creating the best study timetable for the NID exam will help you crack the exam easily on the first attempt.
  • Try to review your weak areas and allocate more time to topics that you feel are difficult.
  • Make sure to complete the tasks planned for each day without postponing them.

Improve Speed

 If you do not improve your speed, having excellent drawing skills and imagination is useless.

You should aim to show your creativity quickly, so focus on practice and consistency.

Improve General Knowledge

  • Make a habit of reading the newspaper and magazines regularly.
  • Following Daily Current Affairs will help you stay updated about all happenings worldwide.
  • Also, watch the news to stay updated about all the happenings in the world.
  • You can draw solutions from anything that catches your eye.

NIFT Mock Tests

NIFT Mock Tests

Practice Question Papers

Solving previous years' sample papers will help you understand the difficulty level and the type of questions asked in the exam.

Also, it is the best way to comprehend the NID exam pattern. With the help of previous question papers, you can know where you are committing mistakes and how to overcome them.

Time Management

  • Managing time is an important factor in the NID Entrance exam.
  • Each question may consume different timings. Hence, you must ensure not to spend too much time on a question when you cannot find the answer.
  • Practising previous years' papers and mock tests will help improve your time management skills for the final exam.

Check: Time Management Tips for NID Aspirants

Take Breaks

Take breaks between study hours to help you focus and concentrate better. It will help in reducing your stress and anxiety.


  • With our revision, it is difficult to remember all the topics that you have studied earlier.
  • Try to allocate at least a month for revision and revise all the topics you have studied earlier.
  • Do not learn any new topic during revision, as it may create confusion at the last moment.

Which Books Should I Consider for NID 2024 Preparation?

Many books are available online and offline, but opting for the right book is difficult.

The following are some of the best preparation books for NID highly recommended by toppers.

Book Name Author
NID (B.Des.) Entrance Books and Test Series AFAINDIA
Basic Rendering Robert W.Gill
Design drawing Francis D.K.Ching
NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide RPH Editorial Board

How to Prepare for NID 2024 Interview?

A panel of experts from industries/Academics will conduct a personal interview to assess your overall personality based on general awareness, extracurricular activities, academics, and specific fields of interest.

How to prepare for NID entrance interview process?

The following are some of the best Interview Preparation Tips to crack the NID interview provided by experts.

  • Research the Fashion Industry
  • Be More Descriptive
  • Set Your First Impression
  • Avoid One-Word Conversations (Yes or No)
  • Don't Waste Interviewer's Time
  • Be Prepared For Commonly Asked Questions
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Creative Mind
  • Choose Your Words Wisely
  • Show gratitude
  • Body Language

Check: NID Interview Questions with Answers

Does Solving CreativeEdge Mock Tests help me Score Well in the NID 2024?

According to the experts at CreativeEdge, solving mock tests will help improve your time management and problem-solving skills. Also, it will help improve your speed and accuracy in the final exam.

  • You are advised to solve at least 1-2 Mock Tests for the NID exam every week to test your preparation levels.
  • With the help of mock tests, you can build your confidence levels.
  • Also, you can find out your weak areas and work on them.

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The National Institute of Design entrance exam is highly competitive and challenging. Preparing for the NID 2024 exam in 6 months can be daunting, but it can be done with the right plan and dedication. To prepare effectively, it is important to understand the NID syllabus and the exam pattern and practice mock tests. With proper guidance, dedication, and hard work, you can crack the NID 2024 exam in 6 months.

Also check: NID 2024 Sample Papers

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