NCHMCT JEE Mock Test Series 2023

Attempt free NCHMCT JEE Mock Test Series & calculate your performance in NCHMCT JEE 2023. Practice Unlimited NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023 by SuperGrads.

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NCHM Full Length Mock Tests 2023 (8)

NCHM JEE Mock 01

200 Questions
800 Marks
180 Minutes
1 Attempts available

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NCHM JEE Mock 02

200 Questions
800 Marks
180 Minutes
1 Attempts available

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NCHMCT JEE Mock Test Series
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NCHM JEE Mock Test By SuperGrads 2023

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6+ Mock Tests

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11+ Years of Experience

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Best Result

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Performance Review

06 Mock Tests with Detailed Explanations.

Mock Tests designed by Expert team of SuperGrads

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NCHMCT JEE Mock Test Series 2023 by SuperGrads

Add the NCHMCT JEE Mock Test series 2023 to your everyday practice to improve your efficiency. With the NCHMCT JEE Mock exams 2023, you can simply identify all of the roadblocks in your way and remove them so that you can move forward quickly.

The NCHMCT JEE Test series 2023 is designed to help you focus your efforts and maximize your results. The NCHMCT JEE Mock Test series 2023 has been meticulously created by our professional faculty with a wealth of knowledge throughout the years to assist you in grasping the exam pattern and preparing appropriately.

With the level of competition rising every year, it's more vital than ever to reinvent your study technique in order to stay ahead of the pack and ace the test with the best possible scores. The NCHMCT JEE Mock Test series 2023 ensures that you properly study the whole curriculum so that you may put your knowledge to the test time and time again.

The NCHMCT JEE Mock Test series 2023 is designed to help you grasp the most recent exam pattern and improve your preparation appropriately. Both the Hindi and English versions of the NCHMCT JEE Mock Test Series are accessible. You may also test your knowledge by taking a free NCHMCT JEE Mock exam.

NCHMCT JEE 2023 Mock Test Series

NCHMCT JEE is a test that is used to admit students to BSc. Hospitality and Hotel Management programs. It is an all-India test that attracts millions of candidates each year. The National Testing Agency oversees the exam administration (NTA). The NCHMCT JEE Exam result can be used to apply for admission to any college in the country. The exam appears to be a doorway to all of the country's elite universities, which might provide pupils with a fantastic career chance.

To take advantage of this possibility, it is critical to carefully study for the NCHMCT 2023 test so that no mistakes are made, and the opportunity is lost. This is why we provide you with the greatest NCHMCT JEE Mock exam series 2023, covering all topics and assessing you thoroughly on the complete curriculum, leaving no issue unaddressed. Doing so may analyze your performance and improve as needed to ace the NCHMCT JEE test 2023.

Key Features of the NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023

  • NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023 is available online and on mobile devices.
  • Expert faculty created the NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023.
  • The NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023 is based on the most recent exam format and question pattern.
  • The NCHMCT JEE Mock test series 2023 includes all full solutions to give true assistance and clarity.

NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023

To ensure admission to your preferred college, purchase NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023. You will improve your performance by several levels by purchasing NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023, allowing you to conquer the NCHMCT JEE Exam 2023. Purchasing the NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023 will be the most useful move in your preparation since it will strengthen your understanding and raise your overall preparation. NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023 is the greatest Test series that addresses all of your concerns, and purchasing NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023 will be the wisest decision you make in your preparation.

You may put your present knowledge to the test by taking the free NCHMCT JEE Mock Test 2023, which will allow you to compare your current level of preparation to the degree of preparation after purchasing and practicing the NCHMCT JEE Test Series 2023. Give yourself this amazing learning tool that will vastly improve your overall knowledge and performance.

What is the procedure for taking the NCHMCT Mock Test 2023?

Candidates must do the following steps:

  • Select the Test series tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose After 12th from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the NCHMCT Exam.
  • The NCHMCT Mock Tests will be released.
  • Pay once, and you'll get access to the sample test series.

The NCHMCT Mock Test Series has a number of advantages.

Time-Management Techniques

The NCHMCT JEE online mock test series is quite beneficial with excellent time management strategies. The NCHMCT mock exam series allows students to practice numerous sorts of questions on a single platform. This will ensure the highest possible level of performance in the exam. You may simply cover the full curriculum using the finest time management approach, which will improve your grade.

Elevate your Score

Taking the NCHMCT JEE online mock test will skyrocket your overall score. The NCHMCT exam series will provide you with a lot of practice with different sorts of questions in a timed environment. The questions will provide you with enough practice with a wide range of topics so that you can master the ideas.

Memorization of Concepts

The NCHMCT Mock Test series is an excellent study tool that provides you with all of the necessary components for the greatest possible preparation. The NCHMCT Test series study material elaborates the themes by describing all the minute details with the greatest clarity on the challenging topics so that the ideas are easily understood and memorized.

NCHMCT JEE Exam Pattern 2023

Candidates must have a clear understanding of the NCHMCT JEE Exam pattern in order to plan their studies properly.



No. of Questions


Numerical Ability and Aptitude


3 hours

Logical Reasoning


3 hours

General Knowledge and Current Affairs


3 hours

English Language


3 hours

Aptitude for Service Sector


3 hours



3 hours

NCHMCT Syllabus 2023

Logical deduction and reasoning

Assertion Reason

Deriving Conclusion from Passage

Logical consistency


Statement & Assumption

Puzzle (Floor, Scheduling, Tabulation)

Statement & Arguments

Seating Arrangement Circular

Statement & Conclusion

Seating Arrangement Linear, Tabular

Statement & Course of Action

Order & Ranking

Statement & Inference

Data Sufficiency

Cause & Effect



Analytical Aptitude and Numerical Ability

Analytical Reasoning Topics

Analogy, Odd-one out

Arithmetic Reasoning

Blood Relations

Series – Number, Alphabet, Alphanumeric

Clock, Calendar

Distance & Directions

Figure counting



Profit and Loss

Ratio and proportion

Number series

Decision Making

Time & Work



English Language

Reading Comprehension

Cloze Test

Fill in the blanks

Para jumbles

Error Spotting

Sentence Improvement

Sentence Rearrangement

Para Summary

Idioms & Phrases

One Word Substitution

Fill in the blanks

Figures of Speech

Odd one out

Spelling Errors

Synonym, Antonym

Word Usage


General Knowledge & Current Affairs

Business & Economy




National Affairs

International Affairs

State Affairs

Schemes & Plans launched by Govt. of India & States

Awards & Honours

Books & Authors

Agreement & Deals

Summit & Conferences

Current Economy

Appointments (National & International)

Science & Defence




National Park

Arts & Culture

General Science



Headquarters of National & International Org

Wildlife Sanctuary

Indian Polity

UN Bodies

Agreement & Deals

Summit & Conferences

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