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Summary: Self-assessment is an important part of any competitive entrance exam. When you solve question papers, you get the idea about what kind of questions are asked from different topics, which areas are more important, whether questions are more from static GK or current affairs, etc. Obtaining a proper set of question papers is nothing less than a treasure box for you. Download the previous papers from the post below and practice well for the upcoming exam.

You must have heard-” Practice makes a man perfect.” But you need to practice in a proper way to reach your goals.

If you aspire to get admission to the National Law University, Delhi, but you do not have the correct idea about the battlefield, you cannot win the battle. Therefore, solving previous year's papers is one of the best methods to know the paper pattern and improve your speed & accuracy in the final exam.

Question papers will help improve your time management skills and problem-solving skills. Try to solve as many questions as possible from previous papers and analyze your performance after completing each paper. 

In this way, you can check your preparation levels and overcome mistakes. Are you looking for the previous year's papers for the All India Law Entrance Exam?

We have curated AILET Previous Year Papers PDF, subject-wise sample questions, and more in this post to ease your preparation.

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AILET Question Paper with Answers 2024

As per the expert's opinion, solving the previous year's question papers is one of the best methods to enhance your AILET Exam preparation.

Practicing previous papers daily will help you get a fair idea about the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions from each section.

You can download last year's question paper and answers by clicking on the link below.

AILET LLB Previous Year Papers 

 The BA LLB course comprises three sections: Section A: English Language, Section B: Current Affairs & General Knowledge, and Section C: Logical Reasoning.

The question paper shall include 150 MCQ questions, and each question carries one mark. According to the AILET Exam Pattern, 0.25 marks are dedicated for each wrongly answered question.

The exam is conducted in offline mode, and the duration of the exam is 1 hour 30 minutes (90 minutes). For preparation to be successful, practicing the previous year's papers will be of great help.

You can download the LLB question papers by clicking on the direct link given below. Make sure to practice these papers regularly to perform well in the upcoming exam.

Download AILET Question Papers PDF for LLB

AILET LLM Previous Year Papers 

The National Law University, Delhi conducts the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) LLM  annually to provide eligible aspirants admission to the PG program.

The AILET LLM Exam 2024 has 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for 100 marks that must be attempted in Section A along with a few descriptives.

This section also has a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrongly answered question.

The broad syllabus for 100 MCQs will be from all major subjects of law like Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Contract, Jurisprudence, Law of Tort International Law, etc.

If you are an aspirant for the LLM program, download the previous year's papers from the link below and start practicing from today for better results.

Download AILET Previous Year Question Papers for LLM

AILET Ph.D. Previous Year Papers 

With the help of the AILET previous year's papers, you can build your confidence levels.

Download the question papers by clicking on the direct links given in the table below and utilize them during your Ph.D. preparation.

Download AILET Previous Year's Papers PDF for Ph.D

AILET Sample Questions 2024 for BA LLB

Solving sample questions will help you learn smart techniques to solve different types of questions that will be asked in the upcoming exam.

Here, we have provided subject-wise sample questions for the AILET 2024 Exam

AILET Sample Questions for English

1. The above data suggests the common mechanisms underpin attachment organization in caregiver and infant and the precocious emergence of mentalizing in the child.

  • a) typical
  • b) late
  • c) advance
  • d) sudden

Ans) c) Advance

AILET Online Coaching

AILET Online Coaching

2. The following are the questions based on the same words used in different parts of speech. Select the correct matches.

  • 1) Interrogative Adverb- A) Why did you do it?
  • 2) Relative Adverb-B) I know the reason why he did it
  • 3) Interjection-C) Why it is surely Nanak!
  • 4) Noun-D) This is not the time to go for why and wherefore of it

Ans: 1-A, 2-B, C-3, D-4.

3. Which of the following statement represents the Litotes?

  • a) I am a citizen of no mean city.
  • b) Is life worth living? It depends upon the liver.
  • c) Why, man, if the river were dry, I am able to fill it with my tears.
  • d) He had his jest, and they had his estate.

Ans: a) I am a citizen of no mean city.

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4. Brave Macbeth, with his brandish steel, carved out his passage.

  • a) Metaphor
  • b) Litotes
  • c) Climax
  • d) Synecdoche

Ans: d) Synecdoche.

5. Select an alternative that expresses the phrase/idiom in a better way. Go cold turkey

  • a) Speaking truth
  • b) getting down to business
  • c) gradually cutting down
  • d) withdraw abruptly and completely

Ans: d) withdraw abruptly and completely.

