As per the new notification released by the CNLUs, CLAT 2020 will finally be conducted on June 21, 2020. There are many changes that have been introduced this year in the exam pattern.

  • As per the new guidelines, the CLAT Exam Pattern has been revised with 150 questions from the previous number of 200. Among these questions, 35 to 39 questions will be asked from the GK section.
  • The most important topics to study for this section are the current affairs, and historical events of significance nationally and internationally.
  • To prepare for the General Knowledge section in the exam, aspirants must enhance their comprehension abilities and solve CLAT Question Papers to analyze their preparation.

Some other details related to CLAT Preparation Tips for General Knowledge section have been given in this article, read on to know more

CLAT GK Preparation Tips

Some of the best tips for the CLAT 2020 preparation of the GK section have been curated for the candidates by Toprankers to score good marks in the exam. Have a look at the below-mentioned points:

  • Students with a long-term habit of reading newspapers will go a long way in this section. There is a higher chance that they may know about the current happenings in the nation and around the world. 
  • Candidates must refer to the authentic resources for preparations. A daily habit of reading newspapers, and keeping a tab on historical events and landmark judgments will be helpful to know about.
  • CLAT aspirants must look for sample papers and previous years question papers for better preparation. 
  • Attempting mock tests is another way of testing the performance for the final exam. Candidates can analyze their strong and weak points by solving question papers.
  • Along with General Knowledge, go through CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips to master all topics under Legal Aptitude.

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CLAT New Pattern and Syllabus for GK

As per the new pattern of the CLAT Exam, the number of total questions has been reduced to 150 questions. The current affairs section, i.e. GK section will have a weightage of 35 - 39 marks.

  • The number of questions asked in the General Knowledge section is between 35 to 39.
  • A total of 25% weightage is given to this section.
  • Candidates must expect a negative marking of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer. 

The syllabus for the GK section in CLAT is predictable to an extent. The passages of 450 words each will be derived from journalistic, non-fiction, or news sources. Candidates must cover current affairs, and must have awareness of various topics including, events from around the world, arts and culture, international affairs, historical events of significance. Follow the expert's CLAT Maths Preparation Tips to enhance your preparation for the Quant section as well.

CLAT Sample Questions for GK 

The questions in Current Affairs or GK section of CLAT will test a candidate’s knowledge of issues and events of significance on national and international levels. Candidates will have to answer multiple-choice questions based on a short passage. The focus will be to analyze the test taker’s comprehension skills. 

Sample Question

The U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstructing Congress, the culmination of an effort by Democrats that further inflamed partisan tensions in Washington and deepened the nation’s ideological divide.

The historic votes, which won the support of almost all Democrats in the House chamber but not a single Republican, leave Trump as only the third president in U.S. history to be impeached -- and the only impeached president likely to win his party’s nomination for reelection. 

The Senate will hold a trial early next year to decide whether the president should be convicted on the charges and removed from office, though the Republicans who have the majority in that chamber will almost certainly acquit him.

House Democrats took depositions from more than a dozen witnesses, held weeks of hearings, and wrote hundreds of pages documenting Trump’s efforts to pressure the president of [1] to investigate former Vice President [2] and his son.

[Extracted, with edits and revisions, from: Billy House, "Donald Trump impeached on two counts by House, setting up Senate trial",]

Question: Donald Trump is the third President of the United States of America to be impeached. Which of the following presidents has also been impeached?

  1. George W. Bush 
  2. George Bush Sr.
  3. Richard Nixon 
  4. Bill Clinton

Answer: (d)

Question: Which country’s name has been replaced with ‘[1]’ in the passage above?

  1. Russia
  2. Ukraine
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Saudi Arabia 

Answer: (b)

Question: What is the name of the former Vice President of the United States of America whose name has been replaced with ‘[2]’ in the passage above?

  1. Joe Biden 
  2. Al Gore 
  3. Nancy Pelosi 
  4. Mike Pence

Answer: (a)

Question: Which Article of the Constitution of India sets out the process for the impeachment of the President of India? 

  1. Article 370 
  2. Article 365 
  3. Article 45 
  4. Article 61

Answer: (d)

Question: Under the Constitution of India, a charge for the impeachment of the President of India can be preferred by: 

  1. The Lok Sabha only 
  2. The Rajya Sabha only
  3. Either House of Parliament 
  4. Both Houses of Parliament simultaneously

Answer: (c) 

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Illustration Question Set

Extremely severe cyclonic storm [1] hit the Odisha coast in Puri early morning on May 3, 2019 with a wind speed of around 175 kmph. 

The Navy, the National Disaster Response Force and the Coast Guard are on high alert. The Met department has issued a "yellow warning" for Odisha, predicting heavy to very heavy rain in several areas. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have been placed on high alert too. 

