CLAT Exam Analysis July 23, 2021 by LegalEdge

Like the previous year, the CLAT Exam is being conducted amidst the current scenario and outbreak in the country.

Unlike the previous year, Consortium decided to modify the exam mode to offline/pen and paper mode on July 23, 2021. Students visited the respective exam centres and attempted the questions by filling an OMR Sheet as done before.

Toprankers-LegalEdge has provided you overall and subject-wise CLAT Analysis 2021 here. 

CLAT 2021 Exam Analysis (All Sections and Student's Reviews)

A total of 120 MCQs had to be answered in 150 minutes. This year question paper of CLAT was not controversial and fair. You can scroll down to know subject-wise analysis by our mentors from LegalEdge. 

  • Overall the CLAT 2021 exam was easy compared to 2020. Last year there were so many unexpected questions, but this year questions were predictable and doable.
  • All the passages and questions were predictable. It was less lengthy than the previous year. This increased the number of attempts.
  • Compared to the previous year, the passages in the English language were easy this year. All questions were predictable, and they were to the point.
  • Current Affairs and GK were very easy. Passages were based on PM Modi's visit to Bangladesh, United Nations, SAARC. All the questions were straightforward. 
  • Legal Reasoning was also easy this year. Questions were based on regular topics like Hindu Marriage Act, IPC, Jurisdiction, Contract Law. Most of the questions were standard. 
  • In Logical Reasoning, there were three passages based on ongoing virus outbreaks and one on climate change. The section was easy to moderate. One passage was extremely lengthy. Most of the questions were on standard topics like inference, strengthen and weaken, etc.
  • Quantitative Aptitude was also easy. Surprisingly there were no graphs or tables given. There were only paragraph based questions. 

[Download Official CLAT 2021 Provisional Answer Key PDF]

As the question paper was easy, hope your number of attempts are high. It is also important that you must have good accuracy as a good number of attempts with less accuracy doesn't fetch you a good score.

clat questions asked 

clat questions asked

Subject-Wise CLAT 2021 Analysis

Get the in-depth review of each subject of CLAT 2021 here. Know the difficulty level, good attempts, and questions asked in each CLAT subject. 

Section No. of Questions Good Attempts Level of Difficulty
English 30 Easy
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge 35 Easy
Legal Reasoning 40 Moderate but lengthy
Logical Reasoning 30 Moderate
Quantitative Techniques 15 Easy
Total 150 Easy to Moderate

CLAT Quantitative Aptitude Analysis

  • All the 15 questions in quant were easy. 
  • It was so surprising that there were no questions based on graphs or tables. The entire section included passage-based questions.
  • You had to interpret the given data in table or graph format to solve the questions asked.
  • All the questions were doable, and there were not many calculations.
  • There were 3 caselets based on the current situation.

CLAT GK and Current Affairs Analysis

  • The GK and current affairs sections were very easy. 
  • Passages were based on PM Modi's visit to Bangladesh, United Nations, Line of Actual Control, TSO KAR Wetland Complex, SAARC. 
  • All questions were to the point, and there were no tricky questions. 
  • Compared to the previous year, questions were doable and no tricky questions. 

CLAT English Analysis

  • In the English section, the section break-up was exactly like it was in CLAT 2020.
  • There were a total of 6 passages followed by 5 questions each. So, there were a total of 30 questions in this section.
  • Out of 6 passages, 5 passages are based on non-fiction based, i.e., related to education, ongoing virus outbreak, Truth & Reconciliation, etc. One friction-based, i.e., story related to Sherlock Holmes.
  • All the questions were direct and to the point.

CLAT Legal Reasoning Analysis

  • With a total of 40 questions, legal reasoning section was the lengthiest and most time consuming section in CLAT 2021.
  • There were 8 passages followed by 5 questions each.
  • Students had to spend a lot of time on each passage as there were around 450 words each.
  • Most of the questions were static and technical.
  • Pasages were based on Contract Law, Compassionate Appointment, Law of Crimes, and Family Law- Marriage, Res Judicata- CPC, Law of Torts- Volenti Non Fit Injuria.
  • Overall the difficulty level was moderate but the section was quite lengthy.

Critical Reasoning Analysis for CLAT

  • Easy and Tricky passages none of the questions came from AR and were primarily based on critical reasoning. 
  • 6 passages with 5 questions each came in the Critical Reasoning section.
  • 2-3 questions were seen easier in maximum passages.
  • Overall Level of difficulty is Easy.

predict your college

predict your college

CLAT Exam Shift Timings July 23, 2021

As per the latest announcement made by the consortium, the CLAT Exam 2021 is scheduled for 23rd July 2021.

