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CLAT PG Syllabus 2024 PDF Download Here [Subject-Wise]

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : May 24, 2023


Reader's Digest: To successfully qualify for the upcoming CLAT PG 2024 exam, understanding the syllabus is crucial for prioritizing the topics to study and scoring well. This article explains the sub-topics of CLAT LLM syllabus 2024 you must concentrate on to improve your scores. 

To crack the CLAT PG Exam, it's crucial to have a thorough understanding of the CLAT PG 2024 syllabus. The Consortium of NLUs prescribes the official CLAT syllabus for the LLM entrance exam on the official website every year.

The CLAT PG 2024 notification clearly states that the question paper is based on the following mandatory subjects:

  1. Constitutional Law - This subject focuses on the organization of the state and its laws, being a central part of CLAT PG's syllabus
  2. Jurisprudence - Jurisprudence involves the theory and philosophy of law, an essential part of legal understanding.
  3. Administrative Law -  This domain addresses the legal rules and principles governing public administration
  4. Law of Contract - It pertains to creating and enforcing agreements between parties.
  5. Torts - This area covers civil wrongs causing harm or injury and the legal remedies for such actions.
  6. Family Law - Family law encompasses the legal regulations surrounding familial relations, including marriage, divorce, and child custody.
  7. Criminal Law - This branch deals with crimes and their punishments.his branch deals with crimes and their punishments.
  8. Property Law - Property law focuses on the rules for owning and transferring property.
  9. Company Law - This area governs how corporations are formed, operated, and regulated.
  10. Public International Law - This is the set of rules, norms, and standards generally accepted in relations between nations.
  11. Tax Law - Tax law entails the legal regulations related to the taxation process.
  12. Environmental Law - It comprises the laws and regulations to protect the environment.
  13. Labour & Industrial Law - This area deals with the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.

CLAT PG Syllabus 2024

  • As per the notification, the CLAT PG question paper has 120 objective-type questions, and each question carries one mark.
  • You will find extracts from fundamental legal sources, such as significant court decisions in various fields of law, statutes, and regulations, in sections of the CLAT PG syllabus.

Each passage will be followed by a set of questions, which will require you to show the following skill set: 

  • Ability to read and comprehend the issues discussed in the passage.
  • Any arguments and viewpoints discussed or set out in the passage.
  • Awareness of the issues addressed in the passage. 
  • Legal issues and facts related to and arising from the passage.
  • The judgment or statute and to summarize the passage.
  • Your ability to apply your knowledge of the fields of law as discussed in the passage.

Check out the picture below to learn the mandatory subjects of the CLAT PG Syllabus 2024.

CLAT PG Syllabus

CLAT PG Constitutional Law Syllabus 2024

Constitutional Law is one of the essential topics of the CLAT PG Syllabus 2024. Check out the table below to know the sub-topics of CLAT PG Constitutional Law:

  • Basic & Salient Features of the Indian Constitution/History/ Preamble
  • Citizenship
  • Doctrine of Basic Structure
  • Fundamental Rights - Article 12- Article 30
  • DPSPs & Fundamental Duties
  • Important Amendments
  • Constitutional Remedies
  • Supreme Court
  • Ordinance Power
  • Parliament
  • Services under Union and State
  • Emergency Provisions
  • Anti-Defection Law
  • Center-state Relations
  • Scheduled Area
  • Article 300 A
  • Article 370

CLAT PG Law of Torts Syllabus 2024

The following are some important topics of the LLM syllabus for CLAT in the Law of Torts:

  • Introduction to General Principles
  • What is Torts
  • Origin of Law of Torts in India
  • Criticism of Winfield
  • Damnum sine Injuria/ Injuria sine Damnum Tortious Liability
  • Several Independent Tortfeasors
  • Joint Tortfeasors and related cases
  • Statutory Authority
  • Consent (Volenti nonfit Injuria) General Defences
  • Acts of God & Private Defence
  • Strict Liability
  • Specific Torts
  • Absolute Liability
  • Negligence
  • Nuisance and Defamation
  • Vicarious Liability
  • Consumer Protection
  • The distinction between Joint and Several Tortfeasor

CLAT PG Labour and Industrial Law Syllabus 2024

Check out the table below to know the important topics of Labour and Industrial Law as per the CLAT PG Syllabus 2024:

Labour and Industrial Law Introduction, Theory, and Concept of Industrial Relations, Industrial Relations Code 2020, Code on Social Security 2020, Code on Occupational Safety Health and Working Conditions 2020, Code on Wages 2020, Industrial Disputes Act, The Factories Act, 1948, The Standing Orders Act, Analysis of Recent amendment made in Labour Laws and their leading cases

CLAT PG Jurisprudence Syllabus 2024

You should focus on the following topics of the jurisprudence syllabus for CLAT LLM to enhance your CLAT PG exam preparation:

