Today's Current Affairs In Hindi & English PDF Download

The candidates who are preparing for the Competitive examination must go through the Daily Current Affairs to get the update with all the latest news. The questions from General Awareness will be asked in each of the competitive exams.

With the help of Daily Current Affairs News, you will be aware of the recent happenings across the world (national & International).

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Here, candidates will get the Daily Current Affairs PDF on a daily basis to prepare for all the competitive exams eg- law exams-CLAT, AILET, DU LLB, state law entrance exams, judiciary exams, and all entrance examinations. We are providing the PDF of Daily Currents Affairs in English and Hindi.

Today's Current Affairs in Hindi & English

Boost up your preparation with today's Current Affairs. Today's current affairs are the best source of all the important events and current happenings that will have much relevance for your upcoming competitive exams. We provide you here all the latest everyday current affairs from which questions may come in your upcoming exams.

It will include the latest pieces of information regarding the latest scientific inventions, Indian Polity, new supreme court laws and regulations of social importance, Awards and rewards, environment and geography, Indian Polity and Indian Economy and more.

Current Affairs and general awareness cover a major section in most of the competitive exams. It plays a very significant role in all the national level and state-level competitive exams in the country and so it is important for the candidates to stay updated with the latest ongoing incidents that might be of relevance in your upcoming exams.

Hence go through today's current affairs so that it helps you stay updated on any of your upcoming tests.

Advantages of Today's Current Affairs

Make a habit of going to the current affairs consistently. We updated you with today's current affairs and trying to provide you with every day's current affairs consistently here on this platform. If you are wondering what might be the advantages of consistently going through 'Today's Current Affairs' every day then check the points given below to know the major advantages-

  • It will help you cover a major portion of your exam syllabus
  • It will help you in your objective Type Exams in choosing the correct answer options in your Multiple Choice Questions
  • It will help you write better answers in almost descriptive type stages of the exam.
  • It will help with improving the vocabulary which will be helpful in the English section of the syllabus
  • All the latest news regarding the present Indian and World Economy will be provided to you. And the Economy has a major part in most of the exams.
  • Today's Current Affairs in Hindi Language will help the candidates from Hindi Medium to get updated with the latest news and information relevant from the exam perspective as there is already a scarcity of good quality current affairs materials in the Hindi language in the market.
  • And Today's Current Affairs in the English Language will suffice most of the candidates preparing for any kind of exam.

Hence, consistency, hard work, and staying updated with the right kind of study materials will help the candidates to achieve their dream of clearing the exams will flying colors.

Daily Current Affairs national and international news, daily current affairs for banking, appointments, government schemes, sports, national and international awards, etc. Here is the complete Daily Current Affairs insight for the exam in the form of PDF. Candidates can check for daily current affairs in Hindi pdf as well. The daily current affairs pdf have the pattern of the questions which are trending daily. 

Along with the daily current affairs update, we will provide the latest notifications as well for all the exams which are lined-up in upcoming months and the free mock test series to practice for the exam more rigorously. The daily current affairs PDF in English will also be available for the review, which does not have the option to choose any other language.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to prepare daily current affairs are as follows-

1. Read Newspaper Headlines and Editorials daily and try to attempt the Daily Current Affairs Quiz as much as possible

2. You can go through various websites online for the daily current affairs pdf

3. There are various apps for daily current affairs which can help you in revision

4. Make weekly and monthly revisions of the daily current affairs that you read

The best way to prepare for the Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam is to read newspapers especially the headlines and editorials.The most read newspapers for the UPSC Exam are The Hindi,The Indian Express.You can watch news programs like "The Big Picture'','Vishesh' in Rajya Sabha TV,you can also hear news AIR Radio channel.Along with these go through the daily current affairs pdf uploaded by various websites online.
Yes ,daily Current Affairs Quizzes are of much help for the preparation of competitive exams.They help you revise whatever current affairs topics you have studied that day.
Reading newspaper will add a leverage to your preparation but is extremely time consuming as well.Various Institutes provide these Daily Current Affairs PDFs free of cost and well reseached relevant topics.So you can go for theses PDFs and then if possible please go through the newspaper for better preparation.
Yes there are various apps availble from where you can prepare your daily current affairs.News Applications such as The Hindu,The Indian Express etc and there are various other apps that provide current affairs in the form of daily quiz,one liners and short summaries,you can refer them.
Yes there are various apps available from where you can prepare your daily current affairs.News Applications such as The Hindu,The Indian Express etc and there are various other apps that provide current affairs in the form of daily quiz,one liners and short summaries,you can refer them.
Yes it is important for the aspirants to make notes but these days various coaching institutes prepare these daily current affairs for you for free.These current affairs compilations are generally of good quality and serve the purpose.So you can refer to them too and save some of your time.
Daily Current Affairs consists of every events of national important and global importance such as new events and occurring related to Indian Economy and Global Economy,new findings and innovations in Science and Technology section,Awards and Honours,news Laws and Supreme court hearings of national importance and more.
The best source for daily current affairs are newspapers,AIR News,Rajya Sabha TV news.Current Affairs PDFs released by Institutes are also a good source for daily current affairs.
Generally as per toppers,you should study the daily current affairs atleast of 1 and 1/2 years.Generally questions come from these time period.


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