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350+ hours Online Live Classes (English Medium)
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IPM, DU JAT, CUCET and Alternate Careers after 12th Josh Batch 2023 [Batch 12]
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IPM AT Indore, IPM Rohtak, NPAT l Combo l Mock Test By SuperGrads
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NPAT Coaching 2022/23| NPAT Online Coaching Classes by SuperGrads

NMIMS NPAT is an after twelfth national level examination that tests aspirants skills who want to join the Narsee Monjee Institute of management studies. Every year thousands of aspirants aspire to read in the NMIMS as it offers various UG and Integrated PG courses.

Aspirants have to go through tough competition to acquire a seat on various courses of NMIMS. That is why the Narsee Monjee Institute of management studies conducts this entrance exam every year. The aspirants who clear the NPAT exams get a seat in the constituent’s schools of NMIMS situated at Mumbai, Bengaluru, Sirpur, and Hyderabad.

Further, NPAT offers you courses and programs in several disciplines. It includes Management studies, technical studies, pharmacy, science, architecture, economics, and commerce. Thus, if you are an aspirant who wants to clear the NPAT 2022 exam, you have to take NPAT online coaching provided by superGrads under Toprankers.

Important highlights on NPAT Entrance Test 2022/23

Mainly NPAT is conducted for after 12th students to get admission for different UG courses offered by NMIMS. The test was conducted at the state level to filter candidates who have the potential to read in NMIMS. That is why many aspirants prefer NPAT coaching to crack it in the first attempt in their course of admission. The courses that NPAT exams offer you admission to are; Engineering, management, pharmacy, and many other courses.

NMIMS will be the conducting body of NPAT, It cares for all the processes from admission to counselling. This entrance exam takes place in an online mode. The aspirants from all around India prepare for NPAT coaching to get selected for this entrance test. There are two papers in total. You have to clear all these two papers to get admitted to NMIMS.

The exam duration for the first paper is 100 minutes, and for the second paper is 90 minutes. Once the exam ends, the counselling process will start to fill up the seats at NMIMS campuses.

NPAT exam pattern 2022/23

If you are getting prepared for NPAT coaching, you must be well-versed with the NPAT exam pattern and syllabus. However, if you don’t have the pattern and syllabus, here is a detailed pattern for you.

The exam mode in NPAT, as you know, is online. There are 120 questions in total, and you have to complete them within 100 minutes. All the questions are MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions). In total there will three sections in the NPAT question paper.

Section 1: the first section will consist of quantitative aptitude and Numerical ability questions. This carries 40 questions one mark for each question. You will get 40 minutes to answer this section.

Section 2: The second section will offer you questions from general intelligence and reasoning. This section also carries 40 questions and you will get 35 mins to answer this section.

Section 3: The third section will offer you questions to check proficiency in the English language. This also carries 40 questions with 25 minutes to answer the questions.

The marking scheme is also quite simple. The aspirants need not worry about answering all the questions as they don’t have to face negative marking. The right answers will offer you one mark, whereas there is no mark deduction for wrong attempts. If you are preparing for NPAT entrance exam you should focus on answering all the questions.

This is all about accuracy and speed. However, in this entrance test, you have the liberty to increase your speed, as there is no negative marking. But you also require to make sure that all your answers are right.

NPAT syllabus 2022/23

The syllabus of the NPAT exams gets segmented into three sections. The sections include proficiency in English, Numerical Ability, reasoning, and general intelligence; every section comes with several sub-topics.

Proficiency in English 

The proficiency in English is a section that offers you questions from sub-topics such as Etymology and roots, phrases, idioms, analogies, antonym, synonym, foreign words, noun, pronoun error, subject-verb agreement, conjunction, preposition, tenses, modifiers, parallelism, reading comprehensions, inference based passages, syllogisms, deductive reasoning, logical consistency, and many more.

Numerical Ability 

The next section is the Numerical ability. This section offers questions from sub-topics such as numbers, percentages, averages, surds, roots, indices, simple interest, compound interest, profit, loss, algebra, linear and quadratic equations, ratio, and proportions, allegations, partnerships, and mixtures. The subtopics include time, speed, distance, work-related problems, geometry, mensuration, two-dimension and three dimensions, probability, permutation, combination, and many more.

Reasoning and general intelligence 

This is a section that will offer you a question of 40 marks from coding, decoding, symbol-based logic, family tree, arrangements, directions, linear, circular matrix, groups and conditionalities, logical series, selection criteria, sequence, OP tracing, analogies, odd one out, logical puzzles, calendar, and many more.

The syllabus is also quite accessible for the aspirants who are taking NPAT coaching classesThe coaching classes have the syllabus, and they offer it to their aspirants in advance.

The NPAT coaching classes will offer you the best guidance to crack your NPAT exam without any hassle. If you are still not sure whether you should join a coaching class or not, then here are some reasons that state why joining the online coaching classes for NPAT is necessary.

How does SuperGrads NPAT Online Coaching help you to crack the exam?