  • The exam is conducted in the afternoon session from 2 PM to 4 PM.
  • All candidates are advised to reach the exam centre one hour before the exam commences.
  • Ensure to abide by all the instructions and guidelines for CLAT 2021 provided by the Consortium of NLUs.  

Clarify your Doubts on CLAT Scores & Colleges with LegalEdge Mentors

We have cumulated students review directly from the centre. You can go through a detailed analysis shared by LegalEdge faculties for the previous year CLAT Exam.

CLAT Exam Analysis 2020

This CLAT Exam Analysis has been derived from the student's reaction and thorough analysis by LegalEdge faculties. The following are the highlights from the analysis:

  • The most trickiest section out of all was the Current Affairs and GK.
  • The students mentioned that the Quant section was lengthy and calculative.
  • The overall reaction to the new pattern based exam was moderate. 
Section No. of Questions No. of Good Attempts Level of Difficulty
English 28-32 22+ Easy to Moderate
General Knowledge & Current Affairs 30-35 15+ Difficult
Quant Techniques 13-17 5+ Difficult
Logical Reasoning 28-32 25+ Moderate
Legal Aptitude 35-39 20+ Moderate
Total 150 110+ Moderate to Difficult

The paper was lengthy. Not just the passages but the options are given to check the answer were lengthy. The paper was moderate, with few difficult sections in the exam. The CLAT Question paper this year was not in predictable lines.

There were 29-30 passages included in the exam comprising the total 150 mark weightage. Here is the section-wise CLAT exam analysis for your reference:

CLAT Analysis - Current Affairs

  • Current affairs was a tricky and difficult section. 
  • An overall good attempt of 29-30 questions fetching you 20+ marks from this section shall be a win-win situation. 
  • Core factual, current affairs weren’t asked in the exam; however, analytical based current affairs were asked in CLAT.
  • There were a total of 7 passages having questions based on Current Affairs including GK.
  • Students who have followed the "Read, Read, Read" mantra suggested by faculties and Consortium would have easily marked answers for this section.
  • Important events like On-going Virus Outbreak, National Education Policy, UAE-Israel Peace Deal and Atmanirbhar Bharat Scheme were covered in the exam. 

The passages were asked from the following topics as per the CLAT GK Analysis:

  • National Infrastructure Policy, Hindustan Times (Aug. 15, 2020)
  • Rupee Appreciation and Forex Reserves, Print. in (Sept. 2, 2020)
  • Rafale Delivery, NDTV (July 27, 2020)
  • Lipulekh (India-Nepal Issue), (June 11, 2020)
  • National Education Policy,
  • SCO Summit (India-Pak Issue), The Hindu (Sept. 17, 2020)
  • UAE-Israel Mediation by Trump, Economic Times (Aug. 16, 2020)

CLAT  Analysis  - Legal Aptitude

  • It was a predictable section with questions of moderate difficulty. The questions were easy, but all 8 passages were lengthy and tricky.
  • CLAT 2021 primarily covered the questions from the current news around legal affairs.
  • Students with a good understanding of various important legal terms would have understood and answered the questions with ease.
  • Students who have read passages around current legal events would have found the passages in the question paper to be quite familiar to those events.
  • Thus, reading would have given you an edge over other students in this section as well.

CLAT Analysis - Logical Reasoning

  • This section was somewhere between Easy to moderate.
  • Critical reasoning dominated this section, with easy to moderate questions asked in almost all 5 passages.
  • Passages were based on Current events, making it easier for students to comprehend them and mark answers accordingly.
  • Students with sound knowledge of Critical reasoning would have reached the expected good attempts in this section. 

CLAT Analysis - English Language

  • This section was predictably from Easy to moderate difficulty for most students.
  • As mentioned by Consortium, grammar can be asked in the exam, and there were no questions from grammar primarily.
  • There were no lengthy passages amongst all the 6 passages asked.
  • Contextual Vocabulary was asked in the questions. The topics covered in the questions asked were Figures of speech, Idioms and Phrases etc.

CLAT Analysis - Quantitative Techniques

  • This was a tough section with calculative questions.
  • Geometry based passage was asked. Students were habitual of the calculator for calculations, so it took a lot of time to calculate without the calculator.
  • Students who were well-versed with calculations also found all the 3 passages difficult.
  • There is a slight chance of error in one of the passages from this section as per the candidates. 

