The National Institute of Design conducts a Design Aptitude Test (DAT) every year for you to get admission in their 3 campuses across India. This entrance examination is conducted for you to get admission in various design courses that are offered by NIDs.

The Design Aptitude Test (DAT) is followed by a Situation Test and a Personal Interview Round also.

There are around 125 seats for Bachelor of Design (B.Des) program across all the NIDs combined.

In this article, you will get to know all the detailed information that you should remember before appearing for the NID Exam.

Points to Remember before Appearing for NID Exam

  • The first and the most important point is that you should understand the examination i.e. you should know the pattern of the examination, the timing of the examination, and the location of the centre of the examination.
  • For understanding the examination, the first step is knowing the pattern of the examination.
  • The NID exam consists of 2 sections of 100 marks i.e. the Drawing test and the Aptitude test. The Drawing test holds 70% of the weightage of the examination whereas the Aptitude test holds 30% of the weightage of the examination. There is no negative marking for any wrong answer.
  • In the Aptitude test there will be around 20 to 22 questions which you have to answer whereas in the drawing test there will be 4 to 5 questions which you need to answer.

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  • A total of 180 minutes i.e. 3 hours time will be given to you to solve the Design Aptitude Test.
  • The Aptitude test includes all the questions which are asked in any competitive examination such as – the questions of Logical reasoning, General Knowledge, and English.
  • You know that the drawing test holds maximum weightage in the examination, so; you should focus on that part more than the aptitude test. Your aptitude test should get finished in 25 to 30 minutes time so that you will have maximum time for the drawing test.
  • Drawing test is all about how creative you are, so for that you need time and if you will finish your aptitude as early as possible then you will get enough time for the drawing test.
  • To solve the aptitude test in 25 minutes, you can follow this trick that in the first 6 – 7 minutes you just read all the 20 – 22 questions of aptitude. And if while reading only you get the answer then select the answer immediately or else leave it and move forward.
  • By following this technique you can solve your aptitude test in 25 minutes easily. And you will get 2.5 hours for your drawing test.
  • For the drawing test you should think creatively and make a rough image of the questions in those 20 minutes which you have saved in your aptitude test. So that you can make a fair image afterwards in the remaining 2 hours 10 minutes of time.
  • You will have approx 18 minutes to solve a 10 marks question. So, use that 18 minutes wisely and solve the question.
  • You should attempt all the questions given in the examination because there is no negative marking in the examination. So, you can attempt all the questions freely.
  • You should carry a valid ID proof along with your admit card at the exam center. The valid ID proof which you can carry with yourself is Aadhar card, Passport, Voter ID, Pan Card, Student ID card: current school/college, and Driving License.
  • You do not have to carry the question-cum-answer booklet or any part thereof outside the examination hall.
  • You should eat, sleep and rest well before the examination because eating, sleeping and resting properly will help you to increase your recovery and recall the things you have studied and also will keep you fit and fresh during the examination. So that you can perform the examination calmly and easily.
  • You should keep your bag ready with all the necessary things, dress comfortably, and maintain a timeline. You should be crystal clear on reaching on time at the exam center.
  • You have proper stationery with you at the exam center. Stationery includes ball point pen (black/blue), HB pencils (any brand would do but professionals use Staedlers and if you want to then you can too), Erasers (basic ones/eraser dough), Sharpeners (0.55mm preferable), Dry colors (crayons/pencil colors, any brand would do but students usually prefer Staedtlers of ‘Luna’ brand), and Rulers.
  • These all items you should carry with yourself along with your admit card and original ID proof at the exam center.
  • The things which you should not carry with you in the examination hall are – Mobile phones, digital/ smart watches, any kind of bag/ handbag, papers, notes, books, calculator, marker, white fluid, wet colors ( brush pens, water colors, oil colors, acrylic colors), any kind of food or snacks, charcoal pencils, etc.
  • You should arrive on time at the exam center. Do not wait for the gate to close, reach on time. Avoid any wastage of time on the day of the examination.