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In CLAT Exam, around 25% of the question paper includes questions from the GK section. Most of you might be wondering about what type of questions are asked in the CLAT GK section.

This post shall provide sample CLAT GK Questions and previous year GK questions. Solve them to enhance your GK preparation to score good marks in this section.

CLAT GK Questions With Answers

It is observed that most of the questions will be based on current affairs rather than static GK in the exam. Therefore, you must follow Daily Current Affairs to stay updated about all the happenings around the world. Check out the below legal GK questions for CLAT and enhance your preparation by practicing these questions.

Constitutional changes allowing Vladimir Putin to run for President again in 2024 sailed through Russia’s lower house of Parliament on Wednesday, opening the way for him to potentially stay in power until 2036. Mr. Putin, a former KGB officer, is currently required by the Constitution to step down in 2024 when his second sequential and fourth presidential term ends. But the amendment would formally reset his presidential term tally to zero. The 450-seat State Duma, the lower house of Parliament, on Wednesday voted in favour of the change, along with other amendments to the Constitution, by 383 votes. Nobody voted against it, but 43 lawmakers abstained. Twenty-four lawmakers were absent. If, as Mr. Putin critics expect, the constitutional court now gives its blessing to the amendment and it is backed in a nationwide vote on April 22, Mr. Putin would have the option to run again for President in 2024. Kremlin critic and opposition politician Alexei Navalny has said he believes Mr. Putin will now try to become President for life. Two people staged lone pickets outside the State Duma on Wednesday. 

Q) The President of Russia, flags referendum for major constitutional changes, Which are?

  • A. Shifting major powers of the President of Russia to the lower house of the Russian Parliament called State Duma.
  • B. Asked for the resignation of Russian Prime Minister
  • C. Neither ( a) or ( b)
  • D. Both (a ) and ( b)

clat mock test

clat Mock test

Q) Who is the current Prime Minister of Russia?

  • A. Dmitry Medvedev
  • B. Vladmir Putin
  • C. Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin
  • D. None of the above

Q) Since which year is Vladmir Putin is holding the office of President of Russia?

  • A. 2012
  • B. 2010
  • C. 2005
  • D. None of the above

Q) Which is the most populous nation in Europe?

  • A. United Kingdom 
  • B. Turkey
  • C. Russia
  • D. None of the Above

Q) What is the term of office of President in Russia?

  • A. 5 years
  • B. 6 years
  • C. 4 years
  • D. None of the above

India continues to be on the [1] of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) for lack of adequate intellectual property (IP) rights protection and enforcement, the USTR said in its Annual [2]. India remained one of the most challenging economies for IP enforcement and protection and the country’s overall IP enforcement was inadequate, it said.

The annual [2] identifies trade barriers to US companies due to IP laws of other countries. The US placed [x] countries, including some of its major trading partners like India and China, on the list, alleging that enforcement of the intellectual properties have deteriorated or remained at inadequate levels and the Americans who rely on their protection have difficulty with fair and equitable market access.

Despite India’s justifications of limiting IP protections as a way to promote access to technologies, the report noted that India maintains extremely high customs duties directed to IP-intensive products such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products, solar energy equipment, and capital goods.

Q) Which of the following categories has been redacted by [1]? 

  • A. Watch List 
  • B. Alarming Watch List 
  • C. Priority Watch List 
  • D. Black List 

Q) What is the name of the report that has been redacted by [2]?

  • A. Special 300 Report 
  • B. Special 301 Report 
  • C. Special 310 Report 
  • D. Special 331 Report

Q) Which of the following countries has been excluded from the [1] category this year? 

  • A. Algeria 
  • B. Canada
  • C. Thailand 
  • D. Kuwait

Q) How many countries have been placed in the category of [1] this year?

  • A. 9
  • B. 10
  • C. 11
  • D. 12

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Q) The report has specifically highlighted a section of the Indian Patent Act that denies patents on items that are not significantly different from their older versions. Which is the section that has been mentioned?

  • A. Section 1(c) 
  • B. Section 2 (b)
  • C. Section 3 (d) 
  • D. Section 4 (a)

Q) In which year did India accede to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Internet Treaties and the Nice Agreement? 

  • A. 2016 
  • B. 2017
  • C. 2018
  • D. 2019

Q) Which of the following statements regarding this topic is incorrect? 

