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50+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
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JEE Main Paper 2 Online Coaching Classes by Creative Edge

The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Main) from 2019. It comprises two papers that is Paper-1 and Paper-2. JEE Main Paper 1 is for engineering aspirants and JEE Main Paper 2 is for architecture aspirants.

The students who are willing to take admission for B.Arch and B. Planning in one of the Schools of Planning and Architecture, NITs, IITs, SPA, CFTI, SFTI, and other colleges/ universities of architecture should appear for the JEE Main Paper 2, which will be held twice in the year 2021. JEE Mains Paper 2 will be administered in the month of February and May.

The JEE Main Paper 2 will be conducted four times a year in offline/online mode. The exam will be conducted for 3 hours. The exam seems to be challenging at times, so it is quintessential for aspirants to opt for JEE Main Paper 2 Online Coaching to ace the examination.

Two Attempts are permitted in a single year for students to have a better possibility to achieve and score higher. The significant change from one attempt in a year to two attempts has been set from the academic year of 2019. For admission in India’s one of the best colleges of Architecture and Planning, one has to provide JEE PAPER 2 Examination.

In this article, we shall discuss JEE Main Paper 2 exam and JEE Main Paper 2 coaching.

JEE Main Paper 2 Exam Pattern 2021

The candidates will have the following advantages of the JEE Mains Paper 2 new exam pattern-

  1. Students can enhance their scores in 2 attempts if they were incapable of clearing 1st exam (February) or the score was not satisfying without wasting their entire academic year.
  2. There are numerous factors to perform well in the exams like Time management, Exam Patterns, Drawing Solutions, etc. So students can have a knowledge of the pattern of the exam before attempting the second exam.
  3. If any student fails to attempt the exam, then students can opt for the second exam without wasting a year.
  4. The best score out of the two (2) exams attempted by the student will be recognized for the Ranking/ Merit list.



Mode of exam

Mathematics, Aptitude Test, and Planning questions (online mode).

Drawing test A-4 drawing sheet (offline mode).

Duration of exam

●       3 hours

●       3.5 hours for candidates who chose both B.Arch and B.Plan.

●       4 hours for candidates with benchmark disabilities having physical limitations to write.

Total subjects

Mathematics, General Aptitude, and Drawing skills/Planning

Total number of questions

●       82 for B.Arch (Mathematics 30, Aptitude 50, and Drawing 2).

●       105 for B.Planning (Mathematics 30, Aptitude 50, and Planning 25).

Nature of Questions

Maths and Aptitude questions will be objective type and numerical value while the drawing section will have questions to test the drawing and sketching skills of the candidate.

Marking Scheme

Every correct response will be awarded 4 marks; for each incorrect response, 1 mark will be deducted. Marking will not be done for unattempted questions.

Maximum Marks

400 Marks

Medium of paper

English or Hindi or Gujrati (Candidates from Gujarat, Daman & Diu, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli can choose Gujarati).


There are some more changes National Testing Agency (NTA) has proposed for the students like students have to fill the Aadhar Card number allotted by UIDAI while filling the online form. There are approx 850 B.Arch/ B.Planning seats in various NITs/ Architecture institutes/ colleges that acquire the scorecard of JEE Main Paper 2.

Benefits of JEE Paper 2 Online Coaching Classes

In the following points and tables, we have mentioned the details of the JEE Main Paper 2 Coaching and Architecture Entrance Exam Coaching-

  1. In comprehensive coverage of curriculum with easy description and navigation.
  2. Apart from the designated subjects, associate subjects are embraced for holistic knowledge.
  3. Online Assignment/ Portfolio submission, doubt clearing session, and discussion next class.
  4. The significant advantage of opting for a JEE Main Paper 2 Online Coaching methodology is that the students can learn/ study at their own pace.
  5. The coaching for the architecture entrance exam offers ultimate convenience and flexibility.
  6. Those hailing from remote areas can particularly get benefited by opting for JEE Main Paper 2 Online Coaching at a lower cost.
  7. Online classes have eliminated the necessity of traveling daily to attend coaching classes. They aren’t required to face the rush hour traffic.

Look at the below table to know the list of the course curriculum of JEE Main B.Arch Coaching-


Basics of Drawing

Visualizing 3D shapes, spaces, and application

Shade & Shadow

2D & 3D drawings

Perspective drawing

Composition building





Object and Furniture drawings

Color psychology and analysis

Interior & Exterior drawing

Mathematics & Aptitude

Architecture theory

Verbal & Non-verbal reasoning

Mock Tests

Application of color

Salient Features of JEE Main Paper 2 Online Coaching

JEE Main Paper 2 coaching classes help candidates shape their skills to excel in the exam. The architecture entrance exam coaching classes involve different levels, where the candidates can focus more on the objectives with special attention. JEE Main Paper 2 online coaching classes consist of online videos where the candidates can learn the concepts from the comfort of their homes. TopRankers is one best coaching for JEE Main Paper 2 that can help the candidates with all the requirements.

