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AILET PG Previous year Question Papers [Last 5 Year's Question Paper Pdf]

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : April 20, 2023


Summary: Solving the previous year's paper majorly has 2 benefits; one is to familiarise you with the structure of the exam and also help you assess the difficulty level of the paper. However, the main benefit is that you get insight into frequently asked questions, which is a boon! 

Previous year papers are an excellent source for your AILET PG preparations, and the first thing you do towards your preparation is to gather a minimum of the past 5 years' papers.

Most of us believe that question papers are for the later stages of our preparations. However, we say to check the previous year's papers and then start studying the concepts. 

This will help you negate unimportant topics, thus saving a lot of your time. 

As you finish studying any concept, solve related previous year's question to know if you have understood the basics and can apply the principles to solve and achieve the correct answer. There are "n-number" of benefits to solving the previous year's papers that will help you stay well-prepared for your AILET PG 2024 exams in December. 

AILET PG Previous Year Question Papers 2024

AILET PG's previous year's question papers are released on the official website of the National Law University by the AILET conducting authority. These question papers will assist in becoming acquainted with the question paper format.

We will understand the other benefits later in the article. 

Note: The official notice states that the last day for filling out the AILET LLM Application Form for the academic year 2023 is November 20. Please fill out the applications on or before the last date. 

List of AILET PG Previous Year Question Papers

Check the AILET PG solved question papers to ace your preparations. 

Know how you will be Evaluated? 

Firstly, understand the AILET LLM exam pattern based on the previous year's paper AILET LLM analysis.

The paper mainly had 2 sections, as listed below. 

Section AILET LLM Total Questions Marks
Section A English and Legal Reasoning 50 + 50 Questions 100
Section B Subjects of Law 2 Questions 50
Total 102 150

Check: AILET LLM Answer Key

Negative marking:

  • In AILET LLM 2024, Section-A will have a negative marking. Each correct answer is rewarded with 1 mark.
  • The negative marking criterion will be based on the formula 0.25*4=1, which indicates that 0.25 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. As a result, four incorrect responses will result in a one (1) mark deduction. Choose to answer wisely and prepare for AILET LLM Syllabus thoroughly. 
  • Section B has 2 descriptive questions to be answered for 25 marks each. 

AILET PG Mock Tests

AILET PG Mock Tests

Benefits of Solving AILET PG Previous year Question Papers

  • Solving the previous years will help you get a preview of your main examination. 
  • Practising the sample or previous year's papers is the best revision strategy for any exam, including AILET LLM 2024.
  • With the help of these papers, you will be able to identify your weak areas, thus helping you prepare more strategically. 
  • The more papers you solve and land the correct answers, the more confident you get. 
  • The best thing about solving the previous year's paper is that you have access to frequently asked questions. If lucky, you can also have a few questions repeated in your paper. 
  • With solving papers, you gain access to better time management skills. Don't forget to take mocks as well! 
  • Evaluating and preparing a performance report can also help boost your confidence. 
  • Lastly, as they say, "Practise makes Man perfect." and ~

Solving AILET PG Previous year Question Papers 2023 is a must! 

Check: AILET PG Last Minute preparation tips


Now that you have access to the previous year's papers and know their benefits, what's the wait for? 

Start solving them to crack AILET LLM with excellent scores. Wishing you good luck with your exams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Anything in the 120–140 range is good for the AILET PG exam.
There no efficient way to ace your preparations without solving AILET PG previous year question papers. You understand what type of questions that can appear and occasionally questions can also be repeated. Hence its very important to solve previous year papers.
Ideally yes, however if you can gather more papers and solve; it will be much more beneficial. 
You can get it free online in several websites, official website, etc. Links to previous 5 years papers are given in the article above. 
Yes, the syllabus will more or less be the same. Therefore solving AILET PG Previous year Question Papers will always be beneficial. 


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