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How to Improve English Speaking Skills for CLAT 2024? Proven Tips & Tricks

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : September 12, 2023


Reader's Digest: Want to upgrade your English communication skills? Read this exclusive blog post to learn the ultimate tricks to improve English speaking skills for CLAT 2024. 

Are you confident about interpreting CLAT vocabulary but stumble when it's time to say it aloud? What if mastering English speaking skills could be your secret weapon for CLAT 2024?

A better vocabulary and understanding of everyday English speaking can be helpful since CLAT revolves around reading and English comprehension.

The English section and Reading Comprehension questions for CLAT can incredibly boost your final score. This section comprises 22-26 questions, meaning around 20% of the paper.

Success in the CLAT examination can not solely be achieved with legal jargon and case laws; it's also about how you communicate and present those ideas.

Here are the topics to be discussed in this blog:

  • 4 Golden Hacks to Improve English Speaking Skills for CLAT 2024: Actionable tips to boost your spoken English proficiency.
  • Which is the Best Newspaper to Improve English for CLAT? Uncover the top English newspapers to enhance your language skills.
  • Exercises to Improve Your Pronunciation & Clarity: Practical exercises to refine your pronunciation and speak with clarity.

4 Quick Ways to Improve English Speaking Skills for CLAT 2024

Anything learned in fun ways makes you know quickly and remember for a long time. Here, I will share one example through an imaginary character named "Geetha." 

Geetha couldn’t speak even one sentence in English, and she used to admire the people who spoke English fluently. It was always her dream to speak fluent English.

She joined the spoken English classes for one month. Though classes won’t make you perfect and expert in English, they will make you overcome the fear of speaking in front of others.

Also, she started thinking in English. It sounds a little funny, but she did that. After that, she created a page on Instagram and started making fun posts with words she had learned. 

Geetha started interacting with other people in English, which helped to improve her language skills. You can also follow the simple methods below to improve your English speaking skills and perform well in the CLAT Entrance Exam 2024.

  • Imitation
  • Understand and teach good vocabulary
  • Making a habit of reading
  • Having conversations with people around you

How to Improve English Speaking Skills for CLAT 2024 Through Imitation?

Imitation, often called "shadowing" or "mimicry" in language learning circles, is a powerful tool for enhancing speaking skills.

For the CLAT examination, where a clear and precise command of the English language can make a significant difference, employing the imitation technique can prove invaluable.

In this method, you are supposed to learn anything by listening. Most of the time, you will be around people with good language skills. So, in that case, what you can do is you can re-watch their lectures, or you can watch videos related to them.

Here's a step-by-step guide to improving your English speaking skills for CLAT 2024 through imitation:

Choose a Model:

  • Select someone whose English-speaking skills you admire. This could be a news anchor, a professor, a YouTuber, or even a movie character.
  • Ensure this person speaks at a pace you can follow, preferably with a neutral accent.

Listen Actively:

  • Dedicate time to actively listen to your chosen model. Focus on their pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm.
  • Take note of any unique phrases or expressions they use.

Pause and Repeat:

  • Play a sentence or two, pause the video/audio, and then try to repeat what you've just heard verbatim.
  • Focus on mimicking the exact tone, pace, and pronunciation.

Record Yourself:

  • Use a recording device to capture your imitation attempts.
  • Play it back and compare it to the original, noting areas for improvement.

Use Technology:

  • Platforms like 'Audible' allow you to change the speed of playback. Start slow and then increase the speed as you become more comfortable.

Expand Content Types:

  • Start with news clips or educational videos, then move on to movies, interviews, and podcasts.
  • This exposes you to different speaking styles and broadens your vocabulary.

Engage in Conversations:

  • After imitating for a while, initiate conversations with friends or peers.
  • Try to use new phrases or pronunciations you've learned from your model.

How to Understand & Inculcate Good Vocabulary to Improve English Speaking Skills for CLAT 2024? 

Understanding and teaching a good amount of vocabulary words in your language is essential for a smooth conversation with others. Also, it will help you to solve CLAT English, including Comprehension questions, easily in the upcoming exam.

You can understand the vocabulary words by using the following techniques:

Root Word

Begin by studying the root words. Understanding the roots can often help decode the meaning of complex words. For instance, knowing the root "bene" means "good" can help you understand words like "beneficial," "benevolent," and "benefactor."

Use Mnemonic

Attach a story or a creative sentence to a word. This technique makes the word memorable. For example, to remember the word "gregarious" (meaning sociable), think of a man named "Greg" who loves attending parties.

Nightly Reflection:

Before sleeping, try to encapsulate your entire day in one reflective sentence. This practice pushes you to think of descriptive words and helps cement them in your memory.

Incorporate Vocabulary into Your CLAT Study Plan:

Your CLAT study plan must include the task list, like giving one new vocabulary word to your day each day. In this way, you will learn more than 100 new words in four months and can use those words in the future.

Contextual Practice:

Craft sentences or short stories using new words or idioms that resonate with your current circumstances. This helps in memory retention and makes the learning process enjoyable.

Engage in Active Reading and Listening:

The more you expose yourself to quality content, the more words you'll encounter. Regular reading of newspapers, journals, or even fiction can be beneficial. Similarly, listening to news broadcasts, podcasts, or academic lectures can introduce you to many new terms.