Coaching is not a new approach to crack any exam or test. Coaching has been there from ancient times. Even the kings used to have coaching classes about the war knowledge before going to war. In such cases, the NPAT exams or any other entrance exams are no less than any war. So, if you are aspiring for any national-level entrance test like NPAT, coaching is something you cannot avoid. Coaching helps you with many benefits. Some of the most indispensable reasons to join online coaching for cracking the NPAT exams are as follows.

Syllabus-specific study

Self-study forces you to cover all the unnecessary parts of your syllabus as well. This wastes your time, and you may lack focus on the most important parts of your syllabus. But on the other hand, the coaching classes offer you syllabus-specific study. Years of knowledge and expertise in teaching many batches know which part of the syllabus is crucial for an aspirant. That is where they offer syllabus-based study to make your preparation easier.

Further, the coaching classes also analyze an aspirant’s strengths and weaknesses in the syllabus. Then it enables the aspirants to focus more on their weaknesses. Coaching classes for NPAT are more specific about syllabus-based studies, as they have a huge syllabus.

Extraction of potential 

Every individual has the potential, but self-study doesn’t allow the aspirants to discover and boost their potential as per the exam level. However, coaching classes come with faculties who extract the potential in aspirants. They pull out the skills by offering aspirants the precise approach to learn. 

With all the right study materials and guidance, the aspirants will always get that helping hand to grow faster; The coaches in the coaching classes also help the aspirants to create effective study plans and strategies to crack the exams and fulfil their individual goals. The biggest perk that the aspirants get in the coaching classes is learning about themselves. This also helps them know how much potential they have.

Access to study material

Access to important materials is the greatest ever benefit that aspirants get after joining the coaching classes. When you start your self-study, you will get confused about the portions and subjects you should start with. However, coaching classes are always clear about the teaching approach. 

They start with offering the crucial study materials that enable aspirants to learn what will come in the exam. They are two approaches to learn. One is the smart approach, and the other one is the traditional long approach. The coaching classes usually concentrate on smart time-saving approaches. 

They offer the study material with the right knowledge about the topics that will come in the exams. These study materials are get prepared by experienced faculty with deep knowledge about the exam. They analyze every year’s questions and know what the material should include. This will let you crack the NPAT exam on the first attempt.


The right motivation is a vital factor in every aspirant’s life. With increasing competition and a complex syllabus, there are times when the aspirants may lose confidence and hope. However, the coaches at the coaching classes help you keep up the spirit. They motivate you to find your way to success. The teachers coaching classes offer you personalized time to aspirants clearing all doubts and pushing them to clear the exams.

Further, a teacher only knows what kind of motivation does an aspirant need to clear the exam. That is why they offer you the right guidance and keep you motivated to get results.

Elimination of pressure and stress

There is nothing new in saying that every exam includes stress and pressure. But when can one aspirant release this stress? Well, they can do it only when they have the complete clearance to doubt. The coaching classes offer you doubt clearing sessions to clear your doubts to eliminate all your stress and pressure. Further, the faculties at coaching classes teach you like your friend. They buddy up with you in the initial classes and creates a strong bond. This helps you release all the stress.


Will it matter winning if you are running alone on a race track? No! It is not. Every stage of life has competition. You will not taste success if you don’t compete.

Similarly, when you are studying all yourself at home, you have no one to compete with. This will make you lose your potential. You may not develop that interest to complete the syllabus faster. However, when you read in the coaching classes, you will always find healthy competition. This spirit will help you complete your syllabus even faster. That is why you should join coaching.

Preparation strategy 

Strategy is vital when you are preparing yourself for anything. NPAT preparation also needs a strategy to crack the exam with ease and acquire seats at NMIMS. The reason to join coaching classes also includes preparation strategy. The faculties at the coaching classes teach you a strategy that helps you crack exams easier. The coaching also offers you the most effective study plan with the sequencing of the subjects that let you prepare smoothly. This is why you need coaching classes for NPAT.

SuperGrads is a top-notch online coaching institute that helps you crack your NPAT exam with ease. The coaching class aims to revolutionize the teaching approach. SuperGrad offers you all the necessary study materials and comes up with an effective study plan that makes you stronger. Coaches at SuperGrad have long years of experience in preparing many batches of NPAT aspirants. This helps you get the best benefits. If you are searching for NPAT coaching classes near me, SuperGrad is indeed the best choice.

Benefits of SuperGrads NPAT online coaching 2022/23

The benefits of online coaching always have been inevitable. The online mode of coaching started as a recent day trend with the appearance of a pandemic. However, it has turned more beneficial in recent times. Aspirants these days are preferring more online classes. If you are NPAT coaching classes near me, here are some benefits of online classes that you should know about.

Ample amount of resources 

The first perk that you get from online coaching is an ample amount of resources. When you join any online classes, you will automatically get added to WhatsApp and other community groups. In these groups, you will receive resources every day. Further, the online classes in their web portal also offer you a lot of resources. The most useful ingredient is you don’t have to write notes in online classes. Whatever is taught to you will immediately be sent to you in a virtual note. You just need to download it and start studying.

