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    Harayana Judiciary Mock Test Series 2023 by Judiciary Gold

    Haryana Judicial Services Civil Judge (JD) Exam 2023: The Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) administers the Haryana Judicial Services Civil Judge (JD) exam to recruit candidates for state civil services and associated services. The CSAT paper (Paper-II) for the HPSC HCS Prelims will be qualifying in nature. In addition, the marks will not be taken into account when computing the preliminary result.

    The Haryana Judiciary Exam is held every year by the High Court of Haryana to fill various Civil Judge positions in the Haryana Civil Service (Judicial Branch).

    According to Haryana Public Service Commission advertising No. 01/2021 issued on 14/01/21 and corrigendum dated 13/08/2021 published on 14/08/2021 in various media, the Haryana Judiciary Mains exam would be held from 15.04.2022 to 17.04.2022 (tentatively).

    Haryana Judiciary Exam Pattern 2023

    Aspirants interested in joining the Haryana Judicial Services should review the exam selection process. To advance to the next round, candidates must pass each stage's cutoff. Preliminary examination, Main Examination, and Interview are the three stages of the examination.

    There are two written papers in the civil judge exam. The prelims test consists of only one paper, while the mains exam consists of five. Candidates who pass the preliminary exam are invited to take the main exam. Exam details can be found in the table below.

    Haryana Judiciary Preliminary Exam Pattern 2023

    There are 125 questions on the preliminary exam. Each question is worth four points. To qualify for the mains, candidates must score at least 150 points.

    Type of Questions




    Multiple-choice Questions


    125 questions

    2 hours


    Analytical Skills

    General Knowledge

    Current affairs

    Haryana Judiciary Main Exam Pattern 2023

    There are five papers in the main exam. There are three law papers and two language papers to complete. To be considered for the interview procedure, candidates must score at least 50% on the exam. The essays are all descriptive.






    (Civil Law-I)

    Code of Civil Procedure

    Punjab Courts Act

    Indian Contract Act

    Indian Partnership Act

    Sale of Goods Act

    Specific Relief Act

    Indian Evidence Act

    Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction) Act 1973


    3 hours


    (Civil Law ll)

    Hindu Law

    Mohammadan Law

    Customary Law

    Law of Registration and Limitation


    3 hours

    Paper- 3

    (Criminal law)

    Indian Penal Code

    Criminal Procedure Code

    Indian Evidence Act


    3 hours

    Paper - 4

    (English - 200 Marks)

    English Essay (1000-1100 words)


    3 hours

    Words and Phrases






    Paper - 5

    (Hindi Language - 100 Marks)

    Translation of an English passage into Hindi


    3 hours

    Explanation of Hindi passage in prose and poetry


    Composition (essay), Idioms, and corrections


    Haryana Judiciary Interview Process 2023

    Candidates who pass the mains are invited to an interview. The interview is worth a total of 100 points. In both the main and the interview, all candidates must score at least 50%. After the main examination, just a few candidates are invited for an interview.

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    Advantages of Haryana Judiciary Mock Test Series 2023

    The Test series includes simulated tests based on the format of annual or competitive exams; these tests assist students in assessing their potential before the actual exam.

    The following are some of the most significant advantages:

    • Provide Good Practice - It provides students with a significant quantity of practice, which can aid them in performing well in the actual tests. Continuous practice through test series improves students' problem-solving speed and helps them improve their weaker subject areas.
    • Feel of a Real Exam - These tests familiarise students with real exam scenarios, as the duration and structure pattern of these examinations is the same as that of the actual exam. Many competitive tests are now held online, thus test series can assist students in becoming acquainted with and comfortable with online exams.
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    • Improve Student Performance and Confidence - It helps students improve their performance and confidence. It aids in the reduction of exam anxiety and fear.
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    • Assessing learning capacity - A test series can assist students in learning how to assess their learning capacity and develop in their performance. Furthermore, students can compare their results to those of other candidates taking the same test.
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