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Can I get CLAT PG mock test online free?

Yes, you can attempt CLAT PG mock tests for free. 

How many times can I attempt the CLAT LLM Mock Test?

There is no limit to taking up the CLAT LLM Mock Tests.

What would be the difficulty level of CLAT LLM Free Mock Tests?

The difficulty levels will vary for each test. You can experience a different level of difficulty in the tests.

Is there an option for CLAT LLM mock test free download?

No, you cannot download the test, but you can attempt the CLAT PG Mock test at your convenient time. 

Which website is best for CLAT PG Mock Tests?

LegalEdge - A Toprankers initiative is one of the best institutes for providing CLAT Mock Tests.

Can you suggest me a good mock test series for CLAT PG 2022?

There are many institutes that provide test series for CLAT PG. But in my opinion, LegalEdge by Toprankers will provide good mock test series for CLAT PG.

Which online test series is best for mock test series?

If you want to score good marks in the exam, then taking the best online test series for CLAT is the best way. Online Test Series provided by LegalEdge is very good for preparing the CLAT PG 2022. There will be good quality content in the test.

Where can I find mock test papers for CLAT PG online?

At the Toprankers website, you can find the mock test papers for CLAT PG exam.

How to take a mock test for the CLAT PG?

To take the mock test, candidates can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the Toprankers Website
  • Sign in to the website
  • After logging in to the site, click on the Test Series tab in the menu
  • Under the Test Series drop-down click on LAW PG
  • Now, you can  attempt the CLAT LLM Mock Tests.

How will online mock test series for CLAT PG exam benefit me?

Our online mock test for the CLAT PG exam is designed by subject matter experts taking references from previous year papers and keeping in mind the latest pattern and syllabus. If you practice with these test series regularly, you can score good marks in the exam.

Do you offer any free test series for CLAT PG?

We offer one Free CLAT mock test as well.

What should I do if I can't access my purchased test for CLAT PG exam?

First of all, ensure all system requirements are fulfilled. For further help, you can call at +91-7676564400 or mail us at




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CLAT PG Mock Test Series 2022 by LegalEdge

The Common Law Admission Test for PG is all India national-level entrance exam conducted for admission into LLM courses in different law colleges across India. Every year the Consortium of NLUs conducts the CLAT PG examination. If you are aspiring to pursue an LLM from the National Law University, then you need to prepare in the right direction, appearing in mocks beforehand “CLAT PG Mock Tests (based on new pattern)”, is one of the best strategies to secure a good score in CLAT PG exam.

As the CLAT PG 2022 shall be conducted on May 08, 2022, and the CLAT PG 2023 on December 18, 2022, gear up your preparation now to be a topper. Check out the benefits of solving CLAT LLM Mock Tests in this post below.

CLAT PG Exam Pattern 2022

Before you know about the CLAT PG Mock Tests Online, go through the exam pattern. The CLAT PG Exam Pattern shall include multiple-choice questions. 

Time Duration

2 hrs

Total Marks


Type of Questions


Mode of Examination


No. of MCQs



Note- Since the last two years due to pandemics the consortium is taking the CLAT PG exam online prior to that the mode of the examination was offline only. without subjective part(earlier the CLAT PG exam used to have two parts(objective and subjective), 100 multiple choice questions of 1 mark each (with .25 negative marking), and 2 subjective type questions of 25 marks each, to get your subjective part checked you have to score 40 percent marks in the objective part.

For 2022 and 2023 the consortium has published a notice to take the exam by offline mode however, there is no notification regarding the pattern of Examination yet.

CLAT PG Marking Scheme 2022

The marking scheme for CLAT PG Exam is as tabulated below. To avoid negative marking, it is recommended for you to take up CLAT PG Mock Tests regularly. This helps you to know your strength and weaknesses.

Total No. of Questions


No. of MCQs



Marks Allotted

MCQ - 1 Mark each; Subjective Questions - 25 marks each

Total Marks


Marking Scheme

Correct Answer - 1 mark each; Wrong Answer - 0.25 marks deduction

CLAT PG Syllabus 2022

The syllabus is quite simple for CLAT PG Exam, however, there are a few important topics you need to focus on. Check out the important topics from the CLAT PG Syllabus below:

The CLAT LLM Online Mock Tests include topic-wise questions which help in enhancing your preparation.



Constitutional Law

Includes questions related to the nation and more.


Includes questions from legal systems, legal reasoning, legal institutions, and their role in society.

Other Law Subjects like Contract Torts, Criminal Law, International Law, IPR

Includes questions based on family laws, cyber law, criminal law, civil law, etc

Benefits of CLAT PG Mock Tests 2022

You might be wondering how does CLAT PG Online Mock Test help in your exam preparation. Well, the below points will make you understand better:

  • You can be thorough with the exam pattern and syllabus.
  • You can test your preparation levels for CLAT PG Exam.
  • The CLAT LLM Mock Tests will let you understand the difficulty level of questions.
  • While taking up the CLAT PG Mock Test Online you can experience the real-time exam environment.
  • Along with paid tests, you will get a few CLAT LLM Free Mock Tests to enhance your preparation.
  • The CLAT LLM Mock Tests are designed by subject experts by culminating questions from previous year papers. 
  • The test is designed to check your preparation level and improve your self-confidence.
  • You will get a list of important handpicked topics which will help you to complete your preparation in a lesser period.
  • At the end of each CLAT mock test for PG, you will receive a detailed analysis to understand more about how to reach to correct answer by using the elimination technique with detailed video analysis of the same. This way you can improve yourself on the weaker topics.
  • You will get the previous year's questions in exam format, to get well versed with the exam in real-time.

How to Unlock CLAT LLM Mock Tests (Paid)?

Want to take up the CLAT PG Mock Tests? Well, you need to follow the simple steps below to kickstart your preparation.

  1. Visit the Toprankers website.
  2. Login or signup if you are a new user. 
  3. Enter your valid details and log in to the website.
  4. On the homepage, click on mock tests.
  5. In the drop-down choose CLAT and select CLAT PG Mock Test.
  6. You can attempt the CLAT LLM free mock test to check the level of questions. 
  7. Make the payment to take up the paid CLAT PG online mock test.

So, start your preparation for the upcoming CLAT 2022 and CLAT 2023 as well in advance. Take up the best CLAT PG Mock Test now to enhance your preparation.