LegalEdge CLAT Toppers

LegalEdge CLAT Toppers

Can I Improve English Speaking Skills for CLAT 2024 by Reading?

Making a habit of reading not only helps improve your language skills. But will also help to solve reading comprehension passages.

Here are a few tips to help enhance your reading skills and CLAT preparation:

  • Start with your area of interest, which means you have to start with the article or the newspaper headline you like most for one hour.
  • Newspapers will always have fresh content from different journals by different writers daily. So, the newspaper is one source that you can rely on.
  • Stay away from a particular type of writing. 
  • Read articles on pages like Aeon Essay and 3 Quarks Daily, which use good sentences and vocabulary in their work.

Read More: CLAT Passage Solving Questions 

Is Conversation the Key to Improve English Speaking Skills for CLAT 2024?

Absolutely! Conversation is a cornerstone in enhancing English speaking skills, especially in CLAT 2024. Here's a breakdown of why and how:

  • Active Application: Vocabulary and grammar learned passively can easily be forgotten if not applied actively. Engaging in conversation requires actively applying what they've learned, solidifying their understanding.
  • Real-time Feedback: Conversing with others, especially with proficient speakers, offers immediate feedback. They can correct your mistakes, provide alternative phrasing, and introduce you to new vocabulary.
  • Boosts Confidence: Regular conversations help alleviate the fear of speaking in English. Over time, one becomes more confident in expressing thoughts, arguments, and responses — a skill vital for law aspirants.
  • Improves Listening Skills: A conversation isn't just about speaking; it's equally about listening. By engaging in dialogues, you refine your listening skills, which can benefit comprehension-based questions in CLAT.
  • Introduces Colloquialisms and Idioms: Textbooks might not introduce you to colloquial language or local idioms. Conversations, especially with native speakers, can expose you to informal language, making your speech more natural.
  • Enhances Pronunciation and Intonation: Regular speaking practice helps improve the clarity of your speech, ensuring you pronounce words correctly and use the right intonation.
  • Mimicking and Learning: Engaging in conversations allows you to mimic the speaking styles, tones, and phrases of proficient speakers, which can be instrumental in refining your speech.

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

Which is the Best Newspaper to Improve English Speaking Skills for CLAT 2024?

Reading newspapers is a dual-purpose activity when preparing for CLAT or any other competitive exam. It helps improve English language skills and keeps you updated with current affairs, legal news, and general knowledge, all of which are essential components of the CLAT examination. Here are some of the best newspapers to enhance your English for CLAT:

The Hindu:

  • Why: Often recommended for CLAT aspirants, The Hindu is known for its comprehensive national and international news coverage. The editorial section is particularly valuable for aspirants as it provides in-depth analysis and uses a rich vocabulary.
  • Pros: Clear writing, in-depth analyses, extensive vocabulary.
  • Cons: Some might find its content a bit dense initially.

The Indian Express:

  • Why: It offers news, opinion pieces, and editorials covering national and global events. Its language is standard and can aid in improving vocabulary for CLAT.
  • Pros: Simplified yet effective language, diverse topics.
  • Cons: Less comprehensive than The Hindu in some areas.

Check the detailed strategy on how to read newspaper to improve English speaking skills for CLAT.

What are the Best Exercises to Improve your Pronunciation for CLAT 2024?

Regular practice using these exercises can considerably improve English speaking skills for CLAT. Here's a table of exercises specifically tailored to improve pronunciation and clarity for the CLAT:

Exercise Description Benefit
Tongue Twisters Practice popular tongue twisters like "She sells sea shells" to test and refine your pronunciation. Sharpens diction and improves speed without compromising clarity.
Mirror Practice Speak before a mirror, paying attention to lip movements and facial expressions. Enhances self-awareness and ensures correct mouth positioning for sounds.
Phonetic Training Use apps or websites that offer phonetic breakdowns of words to perfect their pronunciations. Ensures accurate pronunciation of complex or unfamiliar words.
Record and Playback Record yourself reading a passage, then play it back to identify mispronunciations. Provides immediate feedback and helps in self-assessment.
Slow Reading Read passages slowly, enunciating each word. Gradually increase the speed as clarity improves. Builds a strong foundation for clear and steady speech.
Vowel-Consonant Drills Practice specific vowel and consonant sounds that are difficult for you by repeating them in isolation. Targeted improvement on problematic sounds.
Watch & Mimic Watch videos of proficient English speakers (like news anchors) and try to mimic their pronunciation and intonation. Helps adopt a neutral accent and enhances intonation.
Peer Feedback Engage in discussions with friends or peers and request feedback on your pronunciation. Peer evaluation offers a fresh perspective and highlights areas of improvement.

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks


In conclusion, if you improve English speaking skills for CLAT 2024, it can greatly enhance your overall performance in the exam. You can boost your confidence and proficiency in English communication by implementing targeted strategies and consistent practice. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Regular practice and exposure are vital for enhancing English speaking skills.
  • Engage in activities like reading, listening to podcasts, and watching English videos to improve vocabulary and fluency.
  • Seek opportunities to engage in conversations with others in English.
  • Pay attention to grammar, pronunciation, and intonation.
  • Utilize online resources and language learning apps for additional support.

By incorporating these techniques into your preparation, you can excel in the English-speaking section of CLAT 2024 and effectively convey your ideas and arguments.

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