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AILET PG 2024 Mock Test Series was created to help you prepare for the LLM Entrance Examination of NLU, Delhi. The Mock Test Series enhances and helps you in testing your subject knowledge. The paid LLM Mock Test video analysis and the detailed PDF Analysis give you an edge over the competitors. The Mock Test Series is specifically designed keeping in mind PYQs and the specific syllabus of the examination.

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Q: Is CLAT tougher than AILET?

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AILET PG Mock Test Series 2024 by LegalEdge

NLU Delhi administers the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) PG, a national-level test for admissions to its LLM programs.

The authorities have announced that the AILET PG 2024 test will be held as per schedule. NLU Delhi will most likely be held in pen-and-paper format.

The AILET PG 2024 application form is available online. After the application procedure is completed, the university will distribute the AILET 2024 admission card.

The admission card will include information such as your roll number, exam centre address, and exam day and time.

Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Jurisprudence, Tort Law, and International Law are among the topics covered in the AILET LLM syllabus. Delhi University holds the AILET PG Exam for admission to its LLM program.

Why AILET 2024 PG Mock Tests are Important For Aspirants?

AILET 2023 PG Mock Tests are beneficial because they give practice. AILET Entrance Mock Tests with several attempts allow students to review the whole curriculum in a realistic test scenario. They will remember what they have learned and perform well in the actual exam this way.

Mock examinations are essential for all students who are taking a competitive examination. Before each final competitive exam, AILET PG Mock Test Series are taken.

  • They are comparable practice examinations that are given before any final exam.
  • It's similar to seeing a movie trailer before going to see a movie. It assists us in evaluating our preparation. Many times, extremely experienced professors arrange mock examinations for us, and they follow the same pattern and questions, so we study in the appropriate path.
  • "Practice makes perfect," as the saying goes. As a result, it is one of the paths that lead to perfection for a learner.

AILET PG Mock Test Series are practice exams that students take before taking the final exam to measure their level of preparedness. Students who are prepared for a competitive test should take mock examinations. Every subject offers its AILET PG Test Series, from Class 10 Board Exams to the UPPSC or the GRE/GMAT. Any student who wants to do well in a competitive exam would benefit greatly from these AILET PG Test Series.

AILET PG Exam Pattern 2024

The AILET 2024 exam lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. There is also a 0.25-point penalty for each incorrect answer.

  • The exam will be conducted in offline mode. The question paper is drafted in English.
  • There is a slight change in the question paper format from this year.
  • The exam will have 2 major sections: English and Legal Reasoning holding a weightage of 50 marks each.
  • There will be a total of 100 objective-type questions in Section A of the exam.
  • Section B will be descriptive in nature. There will be 8-10 questions out of which students have to answer any 2 questions of their choice.
  • The total weightage of the exam is 150 marks.

AILET PG Exam Syllabus 2024

The AILET Online exam series that follows covers the whole syllabus for the exam. Check out the syllabus for a list of topics.

Topics Expected Weightage
Constitutional Law 15 Questions
Public Interest Litigation 10 Questions
Jurisprudence 6 Questions
Criminal Law 7 Questions
Torts and CPA 3 Questions
Contract Law & SRA 3 Questions
Family Law 2 Questions
Environmental Law 1 Question
IT Law 1 Question
Evidence Act 1 Question
Intellectual Property  1 Question
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