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AILET PG Last Minute Preparation Tips 2024: Revision Strategy for AILET PG

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : November 8, 2023


Overview: Are you feeling the pressure of the upcoming AILET PG exam? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this article, we will share some invaluable AILET PG 2024 last-minute preparation tips to help you maximize your chances of success. So, grab a cup of coffee and dive in to discover the key strategies that can make a difference in your performance.

You must approach your preparations bearing in mind that you have just about one and a half month's time for preparations. The exam will be administered in the country by the National Law University, Delhi, for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs on 10 December.

With thousands of applicants competing for a limited number of seats, you must ensure that your AILET PG 2024 preparation is on point. AILET PG is known to be one of the country's most challenging legal competitive tests that requires a well-planned approach to have your name in the cut-off list.

As the exam is nearing, you may feel like you need to cram everything again. Well, this article will provide you with practical and meaningful AILET PG Last Minute preparation tips 2024.

Key Contents

  1. Overview of the AILET PG 2024 exam and its significance
  2. Last-minute preparation tips for AILET PG.
  3. Specific advice on topics to prioritize and reference materials
  4. Importance of solving mocks and previous year's papers
  5. Stress on time management during the exam
  6. Encouraging conclusion and reminders about well-being
  7. Links to free study material and coaching services

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Tips for Last Minute Preparations for AILET PG 

With the new modified syllabus, you no longer need to worry about English or the subjective part. Your only focus should be on the Legal subjects. Now is not the time to go back and mug up all the subjects that you studied during your LL.B., but now is the time to revise in a timely manner.

Below are some strategies that you need to follow for your revision and also if you are about to start your preparation now. 

  1. Reading Contemporary Issues: Every day, give 30 minutes to reading contemporary legal issues this will give you an idea of the areas of law from which questions may be asked in the exam. Missing out on this should be avoided. 
  2. Focus on Major Subjects: As there is no defined syllabus and the modified pattern just says, “branches of law”, it would be better (with less time in hand) to focus more on major subjects such as constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, international law, admin environment law, jurisprudence, etc. There is a chance that fewer questions will be asked from minor subjects such as RTI. However, if you have time, read and revise all the legal subjects taught during LL.B. 
  3. Beware of Negative Marking: All questions need not be attempted; attempt only those questions on which you are sure or have some idea. Strategize the way you answer your questions. While solving mocks, take into account the wrong answers to get your accurate score; this will help you to track your growth better. 
  4. Mocks every day: For both those who are about to start preparing and those who will be revising, mock tests should be your focus. Give at least 1 mock test every day, and solve as many MCQs as you can. This will help you understand the type of questions that may be asked in the exam and will expose you to areas where you need to focus or read more. 
  5. Time your Mocks: Solve your mocks or MCQs with a timer on. Set your clock to the original duration of the exam and try to complete the test within the set duration. 
  6. Re-check and Re-evaluate: After completion of your mocks, always check your answers and evaluate your performance, simultaneously making a note of the questions you feel are important and of the questions that you need to re-visit. 
  7. Revise Revise Revise: During the last 20 days, revise any notes that you have made during your preparation and keep on adding small pointers to them wherever you deem fit. Don’t read excessive new information, at this point as it may lead to confusion. 
  8. Growth: Track your progress, which will help you gain confidence in how far you have come with your preparations. Don’t exhaust yourself with preparation towards the end; give yourself enough time to retain and remember what you have already read. 

I recommend reviewing the AILET preparation video from last year as it provides valuable insights on how to approach the task at hand.

AILET PG Last Minute Preparation Tips 2024 for English

You must cover 10-11 topics in the English section and prioritize the topics to study as per the weightage for each section. 

Take more time to cover the important topics with more weightage. 

  • Firstly, revise the concepts around Vocabulary and Idioms, Reading Comprehension, and start solving the questions related to these topics. 
  • Once you finish the above topics, start solving questions on Spotting errors, Subject Verb Agreement, Tenses, Choosing appropriate words, parts of speech, punctuation, and sentence rearrangement. 
  • Use reference books like S P Bakshi and R S Agarwal. S P Bakshi also has many phrasal verbs and explains the concepts with examples. In the book, you can study Idioms from AILET PG's previous years' papers.
  • Prepare about 1000-1500 idioms; you can divide 10-15 idioms per day to reach a target as the exam date approaches.
  • Solve a minimum of 2-3 reading comprehension daily with a timer. 
  • Reading newspapers and solving sample problems from reference books can help you improve in the English section. Note that you might forget concepts you tend not to understand and use, so practice them frequently. 
  • You can divide 10-15 idioms per day to reach a target as the exam date approaches.
  • Solve mocks every day and make sure you cover all the important concepts that can appear in the paper for AILET PG Last Minute preparation tips 2024 for English.

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AILET PG Mock Tests

AILET PG Mock Tests

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 AILET PG Last Minute Preparation Tips 2024 and Revision Process 

When you break down the concepts, you understand what can be asked. Thus simplifying your preparations and revision process.

1 - Make short, concise notes 

  • Keep your notes short and concise to help you understand the gist of a particular topic. The idea is to remember the topic and its basic principle. 

2 - Time Management is the key!

  • The most significant aspect of the AILET test is time management. The exam duration is 90 minutes.
  • Before taking any mock test or sample paper, set a timer. 
  • If you can't find the answer to a question, don't waste more time on it. If you think the question is difficult and time-consuming, go on to the next question.

3 - Solve AILET Previous year's question papers 

  • Though the pattern for the exam has been changed this year, it is never a bad idea to go through previous year papers.
  • You can go through the questions asked in the legal reasoning section of the previous year papers to analyse areas from which more questions have been asked and to get a sense of the difficulty level.
  • Previous year question papers may provide some real insights that may come in handy for AILET PG 2024 Preparation.

4 - Practice Mock Tests

  • Taking up Mock Tests for AILET PG at the last minute will allow you to examine your preparation and improve in your weak areas.
  • It will also help in time management. You will be asked various questions to see which topics you excel in and which need more preparation. 
  • Solving mock examinations also helps you imitate exam-day settings and determine how well you will perform on exam day. Furthermore, preparing mock tests can help you overcome your dread of exam day and prepare you to tackle exam anxiety by improving your time management skills.

5 - Revise Study Notes

  • Your notes come in handy during revision. Reading your notes will help you remember the concepts and principles behind them.
  • It is critical to revise everything so you don't miss out on any important topic that might appear in the exam.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm: Start your day with 30 minutes of reading on legal issues to boost make a sense of areas of law from which questions may be asked and to increase your reading speed. Don't miss out on the newspaper's insights.

  2. Timetable Triumph: Create a study timetable covering high-scoring sections. Reserve the last month for thorough revision and utilize your handwritten notes.

  3. Mock Matters: Daily mock tests are your secret weapon. Time yourself, track your progress, and get familiar with the exam's pattern.

  4. Revise Right: Make concise notes, manage your time wisely, and solve previous papers and mock tests to fine-tune your preparation.

  5. Beware of Negative Marking: Attempt only those that you know or have an idea about. Strategize the way you solve your paper.

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