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70+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
 UCEED 21 Days MasterClass 2022 [Crash Course] by Creative Edge
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 12,999 7,499
You Save ₹ 5,500

Rated 4.76786/5
45+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 10th Jan
UCEED 11 Days MasterClass 2022
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
Class Notes
₹ 6,999 3,999
You Save ₹ 3,000
700+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 8th Nov
Elite | Batch C1 | NID/NIFT/UCEED 2023 |  Till Exam Subscription
100+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 89,999 70,000
You Save ₹ 19,999
700+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 24th Jan
Marathon(monthly) Subscription Plan 2023 | Target NID, NIFT, UCEED, JEE B.ARCH & NATA | 1 Month Subscription
100+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 7,999 6,000
You Save ₹ 1,999
700+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 24th Jan
Elite | Batch C3 | NID/NIFT/UCEED 2023 | Till Exam Subscription
100+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 89,999 70,000
You Save ₹ 19,999
700+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 17th Jan
Elite Batch C4 | Target NID, NIFT, UCEED 2023 | Till Exam Subscription
100+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 69,999
350+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 8th Nov
CreativeEdge Select | Target NID, NIFT, UCEED 2022 | Till Exam Subscription Plan | Watch Demo Class
100+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 60,000 30,000
You Save ₹ 30,000

UCEED Online Coaching Classes 2022/23 by Creative Edge

Indian Institute of Bombay conducts Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED) under the guidance of the UCEED-CEED Implementation Committee. The exam is conducted to offer admission for candidates who are eligible for Bachelor of Design (BDes) programs offered at colleges accepting UCEED scores.

UCEED exam is conducted in January every year, and it is a three-hour duration exam. Only appearing for the UCEED exam or getting a spot on the rank list will not guarantee admission to BDes programs. The student who qualifies for the UCEED exam has to apply for admission separately.

The student needs to follow the procedure given by IIT Bombay before applying for the entrance exam. The B.Des admission will be made based on merit, and the merit list is prepared based on scores secured by the candidates in the exam. The UCEED exam can be tough, but candidates can crack it easily with proper UCEED online coaching.

Admissions to BDes are done based on the merits of each category. The merit list will be prepared based on the scores obtained by candidates in the written entrance exam. The UCEED exams are quite challenging to attempt, so the aspirants should opt for UCEED Online Coaching classes that provide proper guidance about the examination. In this article, we shall more details about the UCEED exam and UCEED online coaching classes.

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UCEED Eligibility Criteria 2022

To appear in the exam, a candidate must meet the eligibility requirements. The eligibility criteria include age, nationality, educational qualifications that candidates must have to appear in the entrance exam. Here are the criteria

  • Age limit- the candidates that belong to the OPEN/OBC-NCL/EWS category must have been born after the 1st of October, 1997 if they want to appear for UCEED-2022. Whereas candidates from SC/ST/PWD category must have been born after or on October 1st, 1992
  • Educational qualification- the most required qualification is that the candidate must have passed 10+2. The candidates with chemistry, physics, and mathematics as subjects are eligible to apply. Candidates from another stream than science are eligible to apply in IITDM Jabalpur, IIT Hyderabad, and IIT Bombay. Candidates who will qualify for the examination in 20222 can also apply for UCEED.
  • UCEED qualification- the candidates must appear on the UCEED exam and secure a rank in the exam.
  • Nationality- both Indians and international students can apply for the entrance test to meet the other eligibility criteria.

Check: UCEED Drawing Test Practice Questions with Answers

UCEED Exam Pattern 2022

The UCEED exam will be divided into two parts, part-A, and part-B. The candidates will get 3 hours to finish both parts. In part-1, the candidates will get numerical answer types, multiple select questions, and multiple-choice questions. And in part B, candidates will get drawings.

The numerical answer type is four marks each, and there is no negative marking. The multiple select questions are four marks each, and -0.19 will be deducted in case of a wrong answer. The multiple-choice questions are three marks each, and -0.71 will be deducted in case of a wrong answer.

  • The candidates will get 18 questions from numerical answer type that is 72 marks
  • 18 questions from multiple select questions that are 72 marks
  • 32 multiple-choice questions that are 96 marks

Read More: UCEED Entrance Exam Paper Pattern 2022

How Creative Edge online coaching helps you to crack UCEED 2022?