AILET Sample Questions for General Knowledge 

  1. India’s first vertical lift bridge will connect? Ans: Rameswaram to mainland India.
  2. Who has become the highest wicket-taker in International Cricket in 2018? Ans: Jaspreet Bumrah.
  3. ____________ officially launched its oil-backed cryptocurrency called Petro. Ans: Venezuela.
  4. When ghee is kept in open-air/ sunlight for 30 minutes, the loss in Vitamin A is? Ans: 100%
  5. Lightwaves can be polarised because they  Ans: are transverse. 

Go through detailed: AILET GK/Current Affairs Preparation Tips

AILET 2023 Sample Questions for Legal Aptitude

1. Which river is declared a legal entity by the Act of Parliament?

  • a) Ganga
  • b) Yamuna
  • c) Whanganui
  • d) All of the above

Ans: c) Whanganui. 

2. Legal Principle: Limitation bars the remedy, not the right. Factual Situation: after the expiry of the period of limitation of three years, debtor Rohit makes a part payment of the debt to creditor Soham. Soham then files a suit against Rohit for recovery of the debt after two years from the date of part payment. Decide.

  • a) The suit is time-barred as part payment is made after the expiry of the period of limitation
  • b) Fresh period of limitation begins from the date of part payment
  • c) The part payment extends the period of limitation
  • d) None of the above

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3. Who was the first Indian woman to be selected as the Judge of the International Tribunal for the Law of Sea? Ans: Dr. Neetu Chandra.

4. “Drunken Driving is punishable under? Ans: Motor Vehicles Act.

5. The institutional infrastructure under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, rests on certain pillars: Insolvency Professionals; Information Utilities; Adjudication; The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India; Asset Construction Companies

The correct code is:

  • a) I, II and III
  • b) II, III and IV
  • c) I, II, III and IV
  • d) All the above

Ans: c) I, II, III and IV.

AILET Sample Questions for Logical Reasoning

You are advised to solve as many AILET Mock Tests as possible to improve your logical skills.

1. Harsh moves 15km in the east direction, and then turn towards the north and moves 4 km. From there, he turns west and travels 12km. How far and in which direction he is from the starting point?  Ans: 5 km and North-East.

2. Find the wrong number in the given series:

1, 2, 8, 33, 148, 760, 4626.  Ans: 760.

3. Find the one that doesn’t belong to the group 

  • a) LO
  • b) HS
  • c) DW
  • d) JR

Ans: d) JR. 

4. There is a given pair of words in the following statement. Select the pair that expresses a close relationship with the given pair.   Zephyr: Gale

  • a) Decay: Age
  • b) Death: Sickness
  • c) Trickle: Torrent
  • d) Imprint: Emboss

Ans: c) Trickle: Torrent.

5. A clock is set at 10 am. The clock eventually gains 10 minutes in 24 hours. What will be the right time when the clock indicates 3 pm on the following day?  Ans: 2:48pm.

You can enhance your preparation levels with the help of the best AILET Online Coaching classes.

AILET Sample Questions for Elementary Mathematics

  1. If n= 1+x, where n is the product of the four consecutive positive integers, the possible outcome will be? Ans: n is a prime number a perfect square.
  2. Amrit wants to sell the car at 25% above the cost price. Due to the slum in the market, his cost reduces by 5%. He thus offers a discount of 8% for which the sale goes up by 25%. Calculate the change in Amrit’s profit. Ans: Unchanged.
  3. Sonam has a rectangular garden. If the width of the garden is reduced by 5m and the width is increased by 3m, then the area of the garden gets reduced by 9-meter square. However, if we increase the length by 3m and breadth by 2m, the area is increased by 67-meter square. What is the length of the garden?  Ans: 17m.
  4. The ratio between the present ages of Anu and Balveer is 5:3, respectively. The ratio between Anu’s age 4 years ago and Balveer’s age 4 years hence is 1:1. What is the ratio between Anu’s age 4 years hence and Balveer’s age 4 years ago?  Ans: 3:1.
  5. Two cards are drawn together from a pack of 52 cards. The probability that one is a club and one is a diamond is? Ans: 13/102.

How to Download AILET 2023 Papers PDF?

Follow the simple instructions mentioned below for downloading the AILET Previous Year Papers from the official website.

Try to follow a well-structured study plan for AILET for better preparation and scoring good marks. 

  • Visit the official website of NLU
  • On the Home page, click on the "For Old Examination and Results" tab
  • Select the "Previous Year Question Papers" link
  • A new window with Question papers PDF will be displayed on the screen
  • Click on the download PDF and save the PDF for future reference

Importance of Solving AILET Previous Year Question Papers

Experts advise that solving previous year's papers will help a lot in enhancing the preparation. Solving the AILET previous year's papers will help you in many ways, as explained below:

  • You can understand the difficulty level of the paper.
  • Know different types of questions asked in the exam
  • Also, you can understand the paper pattern and the AILET Exam Syllabus in detail.
  • Know in which topic you are weak and improvise on them
  • Improve time management, accuracy, and speed

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