CUET LLM Coaching Classes 2024 [CUET PG LAW] by LegalEdge After College


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CUET LLM Coaching Classes 2024 [CUET PG LAW] by LegalEdge After College

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CUET PG Law MasterClass by LegalEdge After College


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12 Feb - 12:00 PM

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Live Two Way Class

20 + hours

20 + hours

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Practice Session



Frequently Asked Questions

What is CUET LLM coaching, and why is it important for aspiring LLM candidates?

How does LegalEdge After College differentiate its CUET LLM coaching from other institutes?

What are the key components of the CUET LLM coaching program at LegalEdge After College?

How can LegalEdge After College help me overcome my weaknesses in specific legal concepts?

What is the success rate of candidates who undergo CUET LLM coaching with LegalEdge After College?

How does LegalEdge After College ensure that its CUET LLM coaching remains up-to-date with changing examination patterns and syllabus revisions?


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