Online coaching or virtual coaching has gained huge popularity in recent years.  Online coaching is distance coaching or e-coaching, where the teacher teaches the students through online mediums.  Online coaching has offered great ease and simplicity in the education system. It’s hard to understand the benefits of online coaching, and students will only understand after attending an online class.

The teaching method has evolved rapidly over the years. There was a time when students travelled far away for entrance coaching, but with rapid evolution, things are easier to get nowadays. The presence of online coaching has positively affected both the students and teachers. The internet is found in every region, and not to forget, the speed of the internet has also increased.

The increased connectivity has made many things easier, and online coaching is one of them. For those people who cannot afford to leave their homes and move to a different place for UCEED coaching, IIT coaching, or other competitive exams, online coaching is a true blessing. There are many ways in which online coaching has helped the candidates with entrance tests, such as.

Self-paced learning

One of the major advantages of the online learning method is that the students will learn at their own pace. Not every student has the same ability to learn things quickly. Some will take more time than others will. In traditional coaching methods, all of the students had to learn at the same pace. In this case, it can be a problem for some who are not quick at learning.

Everyone has the power to grasp things. But with the introduction of online coaching, the students can make a schedule that will match their learning speed. They can go at their own pace by accomplishing little targets. Another problem in traditional or conventional teaching is that the students had to go according to the schedule designed by the faculty.


Everyone knows that conventional coaching is more expensive than the online method. For example, if you are choosing for UCEED conventional coaching instead of UCEED online coaching. In that case, you have to move to a different place; then you have to pay for food, transportation, and other expenses. Apart from these, you also have to pay for the course fees. The course fees are higher in conventional coaching compared to online coaching.  

The best part about online coaching is that the student will study from anywhere they want, which means no extra cost on stay, food, or transportation. Additionally, the students don't have to leave the comfort of their home and deal with the disadvantages of moving to another city. There are many UCEED online coaching free platforms available as well that don't charge money as well.


There are many things to take care of if someone leaves their home and moves to a different area for UCEED coaching centers or IIT coaching centers. Being away from home can be hard as no one will take care of your health and daily life necessities. While preparing for an entrance exam, you are required to have full focus only on studies.

Different things can distract you from your goals. With online coaching, you will give your all-time on studying and live in a healthy environment with your family. You can also seek mental support from your family and friends in case of any need.

Flexible schedule

Different students have different ways of studying. While some find it easy to study at night, others find it easier to study in the morning. Conventional UCEED coaching centers have fixed timing, and they do not care about the comfort of their students.

They only focus on taking the classes at a particular time. However, with online coaching, the students will get to decide on which time they feel like studying. They can choose a day or night that suits their schedule. They can come up with a schedule that suits their sleep patterns with their learning pace.

Ample resources

In the conventional UCEED coaching centers, the students have to take notes when the faculty is teaching. The students must note down all the notes exactly as if it is taught. It can be hard for the students who don't have fast handwriting or skip class for a day. In online coaching, the students can watch the online videos and take notes from them. They can watch the video anytime and repeatedly until their doubts get cleared. Online coaching also offers high-quality study materials to their students. 

How Creative Edge UCEED Online Coaching Works?

At first, you have to choose an online coaching class. For example, if you want the best coaching for UCEED, or medical exams, then you can search some of the best online coaching platforms. Online coaching and traditional coaching have so many things in common. You will need to contact the online coaching center to book a coaching session just like the traditional coaching.

Then you will connect with the coach over the communication applications, where you will be able to see the video and listen to the Audio of the teacher. The communication process is very easy, and students will enjoy the classes.  Communication will flow smoothly and easily, and you will get all the benefits. You can schedule the coaching classes according to your preference as well. You don’t have to be in a fixed location to attend the online class.

Benefits of Creative Edge UCEED Online Coaching 2022/23

There are numerous benefits of online coaching, and if you choose UCEED coaching online, you can take advantage of its many benefits. Preparing for the UCEED exam does not have to be hard. 

Before adopting online classes, students used to shift to different cities for preparation. however, it was not easy. Many online platforms offer the best coaching for UCEED. The online coaching system has made things easier, and here are some of the benefits of it.