Flexible schedule 

Another great perk of NPAT online coaching is a flexible schedule. The aspirants always have the choice to read at their own times. This is because; online coaching usually has live and recorded classes. The aspirants who miss the live classes can study with the recorded classes and any place they want. The flexible schedule allows the aspirants to study on their own time. For example, if someone is more comfortable reading at night, they can gain classes at night.


Online classes are always comfortable. You don’t need a lot of accessories to read. The aspirants can even use their smartphones to access their online classes. This allows the aspirants to prepare at their comfort. Further, being away from your residence, that too in the pandemic, brings much more stress. However, with the help of online classes, you don’t have to think about any of this. You can achieve the same motivation, competition, and guidance by staying safe and getting online classes at home. That is why you should start searching for NPAT coaching classes near me. 

These were the benefits of NPAT online coaching. Now that you know all the perks of online coaching classes, some FAQs are to clear your doubts on NPAT exams and NPAT coaching.

Exclusive Features Of SuperGrads Live Online Classes:

For any Academic/Counseling or Technical issue related help?
  • For any Academic/Counseling related help contact us on 9111577797  
  • For any Technical issue contact us on 7676564400  
  • What does SuperGrads offer?
  • SuperGrads brings in Offline Classroom experience in its online classroom by teaching via whiteboards, ppts and emphasizing student-teacher interactions in the classes.
  • India's finest faculty teach you via live online studios. (Live Online Classes available in Yearlong, Crash course, and Subscription plans).
  • Graphically Engaging Recorded Class videos made for students. (Lectures available in Subscription or Recorded Crash course Plans of SuperGrads).
  • We know Books are important than ebooks. Our specially designed study material reaches your home (available in Yearlong, Till Exam Subscription, and Live Crash Course plans)
  • We care for your doubts in live classes. Also, we care for your doubts when you do self-studies. Your doubts are resolved in specific doubt clearing groups on Telegram.
  • Exclusive training for Personal Interviews, WAT, and other skill assessment rounds (Video Based Assessment and Micro presentation).
  • Mock Tests for all Exams matching the exact level of difficulty. Detailed Solution reports and Graphical analysis reports for your improvisation.
  • Try us Before you Buy us.
  • Numerous Demo/free Classes for Student Satisfaction are provided in the Video Section of the Batch Page.
  • Academic, Informative, and Career Related Videos on our YouTube Channel.
  • We teach you, We test you, We excel you.
  • You will be trained then tested with topic-wise mocks, internal mocks, sectional mocks, and full-length mocks.
  • You will have detailed solution reports for all the Mocks.
  • Your performance will have complete monitoring via section-wise reports, sectional timing reports, topper's comparison reports, etc.
  • Your Performance is monitored. Your feedback is welcomed.
  • Your performance is monitored by our team. We ensure your progress via performance review calls, online video meets, and parents' meet.
  • Feedback calls are organized by the team for student improvisation.
  • FAQ's

    Is the NPAT Coaching available offline?

    No, Toprankers offers only online mode of NPAT coaching. You can join the online coaching for NPAT and qualify the exam with a high score. 

    What are the advantages of NPAT Online Coaching?

    By joining the NPAT Online Coaching, 

    • you can learn concepts from top notch faculties at your place.
    • you can watch live or video classes from your place through mobile, desktop or tab
    • you can get all your doubts clarified in separate doubts clearing sessions
    • you can get free study materials PDF.

    Are NPAT coaching classes worth it?

    Yes, NPAT coaching classes are worth because the value is very effective than offline/ regular classes. Students can save money- while traveling, shifting from one place to another, managing food costs, etc.

    Are Mock Test are available in coaching classes for NPAT to practice?

    Yes, renewed weekly NPAT Mock Tests are given to the registered students to practice for the examination, and the analysis of the tests is also shared with the students.

    What are the features of NPAT Coaching Online?

    Some of the significant features of the online coaching for NPAT Exam are- 

    • Separate Doubt Clearing Classes,
    • Detailed Solutions for every problem, 
    • Mock Analysis reports for each student separately, 
    • Provides Notes and Study Materials, 
    • Revision through Live Class for all topics, etc.

    Can anyone appear NPAT exam twice?

    Yes! As long as you have the eligibility, you can appear in the NPAT exams.

    What is the total duration of the NPAT exam?

    The total duration of the NPAT exams is 100 minutes. You have to complete 12 questions in 100 minutes.

    Is there are any sectional time in NPAT exams?

    Yes! There is sectional time in the NPAT exams. The first section time is 40 minutes, and the second and third section time is 35 and 25 minutes.

    Is it necessary to join the NPAT coaching online?

    NPAT coaching online will offer you a better approach to learn and prepare yourself for the exam.

    Who conducts the NPAT exams?

    The Narsee Monjee Institute of management studies conducts this exam every year.

    What is the educational qualification of aspirants to be eligible for NPAT?

    The aspirants who want to appear in the NPAT exams must have scored 50% marks in their 12th standard in disciplines like mathematics and statistics.

    How many questions does each section carry?

    Every section in NPAT exams offers you 40 questions.

    What is the mode of NPAT exams?

    The NPAT exams conducted in the online mode.