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CLAT Syllabus 2024 - Download Subject-wise Syllabus & Important Topics PDF

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : September 15, 2023


Reader's Digest-  The CLAT Syllabus, meticulously designed by the CLAT Consortium, tests aptitude and skills vital for legal education. This blog curates the section-wise complete syllabus along with essential topics to ease your preparation journey. 

With each passing year, the competition for admission into the top NLUs becomes more intense, and the key to cracking the exam lies in a thorough understanding of the CLAT syllabus and exam pattern.

The UG syllabus of CLAT 2024 comprises the following five sections :

  1. English Language- The English language section tests your proficiency in Reading Comprehension, inferences and conclusions, summarising the passage, arguments or viewpoints, and the meaning of various words and phrases.
  2. Quantitative Techniques - In this section of the CLAT syllabus 2024 PDF, you must apply 10th-standard mathematical operations on such information, including from areas such as ratios and proportions, basic algebra, mensuration and statistical estimation.
  3. Legal Reasoning- This section tests your ability to analyze legal propositions and apply legal principles to various situations.
  4. Logical Reasoning -  The reasoning section of the CLAT syllabus tests your ability to analyze and evaluate arguments, identify logical patterns, and draw conclusions.
  5. GK & Current Affairs- This section tests your knowledge of current events and general awareness.

Save the date! The Consortium has declared the official CLAT 2024 Exam Date. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

CLAT Syllabus 2024 for English Language 

The English language section of the exam is one of the most important and challenging components, testing your proficiency in the language. It comprises around 450 words drawn from contemporary / historically significant fiction & non-fiction writing.

As per the CLAT English syllabus, you must demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Understand and comprehend the main objective of the passage, including the viewpoints discussed in it.
  • Derive conclusions and inferences based on comprehension.
  • Create an excerpt of the passage in your mind.
  • Bring out contrast and comparisons between various arguments derived from the passage.
  • Comprehend the meaning of multiple words and phrases included in the passage.

CLAT UG Syllabus 2024 for General Knowledge

This section is designed to test your knowledge of the recent events happening in India and worldwide, carrying a weightage of 25% in the CLAT exam, making it an important section for scoring good marks.

This section tests your awareness of the latest events happening around the world, including national and international news, sports, business, politics, science, and technology.

This section again includes passages up to 450 words extracted from news, journalistic sources, and non-fictional writing. Though the subject might seem easy, you need regular reading to build awareness and simultaneously follow an effective preparation strategy to ace this section. How can you do it? Follow the CLAT GK Preparation Strategy given here!

The questions are related to the passage but emphasize the legal information or topics discussed in the paragraph. The questions may not require any additional legal knowledge apart from the one conveyed through the passage.

Some of the important topics in the CLAT Current Affairs syllabus that you must focus on are:

  1. Contemporary events of significance from India and the world
  2. Arts and Culture
  3. International Affairs
  4. Historical events of continuing significance

The GK section is divided into two parts: Static and Dynamic. The Static part includes questions related to India's history, geography, economy, and polity. In contrast, the Dynamic part includes questions related to current events and developments in India and the world.

LegalEdge CLAT Toppers

LegalEdge CLAT Toppers

CLAT Syllabus 2024 for Legal Reasoning

The Legal Reasoning section is an essential part of the CLAT exam, and it tests your ability to identify and analyze legal issues and arguments. The questions are based on scenarios involving legal matters, public policy questions or moral philosophical enquiries.

Have a solid grasp of general awareness of contemporary legal and moral issues to apply general principles to the given fact scenarios. The section comprises passages of around 450 words, each containing a legal scenario or a principle of law.

The passages are followed by a series of questions that test your ability to analyze, interpret, and apply legal principles. It is a myth that you must be well-versed in legal terminology to score well in this section. In fact, the core demand is that you must be aware of contemporary legal and moral issues and easily apply them practically.

The questions that follow the passages given in this section require you to:

  • Identify and infer the rules and principles mentioned in the passage
  • Apply such rules and principles to various fact situations and
  • Understand how changes to the rules or principles may alter their application to various fact situations.

CLAT Syllabus 2024 for Logical Reasoning 

CLAT Logical Reasoning syllabus assesses your ability to think logically, critically, and analytically.

The questions in this section test your ability to analyze, interpret, and evaluate arguments, identify patterns and relationships, and draw conclusions based on the given information.

The CLAT UG Logical Reasoning section has passages of around 300 words. As per the logical reasoning syllabus for CLAT, these short passages will be followed by one or more objective-type questions that require you to:

  1. Identify an argument, its premises, and inferences;
  2. Read and recognize the arguments given in the paragraph;
  3. Critically analyze patterns of reasoning, and assess how conclusions may depend on particular premises or evidence;
  4. Conclude the objective of the passage and apply the conclusions to new situations;
  5. Draw relationships and analogies, identify contradictions and equivalence, and assess the effectiveness of arguments.

You must diligently plan your CLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation.

CLAT Syllabus 2024 for Quantitative Techniques

Quantitative Techniques, also known as Mathematics, is an essential exam section. CLAT Maths syllabus tests your ability to solve mathematical problems using various concepts and formulas.

The section comprises 13-17 questions, and each question carries one mark. The Quantitative Techniques/Maths section is non-comprehension-based.

Maths syllabus in CLAT comprises short sets of facts of propositions, graphs, and any other textual, pictorial, and diagrammatic representation-based questions. Regular practice is required to enhance your CLAT Maths Preparation levels.

As per the CLAT syllabus for Maths, you must:

  1. Understand, conclude and manipulate information given in the graphical or diagrammatic representations; and
  2. Implement 10th standard-based mathematical operations on ratio & proportions, algebra, mensuration, and statistics.

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

CLAT Subjects Weightage 2024

Check the weightage of each section of the CLAT exam 2024 as represented in the table below: 

CLAT Sections Weightage
English Language 20%
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge 25%
Legal Reasoning 25%
Logical Reasoning 20%
Quantitative Techniques 10%

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CLAT Entrance Exam Syllabus 2024 (PG)

  • As per the notification, the CLAT PG question paper has 120 objective-type questions, and each question will carry one mark.
  • Like the UG pattern, this exam also has questions based on reading comprehension.
  • Also, there shall be a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrongly answered question.
  • The CLAT Exam 2024 Syllabus for the PG program includes the undergraduate program's mandatory subjects and the subjects given below.

Check out the detailed CLAT PG Syllabus from the post below and enhance your preparation levels for the upcoming exam.

Constitutional Law Jurisprudence Administrative Law
Law of Contract Torts Family Law
Criminal Law Property Law Company Law
Public International Law Tax Law Environmental Law
Labour & Industrial Law

The exam conducting body will provide you extracts from primary legal materials, such as essential court decisions in various fields of law, statutes, or regulations, followed by a series of objective-type questions, which will require you to demonstrate the following CLAT course syllabus:

  • Ability to read and comprehend the issues discussed in the passage.
  • Any arguments and viewpoints discussed or set out in the passage.
  • Awareness of the issues addressed in the passage. 
  • Legal issues and facts are related to and arise from the passage and the judgment or statute.
  • Summarise the passage and your ability to apply your knowledge of the fields of law discussed in the passage.

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks


In conclusion, the CLAT Syllabus 2024 promises to be a comprehensive and challenging curriculum designed to test the skills and aptitude of aspiring law students. You must stay updated with the latest changes and prepare diligently to succeed in this highly competitive exam.

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Accordingly, a genius is often merely a talented person who has done all his or her homework.”

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