UCEED Online Coaching classes consist of online videos where the candidates can learn the concepts from the comfort of their homes. TopRankers is one best coaching for UCEED that can help the candidates with all the necessary requirements.

Now, let’s understand the benefits of UCEED coaching online:

Amazing coaches

Getting access to the amazing coaches is one of the best advantages of UCEED coaching online. No matter where you live, you will learn from the best and highly experienced coach. They will help the students with all their experiences. Learning from the best coaches in the world will surely allow you to score well in your UCEED exam. Some coaches give UCEED online coaching free for talented students as well. 

Location convenience

If you live in a different region and want to prepare for UCEED, there is no need to worry. You are free to learn from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you will get access to the UCEED coaching classes. To attend the class, you only need a stable interest connection on a phone or computer. This gives the students the flexibility to have coaching sessions from their homes. Students can choose to be in a peaceful location where they can concentrate on their studies. Make sure to choose the best coaching for UCEED so that you will get all the benefits.

It saves your precious time

In the conventional coaching methods, students used to travel to reach the UCEED coaching. However, with UCEED coaching online, there is no need to travel for long and waste time. It gives better flexibility also locational freedom and saves you from the Hassel. Even eliminating just one or two hours from the travel can create a big impact on your performance. Travelling will not only waste your time, but it can also drain out your energy. This is one of the major benefits of UCEED coaching classes. 

Access whenever you want

In UCEED coaching online, you can make your schedule and go according to it. You can watch the videos you want. You can also record the video and watch it more than one time. In conventional coaching, students have to go according to the fixed timing, and they won't get the option to re-watch. Many students feel shy to ask questions if they missed something in the class, but with online coaching, they will get the option to re-watch the video as much as they want until the doubts are cleared.

Cost you less money

For some students, it can be hard to pay for the preparation. Moving to a different city and staying there for preparation will cost them so much money. In this case, online coaching would be a wise option for them. They can attend the UCCED online classes with so much comfort. They don’t need to spend extra money on food, stay. And the online coaching fees for UCEED cost you less compared to the conventional coaching classes.

Features of Creative Edge online coaching Classes 

Geographical reach

One of the best features of the UCEED online coaching is the wider reach. With the internet, teachers can reach out to so many students across the globe, which wasn't possible with the conventional teaching platforms. The students will not face any problem accessing the online class from anywhere. 

Interactive elements

The UCEED online coaching offers interactive elements such as audio files, quizzes, simulations, videos, and other things. These allow the students to make notes and make other things easier with highlighted texts, bookmark pages, search boxes, etc. These interactive elements are to boost engagement.

Easy-to-use interface

UCEED's online platform provides an easy-to-use interface that won't create problems for the users. The texts and icons are readable and clear. Students can smoothly use the app and many UCEED platforms using eBooks in classrooms.

Socially driven

UCEED online coaching platforms are highly socialized and encourage the students. With the help of online coaching, platforms provide online communication technology.


The UCEED coaching online allows the students to collaborate and taking parts in tests, chatting in forums, competing for high scores. With the virtual platforms, the students can engage with the UCEED preparation with so much freedom. The online classroom also uses animations, pie-chart and other things that make the UCEED learning process easier.

Real classroom simulation

By taking part in an online UCEED coaching, the students get real classroom stimulation. With the help of this, students easily grasp the knowledge. Communication can be critical in a virtual classroom, but the communication process has been easier with the advancement of technology. Many e-learning software gives the feeling of a real classroom with online flexibility.


Conventional UCEED coaching was synchronous, which means both students and teachers have to be in the same place. But with the introduction of online teaching methods in UCEED coaching, there is no need for synchronous. The students can choose to learn and complete the study whenever they want or convenient for them. UCEED online classes come up with a chat room or conference call to create a live learning platform for the students. It helps to motivate the students as well.

Assessment Tools

Assessments and quizzes are an important part of an education system. The UCEED online class comes with various quizzes and online tests to keep the students motivated and check their ability. Students can also take part in a test after completion of a subject to check their performance. 

Stand out of the crowd

The UCEED Online Coaching classes prepare the candidates in such a way that the candidates appear unique from the crowd. The online UCEED coaching classes will include mock tests, model tests, etc that can help candidates ace the exam.

