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AILET PG Previous year Question Papers [Last 5 Year's Question Paper Pdf]

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : November 17, 2023


Reader's Digest: Solving the previous year's paper has 2 benefits; one is to familiarise you with the structure of the exam and also help you assess the difficulty level of the paper. However, the main benefit is that you get insight into frequently asked questions, which is a boon! 

Previous year papers are an excellent source for your AILET PG preparations, and the first thing you do towards your preparation is to gather a minimum of the past 5 years papers.

Most of us believe that question papers are for the later stages of our preparations. However, we say to check the previous year's papers and then start studying the concepts. 

This will help you negate unimportant topics, thus saving a lot of your time. 

After studying a concept, practice related previous year's questions to ensure a solid grasp of basics and the ability to apply principles for correct answers.

The myriad benefits of solving past papers will keep you well-prepared for your upcoming AILET PG 2024 exams in December. So let's begin!

Key Contents

  1. Study Resources: Access free study materials, download AILET PG question papers, and simulate the exam environment with mock tests for comprehensive preparation.
  2. Strategic Topic Selection: Learn to prioritize crucial topics based on frequency, shifts in emphasis, and weightage in previous papers.
  3. Effective Preparation Tips: Gain insights on balancing breadth and depth, adapting to syllabus changes, and conducting subject-wise analysis.
  4. Benefits Recap: Discover the enhanced exam preview, optimal revision strategy, weak area identification, confidence boost, and improved time management skills through solving previous year papers.

 AILET PG Previous Year Question Papers 

AILET PG's previous year's question papers are released on the official website of the National Law University by the AILET conducting authority. These question papers will assist in becoming acquainted with the question paper format.

We will understand the other benefits later in the article.

List of AILET PG Previous Year Question Papers

Check the AILET PG solved question papers to ace your preparations. 

 How Are AILET PG Scores Evaluated? 

Firstly, understand the AILET LLM exam pattern based on the previous year's paper AILET LLM analysis.

The paper mainly had 2 sections, as listed below. 

Section AILET LLM Total Questions Marks
Section A English and Legal Reasoning 25 + 25 Questions 75
Section B Subjects of Law 2 Questions 75
Total 52 150

Check: AILET LLM Answer Key

Negative marking:

  • In AILET LLM 2024, Section-A will have a negative marking. Each correct answer is rewarded with 1 mark.
  • The negative marking criterion will be based on the formula 0.25*4=1, which indicates that 0.25 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. As a result, four incorrect responses will result in a one (1) mark deduction. Choose to answer wisely and prepare for AILET LLM Syllabus thoroughly. 
  • Section B has 2 descriptive questions to be answered for a total of 75 marks. 

AILET PG Mock Tests

AILET PG Mock Tests

 Selecting Important Topics 

One of the key advantages of incorporating the previous year's question papers into your AILET PG preparation is the ability to identify and prioritize important topics strategically.

By gaining insights from past exams, you can streamline your focus and optimize your study efforts. Here's how you can effectively select crucial topics for your preparation:

1. Examining Frequency of Topics in AILET PG Previous Year Question Papers:

  • Explanation: Understanding which topics frequently appear in AILET PG question papers can guide your preparation, ensuring focus on areas likely to be crucial in the upcoming exam.

    • Example: If Constitutional Law questions consistently appear in the last five years' AILET PG papers, it signals the importance of dedicating substantial time to this subject.

2. Adapting to Shifts in Emphasis:

  • Explanation: Recognizing shifts in emphasis on specific subjects or themes over the years helps align your study plan with the current trend, ensuring you cover the most relevant content.

    • Example: If there's a recent increase in questions related to Environmental Law, adjusting your focus to this area becomes essential.

3. Noting Weightage for Effective AILET PG Preparation:

  • Explanation: Being aware of the weightage assigned to different sections and topics helps prioritize your time, ensuring you allocate more effort to subjects that contribute significantly to the overall score.

    • Example: If Legal Reasoning constitutes a substantial portion of the marks, dedicating more time to master this section becomes imperative.

4. Prioritizing Core Concepts from Previous Year Papers:

  • Explanation: Identifying core concepts repeatedly tested in previous years allows you to prioritize understanding fundamental principles, forming a strong foundation for tackling complex questions.

    • Example: If Contract Law principles frequently appear, ensuring a solid grasp of these principles becomes a priority.

