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AILET PG Exam Analysis 2023 [Questions Asked, Difficulty Level]

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 3, 2023


AILET PG 2023 exam has been conducted successfully today, on 11 December 2022. We wish you good luck with your results. 

We also hope you are relieved and waiting for AILET PG Exam Analysis 2023 now! Stay with us for a detailed analysis of the AILET PG paper. 

This year, the AILET PG examination 2023 was conducted on 11 December 2022 between 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM, following all the safety protocols. 

AILET is conducted annually, and the success ratio of the exam is hardly 4 - 5% and is regarded as difficult to clear. Therefore, approaching the preparation process for AILET PG must be strategic, and one of many smart strategies is the AILET PG exam analysis 2023. 

Let's derive insights about the AILET PG Exam Analysis 2023 of the question paper without wasting time. 

Our expert from LegalEdge after college will walk you through an overview of the exam, the difficulty level, and the answers to every question in the paper. With this reference, you can analyse your performance in today's exam. 

Download Free Study Material For AILET Exam 2023 by LegalEdge After College

AILET PG Exam Analysis 2023 (General)

Our experts have analysed the paper, gathered feedback from the students who took the AILET PG examination, and concluded the paper to be of a "Moderate" difficulty level. Go through the entire video or PDF attached to know the answers to every question in sections A, B and subjective type. 

Below are the AILET LLM Exam Analysis 2023 key points received by candidates who took the examination today. 

  • The overall difficulty level of the exam was relatively moderate. 
  • However, to our surprise, the pattern for the legal reasoning section was different. The principle of act-based questions was not asked in this section. 
  • The English and legal reasoning were at medium difficulty levels, and subjective questions (any 2) were easy to attempt. 
  • Students informed that the paper was lengthy and the number of questions asked differed from last year. 

AILET PG Exam Analysis 2023 for English and Legal Reasoning

These sections were relatively moderate. So you can also expect a similar and somewhat high cut-off for this year. 

The student poll showed us that the AILET PG paper was lengthy. 

Sections  Number of Questions
English 25
Legal Reasoning 25
Subjective 10 (Answer any 2)
  • Section B will be evaluated only for those candidates who secure at least 50% marks in each of the parts (Part 1 & Part 2) in Section-A.
  • Section B will have ten questions from different branches of law. The candidates must answer two (2) descriptive questions for 75 marks.

English had questions from fill-in-the-blanks, antonyms etc., appearing in section A.  

The legal Reasoning pattern was slightly different since the principle of act-based questions was not asked in this section. Questions from the Contract act, Transfer of property act, the law of torts etc., were asked. 

Check the AILET PG 2023 Question papers and answers PDF attached. 

AILET PG Exam Analysis 2023 for Subjective Answers 

Section B had 10 questions, of which 2 subjective answers had to be written. This section was relatively easy.

Here is the list of 10 questions mentioned below. 

1. What is EWS Quota? Critically analyze the validity of the constitution (One Hundred and Third Amendments) Act, which provides 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections among forward castes in government jobs and colleges across India in the light of recent jurisprudence. 

2. What is online dispute resolution (ODR)? Discuss the preparedness of the government in incorporating ODR, the legislative vis-a-vis ODR, acceptance of ODR by the judiciary and the innovations in the private sector in India. 

3. What is climate finance? Discuss the financial mechanism to provide financial resources to developing country Parties of UNFCCC.

4. Critically examine the legal regime in India to bring about a gender-neutral work environment. 

5. Critically examine the role of the right of Children to free and compulsory Education Act, 2009, in ensuring children's right to education in India. 

6. What is uniform civil code? Critically examine the pros and cons of the Uniform Civil Code. 

7. What is corporate social Responsibility? Discuss why social responsibility matters to the business.

8. Discuss the provisions dealing with interim relief under India's arbitration and conciliation act in comparison and contradiction with the UNCITRAL Model law. What is the relationship between arbitral interim relief and interim orders by courts? 

9. Who is a witness? Discuss the law relating to witness protection in India. 

10. Discuss the legislative and judicial developments promoting ADR in India. 

Attempting 2 questions from the above should have been easy. 