Why Creative Edge?

Creative Edge - A TopRankers initiative is one of the best coaches for UCEED exams in India. They offer online Study Materials, Tutorial Packages, Question Banks, Sample Papers, Online Mock tests, and online classes for students preparing for the entrance exams. The online study materials will also be provided in pdf format.

We conduct live classes where the candidates can easily clear their doubts with the subject experts. In case, the candidate misses any live classes, he/she can access the recorded videos whenever they are free. Creative Edge conducts a separate doubt session for UCEED coaching.

They offer UCEED online coaching free and paid courses that come at affordable prices. These courses come in Hindi & English languages. The courses will also include 100+ mock tests, doubt clearing sessions, and online study materials designed by the subject experts.


Is there UCEED Coaching available in offline?

No, Toprankers offers only online coaching for UCEED. You can register on the Toprankers website and choose your desired course. 

What are the benefits of UCEED Online Coaching?

By joining the UCEED Online Classes, 

  • you can learn concepts from top notch faculties at your place.
  • you can watch live or video classes from your place through mobile, desktop or tab
  • you can get all your doubts clarified in separate doubts clearing sessions
  • you can get free study materials PDF.

Which center offers the best coaching for UCEED?

Toprankers offers the best coaching for UCEED examination. You can get various study materials and subject-wise video classes from top notch faculties. 

Does UCEED Coaching centers have separate doubt sessions for the weak students?

Yes, UCEED Coaching have separate doubt sessions for the weak students. We take the combined test for all the registered students and segregate them as per their performance. Based on the performance, we help learners to prepare for the exam.

Do I get mock test papers for UCEED Coaching Online?

Yes, along with the online coaching you shall receive all the study materials and mock tests papers for preparation. You can download the PDF and enhance your preparation for CUET Exam. 

What are the books to prepare for UCEED?

As UCEED is an aptitude test, so there are no particular books for the preparation. However, the environmental and social awareness will test the general awareness of the students, and there are various books available for it.  

How are students from various streams eligible to apply for UCEED?

There are many good designers available in the various streams. Great designers may come from a science, arts, humanities background. So students from any stream can apply at IDC or IIT Bombay to become a designer.

Why is the UCEED exam center not available in my city?

Conducting a big national-level exam like UCEED is a difficult task. There are so many factors to take care of before conducting the exam. So the cities are chosen according to these factors. Apart from that, various factors influence the location of the exam center.

I made some mistakes in my application form; what to do?

If you have made any mistakes in your application form, then send an email to  with your application details, such as candidate name, registration, and mobile number. Then describe the mistakes clearly. If possible, the authority will fix the mistake, or otherwise, they will ask the student to make the required changes. But the student needs to give the right information regarding the qualifying examination, category, and date of birth on the application. IIT Bombay has the right to cancel at any point in time if the candidate violates any rules or the candidate's information is found to be fake.

Why wasn't the fee payment procedure successful?

There are many reasons behind this, such as slow internet, bad connection to the payment gateway, time-outs, browser settings. When an error occurs, make sure to retry payment and ensure to use recommended browser. Clear the cookies and cache of your browser before retrying the payment. If the problem does not fix, you can contact the authority with your allocation details. The students have to sort out all the payment-related problems before the last date of application submission. 

Why wasn't the application fee payment procedure successful?

There are many reasons behind this, such as slow internet, bad connection to the payment gateway, time-outs, browser settings. When an error occurs, make sure to retry payment and ensure to use recommended browser. Clear the cookies and cache of your browser before retrying the payment. If the problem does not fix, you can contact the authority with your allocation details. The students have to sort out all the payment-related problems before the last date of application submission. 

Are the online coaching for UCEED are easier than the conventional classes?

The online UCEED coaching offers all the benefits of the conventional coaching classes and also some additional advantages. Many factors such as flexibility, cost-effectiveness, easy scheduling, and other things make online coaching easier. But to get all the advantages, make sure to choose the best online coaching for UCEED. 

Can students get financial aid in UCEED online classes?

The benefits of online classes are beyond the learning experience as the students will get an opportunity to get  platform. Many platforms offer discounts on their UCEED online coaching for financially unstable students. Students can also apply for financial aid in various UCEED online coaching platforms.