According to the IMD, in the past 126 years (1891-2017) only 14 severe tropical cyclones have formed in April over the Bay of Bengal. Out of those, only one storm crossed the Indian mainland. Cyclone [1] was the second storm to form in April and cross the mainland. The last severe cyclone 'Nargis' in 2008 devastated Myanmar. 

Cyclones are not new to Odisha. The worst one, a super cyclone had hit the state in 1999, killing more than 15,000 people, with most of the casualty being reported from Odisha. 

[Extracted, with edits and revisions, from: “Cyclone [1]: 6 things you should know about this severe cyclone”, The Economic times,] 

Question: What is the name of the cyclonic storm whose name has been replaced with ‘[1]’ in the passage above? 





Answer: (c) 

Question: What was the name of the super cyclone that hit the state of Odisha in 1999, mentioned in the passage above? 

(a)Cyclone Gonu 

(b)Cyclone BOB 06 

(c)Cyclone Phailin 

(d)Cyclone Kyarr 

Answer: (b)

Question: The name ‘[1]’ was suggested by which country? 


(b)Sri Lanka 



Answer: (d)

Question: S. 144 of the CrPC was imposed in Gaya in Bihar in 2019 as part of a reaction to contain the fallout from which of the following weather-related phenomenon that struck the state? 





Answer: (a) 

Question: Which of the following is true about the 2019 Indian monsoon season? 

(a)It was the earliest onset of the monsoon in 30 years 

(b)It witnessed the lowest monsoonal rainfall in 25 years 

(c)It witnessed the heaviest monsoonal rainfall in 25 years 

(d)It had no impact on agriculture in the country 

Answer: (c)

CLAT Preparation Strategies for General Knowledge

To ace CLAT 2020, candidates must have a good preparation strategy. Go through CLAT Logical reasoning Preparation Tips to be perfect in all topics under the Reasoning section. While time management and general awareness are important for General Knowledge section, candidates must keep the following tips in mind:

  • Develop a long term habit of reading daily newspapers with editorial and opinion sections. Start reading periodicals to get knowledge of historical, associated, and ancillary information related to the main subject discussed in the piece.
  • Candidates can subscribe to e-papers and newsletters for the same. If they have not been actively reading daily, they get archives from online resources. 
  • Students are advised to join groups and discussions with people who belong to the similar interests as them and gain knowledge from participating there.
  • It is highly advised to candidates to take up the mock tests and solve sample question papers to have a knowledge of their preparation, and strengths and weaknesses. 
  • CLAT English Preparation Tips can help aspirants to understand tricks in answering questions under the English section.

How to Answer CLAT GK Questions

CLAT GK preparation strategy also requires candidates to know the approach to the questions. Here are a few useful tips to know how to go about answering the questions.

  • As has been told, the questions in the GK section will be based on current events and affairs across the globe. So, candidates must focus on events of significance,
  • While attempting the questions, candidates must carefully read the information given in the passages and answer the questions accordingly.
  • Candidates must not worry about memorizing the passage but the ability to comprehend it and find out the focus points and important pieces of information. 

CLAT GK Preparation Books

CLAT GK Preparation will be incomplete without proper preparation strategy and reference books. Here are a few CLAT GK Preparation Books that can help candidates ace the section with a good score.

Name of the Book Author
Legal General Knowledge R. K Gupta
General Knowledge 2020 Arihant Publications
Current Affairs Yearly Arihant Publications 


What is the CLAT Exam Pattern?

The CLAT Exam pattern is as explained below

  • The CLAT Exam is conducted in offline mode
  • The Medium of question paper is English and involves Multiple Choice Questions
  • For each correct answer candidate is awarded 1 mark and for each wrong answer 0.25 marks are deducted.
  • The total time duration to complete the CLAT Exam is 2 hours.

How many questions are asked in CLAT General Knowledge section?

In CLAT GK Section, around 35-39 questions are asked. 

What are the CLAT GK Preparation Tips?

Some of the Important CLAT General Knowledge Preparation Tips are:

Reading Newspapers regularly. Watching News to stay updated about latest happening across the globe. Also, attempting Current Affairs Quiz will help in knowing the difficulty level of the exam and estimating which type of question can be asked.

Which are the best books for CLAT General Knowledge section?

Some of the best books for CLAT GK section include

Legal General Knowledge - R. K Gupta

General Knowledge 2020 - Arihant Publications

Current Affairs Yearly - Arihant Publications

What are the important topics to be studied under CLAT GK and Current Affairs section?

In CLAT GK Section candidates must be aware of all the latest issues across the globe. Some of the important topics to prepare are Static GK, History, Polity, Environment, National & International Events, Sports, New Appointments, Awards & Honours.

How to crack GK section in one month?

Study the current affairs and read General Knowledge books regularly. Also, follow experts preparation tips to crack the GK section in one month. 

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