  • A. There are only 2 categories in the report in which countries are classified
  • B. Pakistan has been kept in the same category of India
  • C. As per the report India lacks an effective system for notifying interested parties of marketing approvals for follow-on pharmaceuticals
  • D. For India, levels of trademark counterfeiting continue to remain problematic

GK Questions for CLAT with Answers

Here, we have provided previous year's GK Questions for CLAT Exam. Practicing these questions would definitely help you understand the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked.

Observations of the [1] system made a few years ago with the ALMA provided the first hints of ongoing planet formation. In the ALMA images, astronomers spotted two spiral arms of dust and gas within in the inner region of the [1] disk. Then, in 2019 and early 2020, Dr. Boccaletti and his colleagues from France, Taiwan, the United States and Belgium used the [2] instrument to perform imaging of [1] in polarized and unpolarized near-infrared light in order to study the morphology of its disk and search for signs of planet formation.

The astronomers confirmed the presence of the spiral arms first detected by ALMA. “Spirals of this type signal the presence of baby planets, which ‘kick’ the gas, creating disturbances in the disk in the form of a wave, somewhat like the wake of a boat on a lake,” said co-author Dr. Emmanuel Di Folco, an astronomer in the Astrophysics Laboratory of Bordeaux.“As the planet rotates around the central star, this wave gets shaped into a spiral arm.”

Q) Which of the following systems has been redacted by [1]? 

  • A. Arcturian
  • B. Zeta Reticuli 
  • C. Pleiades 
  • D. AB Aurigae

Answer: D

Q) Which of the following instruments has been redacted by [2]?

  • A. VOLTEC 
  • C. EMRGE 
  • D. GEM

Answer: B

Q) What does the ALMA stand for?

  • A. Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array
  • B. Antarctic Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array
  • C. American Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array
  • D. Alpine Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array

Answer: A

Q) Recently Wasp-76b was in news. Which of the following reasons brought it in news?

  • A. This was a newly discovered exoplanet that had suitable conditions for sustaining life
  • B. This is the most recently discovered dead-star
  • C. This is an exoplanet where there was an instance of raining iron
  • D. Wasp-7b was a meteorite that recently flew past the earth in close proximity

Answer: C

Q) Which of the following statements is incorrect? 

  • A. The planet is located at a distance about the distance of the planet Neptune from the Sun in our solar system
  • B. The planet appears to be a rocky planet and not a gas planet
  • C. The planet is bigger than the biggest planet of our solar-system
  • D. Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar-system

Answer: B

Prime Minister Narendra Modi > and Chinese President Xi Jinping meets in the ancient coastal town of [1] in Tamil Nadu, some 50 kilometres south of Chennai, for a second Informal Summit on October 11-12. The two countries convened their first Informal Summit in central China’s [2] in April 2018, where they exchanged views on issues of global and bilateral significance.

Since Informal Summits allow discussion on wide-ranging issues, they are not particularly purpose-specific, and are sometimes considered to play bigger roles in diplomatic dialogue than formal exchanges — the reason is that they tend to be more in-depth, and relatively flexible in intent and the scope of discussion.

For instance, in [2], Prime Minister Modi and President Xi discussed a range of subjects, including the India-China boundary question, bilateral trade and investment, terrorism, economic development and global peace, and reached a “broad consensus”.

Q) Which of the following has been replaced by [1] in the above passage?

  • A. Mamallapuram
  • B. Madurai
  • C. Coimbatore
  • D. Chennai

Answer: A

Q) Which of the following has been replaced by [2] in the above passage?

  • A. Guangzhou 
  • B. Wuhan
  • C. Taipei
  • D. Lhasa

Answer: B

Q)  [1] is an ancient historic town and one of two major port cities by the 7th century within the ________ kingdom.

  • A. Chola
  • B. Chera
  • C. Pallava
  • D. Bahamani

Answer: C

Q) What is the approx length of the Indo-China border?

  • A. 3488 km
  • B. 2178 km
  • C. 5509 km
  • D. 1909 km 

Answer: A

The SARFAESI Act, which is now rarely being used after the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code has come into existence in [1], allows banks to seize, take control, manage and sell assets of defaulting borrowers without the intervention of any court/tribunal and also ensures speedy recovery.