Highlights of AILET Exam Analysis 2022 for LLM

The highlights discuss the overall analysis of the AILET LLM paper successfully conducted last year. Our experts from LegalEdge After College have provided the section-wise AILET LLM Exam Analysis based on feedback from the students who appeared for the exam.

1. Last year, the university changed the exam pattern for the AILET PG. The new paper pattern for the LLM programs has two sections:

  • Section A 
  • Section B

2. All India Law Entrance Test  PG had a total of 102 (100 MCQ, 2 descriptive), and the paper was conducted for 150 marks for 90 minutes. The overall difficulty of the question paper was moderate and a bit easier compared to the last years, but the main challenge faced was time management. Several students could not attempt the entire question paper because the question paper was very lengthy.

3. With three distinct parts in 2 sections, if you had managed 30 minutes for each and attempted all the sections, you would be in a good position to score well.

4. Since the questions were relatively straightforward, the main difference in rank will depend on how many questions you were able to attempt. 

5. An average of 110 out of 150 can be termed as a good exam score. 

6. The expected cut-off will be relatively higher than the last two years. An average of 70 marks in section A and 40 in Section B can be considered a good score to enter the cut-off list.

7. Section B had ten descriptive questions from different branches of law.

You can gather inputs about AILET PG Exam Analysis and enhance your preparations for the upcoming exam. 

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Subject-Wise AILET PG Exam Analysis 2022

The 2 main section in the examination is "English and Legal Reasoning." Its analysis is as follows: 

AILET PG Exam Analysis 2022 for English

The difficulty level of this section was moderate! 

The difficulty of the English section was relatively moderate compared to the last two years. Even if your English is not very good, the questions were fairly easy if you aware the legal terms. Topics asked in this section are as follows: 

  • Foreign Phrases
  • Phrases
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Grammar

Make sure you prepare thoroughly for the topics listed above. Even though the questions were of moderate difficulty, this section was lengthy. Time management is of utmost importance when preparing for the AILET PG

If you manage your time well in this section, scoring an average mark of 35 in English can be good enough to have your name in the cut-off list.

AILET PG Mock Tests

AILET PG Mock Tests

AILET PG Exam Analysis 2022 for Legal reasoning

The difficulty level of Legal Reasoning was again moderate! 

You had to have your legal reasoning concepts strong to clear this section. An average of 35 marks in this section can be considered a good score. 

The questions asked were all concepts based, so applying the principle and finding the answer quickly is the key. However, the given options were close to each other, and the difficulty level for the given options were relatively high.

If the clarity of the concept were good enough, you are unlikely to face difficulties solving these questions.

Topics asked in this section were as follows: 

  • Facts and Principle
  • Murder
  • Counterfeiting Currency
  • Negligence
  • Assault
  • Constitution - Article 20 (1)
  • Agency
  • Offer Acceptance
  • Necessity

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AILET PG Exam Analysis 2022 for Descriptive Answers

50 marks are allotted for this section, so knowing how to write your descriptive answer is important. Last year, the following topics appeared in the subjective section.

  • Privacy
  • Sedition
  • Consideration
  • Defamation
  • UN and its working
  • Biodiversity Act 2002
  • Mediation Bill, 2021

You could score good marks in this section if you included relevant landmark cases like Puttaswamy Judgement in Privacy and the Mahesh Bedekar case in Sedition.

If you included provisions, facts, illustrations, judgment, and your own opinions, you could score a 20 out of 25 easily.

We encourage you to solve your AILET PG mocks with a timer! 


We hope our AILET PG Exam Analysis 2023 helped estimate your probability of achieving a seat in National Law University, Delhi.

From the last year's paper, we can understand the type of questions that can be framed in Legal Reasoning and English for next year.

Due to the scarcity of time faced by students, you are advised to keep a timer while solving mocks and previous year's papers.

The deciding factor of your rank comes down to how fast you can arrive at the right answer for a maximum number of questions in the AILET PG examination. 

Smart Strategies = Smart Preparations! 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect the final AILET LLM answer key within a week of the exam.
The paper was moderate. English and legal reasoning were of moderate difficulty, whereas the subjective type of easy. 
110 out of 150 can be expected as a good score in the exam
Yes, just like last year the paper was lengthy and accordingly poll conducted by LegalEdge After College below 10% of students attempted questions above 100. 


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