SET General Full Length Mock Tests

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Sample SET Mock Test

150 Questions
150 Marks
75 Minutes
1 Attempts available
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SET General Full Length Mock Tests 2022

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SET Mock Test 01

60 Questions
60 Marks
60 Minutes
1 Attempts available
Score: - -
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All IPMs and Management Entrances Test Series l Combo l Mock Test By SuperGrads 2022

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Graphical Analysis of your Performance.

Every Mock is followed by detailed solutions of each question.

All India Level Ranking.

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IPM Indore, CUET, SET l Combo l Mock Test By SuperGrads 2022

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Mock Tests with Detailed Explanations (IPM Indore: 15 Mocks, CUET: 12 Mocks, SET: 10 Mocks)

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SET(General) Mock Tests By SuperGrads 2022

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10 Mock Tests with Detailed Explanations.

Mock Tests designed by Expert team of SuperGrads

Graphical Analysis of your Performance.

All India Level Ranking.

Package Validity: Till Exam


Do you offer SET Mock Tests along with online coaching?

Yes. We will provide free SET Mock Tests along with coaching.

Is there any additional fee for taking SET Mock Tests?

No. Students are not required to pay any additional fee for taking SET Mock Tests. We will offer SET Mock Tests along with coaching.

Can I attempt the SET Mock Test Series in regional Language?

The SET Mock Test Series are available in English and Hindi Language. Attempt them in any of these two languages to improve your preparation.

Are the SET Test Series available in offline mode?

Yes, you can attempt the tests in offline mode also. Download our Toprankers App and take up any test in offline mode.

What is the use of taking up SET Mock Test series?

There are lot of advantages with attempting SET Mock Test Series that are:

  • You can analyse your preparation levels
  • Be thorough with the exam pattern and syllabus
  • Improve time management
  • Experience the real time exam environment

How to attempt SET Test Series?

By following the simple steps listed below, you can attempt the test series successfully

  • Login to Toprankers website
  • On the Homepage, click on Test Series
  • In the drop-down, select your exam
  • Now buy the test series and start attempting the mock tests.

Can I attempt the SET Mock Test anytime?

Yes, you can take up the test series at your own pace. Until the validity is over, you can attempt the test.




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SET Mock Test Series 2022 | Symbiosis Entrance Test Series by Supergrads

SET Mock Test Online: Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) is undertaken by Symbiosis International (Deemed University) for induction into Symbiosis universities. The SET test is essential for admissions to undergraduate college courses like Management, Law, Engineering, Economics, Design, Mass Communication, Computer Studies, Liberal Arts, and Culinary Arts.

The test will be conducted in an online mode and will be checked to utilize the mix of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence. SET Exam 2022 was planned to be held as per schedule.

SET Admit card were going to be distributed to the applicants on upcoming days however because of a worldwide pandemic, the dates have been extended until further notice. SET admit cards will be accessible for download on the official site. Enrolled candidates can download their SET admit cards by signing in through SET login ID made during the application procedure.

Free SET Exam Online Mock Test 2022

Practice the SET mock test online created by experts to merge and consolidate your knowledge immensely. The SET online mock test series will ensure proper revision and abundance of practice questions before the test to give you an edge and assist you with getting to the merit list. 

SET test series 2022 is structured in the wake of recognizing your exam planning needs and accordingly covers the whole syllabus thoroughly. They are created after immense research of the SET previous year papers and the paper pattern of the test. The Free SET Test Series incorporates one full-length free test. Practice using a mock test for SET and get a better evaluation of your preparedness.

Understanding SET Exam Pattern

The SET paper pattern has been proposed by Symbiosis University. According to the paper pattern, the SET question paper will contain 90 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for a total of 90 marks. There are 4 sections. The language of the paper is English. The duration is 2.5 hours (2:30 PM to 4:30 PM). The mode of assessment is Online. There is no negative marking scheme. SET Exam Syllabus includes General English, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, and Analytical and Logical Reasoning.

Benefits Of Symbiosis Entrance Exam Mock Test Series

The following are some of the benefits of preparing using the SET Test Series.


  • Functionality implies that the SET mock test looks and feels much the same as the real online SET test series.
  • The navigation, test duration, even little things such as the location of the timer and the review feature - everything looks like the SET exam.

Academic Similarity

  • SET Exam Online Mock test to have a similar difficulty level of questions that come in the Symbiosis Entrance Test.
  • The subject of questions, break up between simple and troublesome questions, the right number of Reading Comprehension questions, is much the same as what one finds in a real-life SET test.

Evaluation Analysis

  • SET mock tests online are created not just to recreate the real test conditions, but additionally to give an in-depth evaluation to students with respect to their degree of preparation.
  • This incorporates strength & weakness analysis, time-taken per question, area-wise performance analysis.

Competitive Analysis

  • SET Online test series will disclose to you your section-wise scores, percentile and All India ranks respectively. It will show where you stand among other candidates.
  • The existences of these factors are sufficient parameters to evaluate the nature of the test series.

Salient Features SET Mock Test 2022

Symbiosis Entrance Test Series listed on the platform here has incredible features to make one's underlying endeavour for SET a fruitful one:

  • It incorporates 5 Mock Test for SET with Detailed Explanations.
  • The questions included in the mock test are planned, reviewed, and answered by the Expert team of SuperGrads.
  • An in-depth graphical analysis of your performance is provided for better evaluation.
  • The report that is generated after the final submission of the Symbiosis Entrance mock test 2022 includes the All India Rank as well as solutions to all incorrect answers.