In a landmark judgment, a Supreme Court five-judge Constitution Bench on ruled that cooperative banks can use the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act for recovery of debts from its defaulters and can seize and sell their assets to recover dues.

Holding that co­operative banks, registered under state-specific acts and multi-state level co­operative societies registered under the Multi­ State Co­operative Societies Act, come under the SARFAESI Act 2002, a bench led by Justice Arun Mishra, unanimously ruled that ‘Parliament has legislative competence under to provide additional procedures for recovery (of debts) under SARFAESI Act with respect to co-operative banks’.

Upholding the central government notification of January 28, 2003 which brought co-operative societies within the purview of the Act, the bench held that co-operative banks are ‘banks’ for the purposes of Section 2(1)(c)of the SARFAESI Act.

Q) Which of the following has been replaced by [1] in the above passage?

  • A. 2012
  • B. 2014
  • C. 2015
  • D. 2016

Answer: D

Q) Commercial Banks in India are managed by the Banking Regulation Act. The banking regulation act came in which year?

  • A. 1951 
  • B. 1949 
  • C. 1961 
  • D. 1962

Answer: B

Q) Which Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with the division of powers between Union government and State governments?

  • A. 6th Schedule
  • B. 7th Schedule
  • C. 8th Schedule
  • D. 9th Schedule

Answer: C

Static GK Questions for CLAT

Solving CLAT GK Quiz will help enhance your preparation levels. Here, we have provided some of the expected static GK questions for CLAT.

Manipur black rice, popularly known as ‘[1]’ by the locals, has bagged the Geographical Indication (GI) tag, according to official sources. Other than this [2] Terracotta and Kadalai Mittai of [3] bagged Geographical Indication tag. 

A GI or Geographical Indication (GI) tag is used on the products having specific geographical origin to prevent its misuse by other people. The tag assures the quality and distinctiveness of the products. It also attributable the geographical origin of the product and the owner has exclusive rights over the products. The GI Tag right enables the right holders to use the indication to prevent its use by a third party whose product does not belong to the particular region and doesn't have the required quality and standards.

Worth mentioning that, a protected geographical indication does not enable the right holder to prevent someone from making a product using the same techniques as used by the right holder. In India, more than 350 products have got GI tag.

Q) Which of the following has been redacted by [1]? 

  • A. Junang 
  • B. Chakhao 
  • C. Gunjam 
  • D. Ronglioth

Answer: B

Q) Which of the following places has been redacted by [2]? 

  • A. Gorakhpur 
  • B. Bareilly 
  • C. Thanjavur 
  • D. Aligarh

Answer: A

Q) Which of the following places has been redacted by [3]? 

  • A. Thoothukudi 
  • B. Tirunelveli 
  • C. Karaikudi 
  • D. Kovilpatti

Answer: D

Q) Which of the following was the first product to get GI Tag in India? 

  • A. Aranmula Kannadi 
  • B. Pochampalli Ikat
  • C. Darjeeling Tea 
  • D. Chanderi Sarees

Answer: C

Q) What are the Kadalai Mittais of [3]?

  • A. Burnt brick miniature statues
  • B. A special beetle leaf
  • C. Peanut candy
  • D. A beverage resembling mango shake

Answer: C

Q) Which of the following ministries is related to the Geographical Indication Tags? 

  • A. Ministry of Human Resource Development
  • B. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • C. Ministry of Agriculture 
  • D. Ministry of Intellectual Property Rights

Answer: B


How many questions are asked in CLAT General Knowledge section?

In CLAT GK Section, around 35-39 questions are asked. 

What are the CLAT GK Preparation Tips?

Some of the Important CLAT General Knowledge Preparation Tips are:

Reading Newspapers regularly. Watching News to stay updated about latest happening across the globe. Also, attempting Current Affairs Quiz will help in knowing the difficulty level of the exam and estimating which type of question can be asked.

How many GK questions are there in CLAT?

Around 35-39 questions are asked in CLAT GK section. 

Is static GK important for CLAT Exam?

Yes, along with current affairs, static GK questions are asked in CLAT Exam. 

What kind of GK questions are asked in CLAT Exam?

In CLAT GK section, the questions are asked from various topics like static GK, general knowledge, current affairs.