5. Staying Updated on Legal Developments:

  • Explanation: Keeping abreast of recent legal developments is crucial, as these may be reflected in newer AILET PG papers, ensuring your preparation is aligned with the latest changes in legal frameworks.

    • Example: Amendments in Intellectual Property Laws may be reflected in recent exam papers, necessitating updated study materials.

6. Utilizing Exam Analysis Resources:

  • Explanation: Referring to exam analysis resources that dissect historically crucial topics provides valuable insights into the relative importance of different subjects.

    • Example: Exam analysis indicating the consistent relevance of International Law underscores its significance in AILET PG exams.

7. Balancing Breadth and Depth in AILET PG Topics:

  • Explanation: Striking a balance between covering a broad spectrum of topics and delving deep into specific areas ensures a comprehensive yet targeted approach to preparation.

    • Example: Balancing a broad overview of Criminal Law with in-depth study of specific provisions ensures a well-rounded preparation.

8. Adapting to Syllabus Changes with AILET PG Previous Year Papers:

  • Explanation: Being aware of any updates or changes to the official syllabus ensures that your study plan aligns with the most recent requirements, avoiding oversight of important topics.

    • Example: Recent additions to Family Law as per the updated syllabus necessitate incorporating these changes into your study plan.

9. Conducting Subject-wise Analysis for AILET PG Preparation:

  • Explanation: Analyzing previous papers subject-wise helps identify strengths and weaknesses, enabling strategic allocation of time to challenging subjects while reinforcing proficiency in areas of strength.

    • Example: Recognizing a consistent struggle with Tort Law questions prompts focused efforts in this area.

Check: AILET PG Last Minute preparation tips.

 Benefits of Solving AILET PG Previous Year Question Papers 

1. Enhanced Exam Preview:

  • By solving AILET PG previous year question papers, you gain a valuable preview of what to expect in the main examination.
  • Example: Going through the 2023 and 2022 papers allows you to familiarize yourself with the structure and types of questions likely to appear in AILET PG 2024.

2. Optimal Revision Strategy:

  • Practising these papers serves as the most effective revision strategy for any exam, including AILET LLM 2024.
  • Example: Instead of relying solely on textbooks, solving AILET PG previous year question papers helps reinforce your understanding of key concepts and legal reasoning.

3. Strategic Weak Area Identification:

  • AILET PG previous year question papers assist in pinpointing your weak areas, enabling more strategic and focused preparation.
  • Example: If consistently struggling with questions related to English and Legal Reasoning, targeted preparation in these areas can significantly improve overall performance.

4. Confidence Boost through Correct Answers:

  • The more papers you solve and land correct answers, the more your confidence grows, contributing to a positive mindset on exam day.
  • Example: Successfully answering a series of questions in the 2021 AILET PG paper reinforces your grasp of concepts and instills confidence in your abilities.

5. Access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Solving previous year papers grants you access to frequently asked questions, providing a valuable resource for focused study.
  • Example: Questions that have appeared multiple times in past AILET PG papers serve as a guide for prioritizing certain topics, increasing your chances of encountering similar questions in the actual exam.

6. Improved Time Management Skills:

  • Solving papers contributes to better time management skills, a critical aspect of success in the timed AILET PG exam.
  • Example: Timed practice sessions with AILET PG previous year question papers help you develop a pacing strategy, ensuring you can effectively complete all sections within the allocated time.

7. Mock Tests for Exam Simulation:

  • In addition to solving previous year papers, taking AILET Mock Tests further simulates the exam environment and enhances your preparedness.
  • Example: A mock exam replicates the conditions of the AILET PG, allowing you to practice time management and assess your performance under exam-like pressure.

 Key Takeaways 

  • Early Practice Matters: Start solving AILET PG previous year papers early to familiarize yourself with the exam structure and identify crucial topics.

  • Strategic Topic Selection: Prioritize topics based on their frequency in past papers to optimize your study efforts and focus on areas likely to be important in the upcoming exam.

  • Adapt and Evolve: Stay updated on shifts in emphasis, changes in the syllabus, and recent legal developments to align your preparation with the current trends.

  • Build Confidence: Regularly solving papers boosts confidence, helping you approach the exam day with a positive mindset and a strong grasp of concepts.

  • Effective Time Management: Practice with timed sessions using previous year papers to enhance your time management skills, a critical factor in succeeding in the AILET PG exam.

  • Simulate Exam Conditions: Complement your preparation by taking AILET Mock Tests to simulate the exam environment, assess your performance, and refine your exam strategy.

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