General Knowledge is one of the common subject included in many entrance exams. In AILET, the GK section plays an important role as you can score full marks with proper preparation. 

Most of you neglect this section and give it less importance but without proper preparation, you may end up answering wrong and losing your marks. 

Worried about how to score full marks in the AILET GK section? Don't know what to study and where to start from? Well, to ease all your queries and doubts, this post offers the best AILET GK Preparation Tips. 

Read through the post completely to know how to crack the AILET GK Current Affairs section with full marks. 

Where to begin for AILET GK Preparation?

One of the most common queries running in each one of your minds is where to begin, what to study, and more. Before you begin your AILET GK Current Affairs Preparation, it is important to know the question paper pattern. 

Go through the detailed AILET Exam Pattern to know how many questions are asked from the GK section, marking scheme, time duration and more. 

Now, did you get an idea about the examination and GK section? Well, now let us know how to start the preparation. 

AILET mock test

AILET mock test

How to Start Preparing for AILET GK Current Affairs Section?

Along with GK, it is important that you focus on other subjects as well. Give equal importance to all subject in AILET Exam. Read the below points to know how to start preparing for the General Knowledge section.

  • Prepare a proper structure study plan that covers all subjects. 
  • It is advised to begin your preparation at least 6 months before the examination. 
  • Allot at least 1-1.5 hours GK current affairs section each day. 
  • Make sure to stay updated on Daily Current Affairs so that you know what is happening across the globe.
  • You can also note down important dates, events, names of famous personalities, important terminologies so that they can help in the revision period. 

What are the Important Topics Under the AILET GK section?

The GK syllabus is divided into two parts: Static GK and Current Affairs. The below table gives you an idea about important topics from AILET Syllabus for the GK section. 

GK section includes questions from history, polity, general science, science, and technology, books, and authors, sports, industries, etc.

Politics Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and World History
Geography Economics (Outline of Indian Economy, Five Year Plans, National Income of India, Indian Tax Structure)
Science and technology Environment & Ecology
General Science National & International Burning topics
Books and Authors Environment
Industries Major Industries in India
Agriculture Awards and Achievements

What Should I consider for my AILET GK Preparation?

You must study from the best books for the preparation of GK and the current affairs section of the AILET Exam. 

Selecting the right books for the GK current affairs is definitely a tough task as there are many resources available both offline and online. So referring to the following AILET Books can help in clearing the exam with a high score. 

  • General Knowledge Book by Arihant
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge NCERT Book (History and Civics) by Lucent
  • Manorama Year Book by Mammen Mathew
  • Current Affairs Yearly 2021 by Arihant Experts

How to Utilize the Books in my AILET GK Preparation?

  • After collecting books or study material from proper resources, make a study plan.
  • The study plan must include all the topics as per the latest syllabus.
  • Allocate at least 2 hours of your daily time for preparing static GK and current affairs.
  • Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily.
  • Follow Daily Current Affairs on a regular basis to stay updated with important events.

What are the AILET GK Preparation Tips?

  • Prefer major newspapers and magazines to prepare current affairs
  • Make sure to be well equipped with history, polity, and geography topics
  • Note down all the important dates related to sports, history, etc
  • Focus more on topics like books, awards, national & international events as most of the questions are asked from these topics.
  • Practice more and more questions from AILET Previous Year Papers.
  • At the end of the day, ensure to revise the topics that you have learned on the previous day and on the same day.

Does Solving Mock Test help in Scoring More Marks in the AILET GK Section?

Yes. Solving mock tests would definitely help improve your speed and accuracy on the day of the final exam and score good marks. Also, it will help you know the difficulty level of the paper and the type of question asked in the exam.

  • Practicing AILET Mock Tests will help improve your time-management skills and build your confidence levels for the upcoming exam.
  • As per AILET Current Affairs Preparation Tips, attempting mock tests shall help in enhancing your preparation levels. 

How to Attempt AILET GK Current Affairs Section?

  • Read the given question carefully.
  • You do not have much time to spend reading questions again and again. So, make sure you read it with a focus on the first time.
  • Note that the AILET Exam has negative marking. So, try to avoid guessing the answer.
  • Move to the next question if you are not able to identify the correct answer.
  • You can save time in this section as the questions are all direct and that time can be utilized in a tough section like Reasoning.

AILET Study Plan 2021

AILET Study Plan 2021

Which Type of Questions will be Asked in AILET GK Current Affairs?

As you have now gone through AILET GK Preparation Tips, make sure to solve question papers to test your preparation levels. Here are few sample questions listed for enhancing AILET GK Current Affairs Preparation.  

Following AILET Preparation Tips lets you understand subject-wise preparation strategies and tricks. 

1. Which Movie won the Best Picture in 92nd Academy Awards 2020?

  • (A) Joker
  • (B) Parasite
  • (C) Jojo Rabbit
  • (D) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

2. Which State in India tops the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) India Index 2019?

  • (A) Kerala
  • (B) Gujarat
  • (C) Andhra Pradesh
  • (D) Himachal

3.Who among the following is not a recipient of Padma Vibhushan Award 2020?

  • (A) Sushma Swaraj
  • (B) George Fernandez
  • (C) Arun Jaitley
  • (D) Teejan Bai

4. What is the main reason of people’s protest in Hong Kong in 2019-20?

  • (A) Unemployment
  • (B) Economic slow down
  • (C) Extradition law
  • (D) labour laws

5. Apple has started a credit card named “Apple Card” in collaboration with which of the following companies?

  • (A) MasterCard
  • (B) CitiBank
  • (C) American Express
  • (D) Goldman Sachs

6. Where is the Nine Dash Line located?

  • (A) South China Sea
  • (B) North Atlantic Ocean
  • (C) Arctic Ocean
  • (D) East Philippine Sea

7. Sound cannot travel through

  • (A) Gas
  • (B) Liquid
  • (C) Metal
  • (D) Vacuum

8. Who has been appointed India’s first Lokpal?

  • (A) Justice (retd.)Pinaki Chandra Ghose
  • (B) Shri. Suresh Mathur
  • (C) Justice (retd.) A. D. Koshal
  • (D) Justice (retd.) A.K. Sikri

9. In which of the following countries, a law to criminalize fake news came into effect in October 2019?

  • (A) Singapore
  • (B) Finland
  • (C) China
  • (D) India

10. Who has been elected as the Speaker of the 17th Lok Sabha?

  • (A) Rjiv Gauba
  • (B) Om Birla
  • (C) Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary
  • (D) Sumitra Mahajan


How many questions are asked from the GK section in the AILET 2021 Exam?

A total of 35 questions will be asked from the GK section in the AILET 2021 Exam.

Which are the best books for AILET General Knowledge section?

  • General Knowledge 2021 by Arihant Publications
  • Current Affairs Yearly by Arihant Publications
  • Manorama Yearbook

How to crack AILET GK section in one month?

Study the current affairs and read General Knowledge books regularly. Also, solve as many previous year papers as possible to know the type of questions and the difficulty level.

What are the important topics to be studied under AILET Static GK and Current Affairs section?

In AILET GK Section, you must be aware of all the latest issues across the globe. Also, you need to focus more on topics like History, Polity, Environment, National & International Events, Sports, New Appointments, Awards & Honours.