Download JEE Mains Paper 2 Syllabus PDF

Now, let’s understand the benefits of JEE Main Paper 2 coaching online:

Obtain top ranks in JEE Main Paper 2 Exam

JEE Main Paper 2 requires a lot of preparation and without any guidance, it is not possible. Architecture entrance exam coaching centers will help the aspirants understand the concepts and prepare well for the examination. Hence, enable them to score top ranks in the JEE Main Paper 2021. 

Explore more about the exam

Before attempting the JEE Main Paper 2 exam, the candidates should be well aware of the whereabouts of the exam. JEE Main B Arch coaching will provide all the details about the exam. Moreover, the JEE Main Paper 2 coaching provides the best practices to enhance the candidate’s knowledge to achieve a higher success rate.

Stand out of the crowd

The JEE Main Paper 2 online coaching classes prepare the candidates in such a way that the candidates appear unique from the crowd. The Architecture entrance exam coaching classes will include mock tests, model tests, etc that can help candidates ace the exam.

Preparation Tips

Know the JEE Mains Paper 2 Preparation Tips from the following points for the students who are preparing for the JEE Main Paper 2 Exam. But, before going to learn about the preparation tips, students should know the complete JEE Main Paper 2 Syllabus and Exam Pattern.

  • Instead of learning by repetition, focus on understanding the theory and concept before forwarding to the next topic.
  • Refer to both Class XI and XII books for Maths, especially to score well in the Mathematics and Aptitude section of the exam.
  • Split the syllabus into monthly and weekly segments and allot realistic targets to accomplish them.
  • Work on the observation abilities and drawing to prepare for the sections like Aptitude and Drawing tests. Students may join a JEE Main B.Arch Coaching Class for drawing practice.
  • Utilize Engineering Drawing data/ notes for 2D/ 3D question preparation.
  • Clear all the doubts at the earliest to avoid confusion while practicing for the exam with the help of Online Tests and Mock Series.
  • Try to add modifications to the daily study timetable/ schedule, like study Maths, Drawing, and Aptitude related topics, to avoid boredom.
  • Make revision notes/ flashcards on concepts, theorems, definitions, formulae, etc., for each topic.
  • Solve enough sample papers and previous years’ tests provided by the Architecture Entrance Exam Coaching to develop pace and practice.

Why Creative Edge?

Creative Edge - A TopRankers initiative is one of the best coaching centers for JEE Main Paper 2 exams in India. They offer online Study Materials, Tutorial Packages, Question Banks, Sample Papers, Online Mock tests, and online classes for students preparing for the entrance exams. The online study materials will also be provided in pdf format.

They conduct live classes where the candidates can easily clear their doubts with the subject experts. If the candidate misses any live classes, he/she can access the recorded videos whenever they are free. TopRankers conducts a separate doubt session for JEE Main Paper 2 coaching.

They offer JEE Main Paper 2 coaching free and paid courses that come at affordable prices. These courses come in Hindi & English languages. The courses will also include 100+ mock tests, doubt clearing sessions, and online study materials designed by the subject experts.


What are the benefits of JEE main paper 2 online coaching?

By joining the JEE Main Paper 2 Online Classes, 

  • you can learn concepts from top notch faculties at your place.
  • you can watch live or video classes from your place through mobile, desktop or tab
  • you can get all your doubts clarified in separate doubts clearing sessions
  • you can get free study materials PDF.

Is the JEE main paper 2 coaching Coaching available in offline?

No, Toprankers offers only online coaching for JEE Main Paper 2. You can register on the Toprankers website and choose your desired course. 

Do I get mock test papers along with JEE Main B Arch coaching?

Yes, along with the online coaching you shall receive all the study materials and mock tests papers for preparation. You can download the PDF and enhance your preparation for JEE Main Paper 2 Exam. 

Does architecture entrance exam coaching have separate doubt sessions for the weak students?

Yes, JEE Main Coaching have separate doubt sessions for the weak students. We take the combined test for all the registered students and segregate them as per their performance. Based on the performance, we help learners to prepare for the exam.

Are coaching for architecture entrance exam worth it?

Yes, Online Coaching worths it because the value is very effective than offline/ regular classes. Students can save money- while traveling, shifting from one place to another, managing food costs, etc.