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How to Read a newspaper for CLAT?

Reading newspapers has numerous advantages in the context of any competitive exam, but it is especially beneficial for CLAT. It not only assists students with current events but also with the other portions of the law entrance exam.

For the purpose of brevity, I'll try to answer this question as quickly as possible. CLAT is a national law university entrance examination in India. As a result, you must be aware of the latest current affairs on a national, international, and legal level. Choose any decent newspaper with good news content, as commercial newspapers place a greater emphasis on advertisements than on news

Tips & Tricks for Newspaper Reading for CLAT

Newspapers assist CLAT applicants in preparing for the exam in a variety of ways, from improving reading comprehension and vocabulary to developing analytical abilities.

SKIMMING AND FILTERING - First of all you should filter out the main topics out of the newspaper which is relevant for exams and have a national or international consideration. After reading items from apps and websites, you should read the newspaper. The reason for this is that articles you create for websites are repeated, and you have a deeper understanding of these issues after receiving an introduction from websites.

PRIME FOCUS AREAS- Don't get involved in local or state news. They will never appear on a question paper always concentrate on national and international concerns, such as a policy that has been reintroduced in parliament, any deal or formal/informal talks between India and any other country, the names of Acts, and the names of technical financial terminology. As a result, unless you read a little about the article's background and Google a little about the meanings, you might not grasp it.

EDITORIAL TIPS - Most importantly, read the editorials carefully because they will help you improve your reading speed, which will aid you in the actual examination because CLAT requires a good reading speed. Furthermore, editorials frequently contain essential information, so make a note of it.

clat mock test

clat Mock test

I'm very sure that after reading an editorial, you don't churn it in your head and form your own opinion on the subject, which is why you read an editorial like any other piece of information and forget about it after a while.

To prevent this from happening, try this method-

Pick out the words/phrases that are new to you as you read the editorial. Look up the definitions of such words/phrases and try to construct your own sentences using them. After reading the editorial, do some additional research on the topic touched on in the editorial and try to create your own opinions on the subject, or simply read and ponder on the subject.

By completing both of the aforementioned tasks, you will not only be able to repeat the facts, but you will also be able to express your own thoughts and opinions about the subject of the editorial. So, anytime a particular topic arises, and if you've read an editorial on the subject, you'll recall the editorial because you've reflected on it, and you've intentionally attempted to comprehend and develop your ideas on the subject.

You will definitely be better equipped for the exam and in general, if you go by this approach, and I speak from experience that it does work wonders.

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Important Do's and Dont's

Some people go overboard, such as reading many newspapers. However, I do not believe that a clat candidate is required to do so. Allow time for the other portions. It is sufficient to read one good newspaper, such as The Hindu or The Indian Express, in my opinion.

Keep your own current-events journal. Focus on topics such as committees in the news, legal developments, bills, major decisions, and awards, among others. Examine prior years' question papers to get a sense of the types of current-affairs questions that have been posed.

Make a list of relevant events in a notebook to review when the exam is coming. Make succinct points rather than long paragraphs.

You can also take cuttings of any data, graph, or other object. For the purpose of future reference and also keep an eye out for new laws and revisions to existing laws.

Offline newspapers are preferred over online newspapers. While reading the paper, use a marker to mark any new words that come up (do not write it). Then repeat this method for as long as you read the paper. Finally, look over the words you've highlighted and scribble down their definitions on a piece of paper, using a THESAURUS ONLY, not a DICTIONARY.

And I can't leave this out: Avoid reading advertisements: Yes, they are distracting and, as a result, eat up a lot of your time.


Which newspaper is best for CLAT Preparation?

The Hindu and The Times of India are highly recommended for CLAT GK and Current Affairs preparation. 

What should be read in Newspaper for CLAT?

You should mainly focus on reading the editorials for enhancing your reading skills and improving vocabulary. Also ensure to read through the entire newspaper for latest current affairs and events. 

How to read newspaper for CLAT Exam?

You need to read the entire news piece from starting to end. Ensure to note down the important terms or highlight the sentences for easy preparation.