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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whether Delhi Judiciary Service Examination is complex or easy is entirely subjective, and what may appear easy to one aspirant can be pretty tricky for another. However, absolute concentration and determination are necessary to crack the Delhi Judiciary Service Examination.

    In the case of the Delhi Judiciary Service Examination, the lower and upper age limit is 21 and 32 years, respectively. If you do the required calculations, you will have 12 attempts. However, most state Judiciary Service Examinations are not conducted every year. As such, the maximum number of attempts you can make is 6.

    Apart from the necessary law books, the newspaper plays a vital role in clearing the preliminary examinations in the Delhi Judiciary Service Examination. You can follow newspapers to know more about the local Delhi news: The Hindu, Hindustan Times, etc. 

    If you are absolutely determined to appear for the Delhi Judiciary Service Examination, the best time to start the preparation is in the 4th year of the law course. It is because, during this time, more focus is given to the Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence Act, Indian Penal Code, Personal Laws, etc. 
    Yes, there is a provision for negative marking in the Delhi Judiciary Service Examination. 

    Yes, it is possible for a practising lawyer to appear for the Delhi Judiciary examination. He/she can apply to both the higher judiciary services and the lower judiciary services. No minimum years of practice are required as part of the eligibility criteria if you are applying for the lower judiciary service examinations.

    There is no mention of any minimum percentage that is needed to appear for the Delhi Judiciary Service Examination. Any aspirant wanting to appear for the examination must have an LL.B. degree from a recognized university. The degree can be a 3-year course or a 5-year integrated course. The absence of any minimum criteria only signifies that determination, hard work, and talent will assist you in clearing the examination. 

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