CLAT Exam Analysis 2020 by Consortium

The recent press release by Consortium on the CLAT Analy mentions that the exam went glitch-free. A total of 75,183 candidates applied for the exam, out of which 68,883 candidates downloaded the admit card.

  • 86.2% of these numbers appeared for the exam marking 100% attendance at 4 centres. A total of 300 centres were allocated for the exam, one being located in Lakshwadeep Island for a single student as well.
  • There were no technical glitches recorded as per the centre staff. Students could review their answers before final submission. There was no negative marking for unattempted questions.
  • Students entry was permitted in 4 slots starting from 1 pm to maintain social distancing. The centre followed a thermal screening process at the entry gate followed by a bar code scanning process to know the allocated lab.
  • Students with fever were sent to the isolation lab right away. The use of a mouse was enabled on the computers, and keywords were disabled during the exam.

CLAT Exam Analysis 2019, 2018, 2017(Based on Old Pattern)

Before 2020, the question paper for CLAT included direct questions from each subject. You can go through the brief review of each session and check out the PDF to know a depth analysis of the CLAT examination. 

CLAT Exam Analysis 2019

  • The overall difficulty level of the exam was easy and all sections were doable.

  • In English, the questions were direct and 32-34 was a good number of attempts.
  • There were no questions on critical reasoning. All the questions in Logical Reasoning were only from the Analytical Reasoning part. 
  • Unsurprisingly, most of the questions in Legal Aptitude seemed familiar to the aspirants as they were largely on lines of Previous Years' CLAT questions.
  • There were 7 questions each from Current Affairs National, International, Economic Development, and Science and Tech. 
  • Mathematics was also easy and the questions were doable. 

Download CLAT 2019 Analysis PDF

CLAT Exam Analysis 2018

  • Legal Aptitude was the easiest having around 35 questions.

  • In General Knowledge, most of the questions were from Current Affairs and few questions from Static GK.
  • The Logical reasoning section was slightly tricky, especially the 3 puzzles. Various questions from Blood relations, Coding & Decoding, Syllogisms, etc., were asked. It was a lengthy but easy section.
  • In the English Language, 10 questions from reading comprehension were asked. Also, 5 questions from Vocabulary, 5 questions from sentence correction, and 4-6 short paragraphs with one question each were asked.
  • Elementary Mathematics was the most difficult and time consuming out of all sections.

Download CLAT 2018 Analysis PDF

CLAT Exam Analysis 2017

  • The legal aptitude section was of easy to moderate difficulty level. Out of 50 questions, 35 questions were based on Principle Facts, and 15 were Legal GK questions.

  • In the General Knowledge section, most of the questions are from current affairs. There were no questions on history and static areas.
  • The Logical reasoning section was of moderate difficulty level. Most of the questions were from Arrangements, Directions, Blood Relations, Series, and Syllogisms.
  • Students also gave feedback that the English Language section was quite lengthy, and RC was tricky. Questions from Fill in the blanks, sentence correction, spelling correction, error detection were asked.
  • Elementary Mathematics was again the toughest and time consuming compared to other sections.

Download CLAT 2017 Analysis PDF


Is CLAT Exam difficult?

According to previous year analysis, the difficulty level of CLAT Exam is moderate. The question paper is lengthy and time consuming. But, this year there is a change in the exam pattern and students will experience new type of questions. 

How is the CLAT Exam Analysis prepared?

Based on the feedback received from students on the day of exam, we provide the live exam analysis for CLAT 2020. Candidates can follow the analysis and enhance their preparations to score more marks. 

What all does the CLAT Exam Analysis include?

The CLAT Analysis include various information like the number of questions asked from each subject, difficulty level of each section, and number of good attempts, Also, students can know which questions were asked in the exam.

Is there some tricks to clear CLAT exam?

Solve previous year papers and attempt mock tests to boost your preparation. Along with studying the entire syllabus, it is important to solve the previous year question papers to analyse your preparation level. 

Does questions in CLAT repeat?

Yes, you can expect repeated questions in the CLAT exam. Hence, it is recommended to solve as many previous year papers as possible for complete preparation. 

How should I analyze my CLAT mock score?

Try to revise the topics of incorrect solutions. This way you can improve your score. Focus more on your weaker areas. 

Will CLAT have Negative marking?

Yes, there is a negative marking of 025 marks for each wrong answer. 

When is the CLAT paper usually set?

This is highly confidential but it could be set a month before to check if there are any errors or discrepancy. 

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