Jurisprudence Definition/outlook of the subject/Nature of Jurisprudence, Source of Law, School of Jurisprudence, Rights, Duties, Power Liability Person and Liabilities, Ownership and Possession, Corporate Liability, Theories of Punishment, Law and Morals, Contemporary Jurists & Recent Contemporary Concepts, and Maxims, Hohfeld’s Legal Relation/ Jural Analysis

CLAT PG Environmental Law Syllabus 2024 

The following table depicts the essential topics under the CLAT PG syllabus for environmental law:

Environmental Law Outline of the Subject, The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974, The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981, The Environment (Protection) Act 1986, The National Environment Tribunal Act, 1955; Indian Forest Act, 1927, The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972; Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991, Schedule Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006, International Environment Law

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CLAT PG Criminal Law Syllabus 2024 

Go through the table below to know the essential topics of the Law of Torts under CLAT LLM Syllabus 2024:

Criminal Law Overview of Code/Introduction, Criminal Courts in India, Stages of Trial (Investigation- Inquiry- Trial), Plea, Bargaining, Bail, Vitiation of Proceedings, Inherent Power

CLAT PG Public International Law Syllabus 2024 

The following table shows the CLAT LLM entrance syllabus to focus on under international law:

Public International Law Overview of the Subject, Sources of International Law, Relationship between Municipal and International Law, Treaties International Organisations, State Recognition, State Succession, Human Rights and International Law, Law of Sea, Air and Space, Settlement of Dispute

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Law of Contracts Syllabus 2024 

Check out the table below for the important topics under the CLAT PG syllabus for Law of Contracts:


Introduction, Basic elements of Contract, Offer Acceptance Consideration, etc., Communication of Offer, Acceptance, and Revocation of Offer & Acceptance, Consent, Capacity to Contract, Privity of Contract, Element Vitiating Contract, Wagering Agreements and Contingent Contract, Quasi Contract, Breach of Contract and Remedies for Breach of Contract, Bailment, Pledge- Specific Contract, Indemnity, Guarantee and Agency, Force Majure & Doctrine of Frustration

CLAT PG Property Law Syllabus 2024

Here is the list of important topics mentioned in the CLAT exam syllabus for LLM. Attempting CLAT PG Mock Tests will help know the difficulty level of questions and the type of questions asked on this topic:

Property Law Outline and Applicability of the subject, Types of Properties, Concept of Sale, Lease, Mortgage, Exchange, Gift, Will, etc., Actionable Claims

CLAT PG Administrative Law Syllabus 2024

As per the CLAT PG 2024 syllabus, you must prepare the following essential topics for the Administrative Law subject:

  • Meaning, Definition
  • Scope and Significance of Administrative Law
  • Rule of Law
  • Administrative Actions - Meaning and Classifications
  • Principles of Natural Justice, Meaning, Nature and need for administrative direction
  • Natural Justice and Statutory Provisions
  • Control Mechanism of Delegated Legislation Parliamentary
  • Procedural and Adjudicatory
  • Liability of Administration
  • Administrative Discretion and Remedies
  • Meaning of Delegated
  • Legislation and its growth
  • Administrative Adjudication
  • Enforceability of Administrative Direction
  • Administrative Direction to Quasi-Judicial and Statutory Bodies
  • Doctrine of Estoppel
  • Relationship between Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
  • Emerging Trends in Administrative Law

Best Books for CLAT PG 2024

Considering the change in paper pattern in the last few years, you should opt for the recently updated Books for CLAT PG 2024, as old books will not suffice the information required to crack this prestigious examination.

Book Name Author/Publication
Universal Guide to LLM Entrance Exam Gaurav Mehta
Ascent's Law Guide for LLM Entrance Exam Ashok. K Jain
Singhal's Solved Papers of LLM Singhal Law Publications
S.S. HandBook For LL.M. Entrance Exam (based on the new syllabus) Vishal Singh

CLAT PG Preparation Tips 2024

Here are the tips to complete the CLAT LLM entrance exam syllabus:

  • With few preparation days left for the CLAT PG exam, do not pick a new concept to study from scratch. It's revision time! 
  • Increase the number of mocks and previous year's papers you solve! Remember to keep a timer while solving mocks to enhance your time management skills. 
  • Continue reading newspapers daily and current affairs to stay updated about ongoing global issues. 
  • Monitor your mock scores and spot sections that need more attention! And revise those concepts, and practice more mocks around them. 


  • The passages in the question paper will test your ability to read, comprehend, analyze arguments, be aware of legal issues, and apply knowledge of various fields of law.
  • Some important sub-topics to focus on for each subject are listed in the article, such as basic features of the Indian Constitution, fundamental rights, law of torts, labour and industrial law, jurisprudence, environmental law, criminal law, public international law, law of contracts, property law, and administrative law.
  • It is recommended to refer to updated books and solve mock tests and previous year's papers for better preparation.
  • Revision, solving mocks, staying updated with current affairs, and focusing on weaker sections are essential for success in the CLAT PG 2024 exam.
  • Scoring well in the exam should be achievable since the subjects are from the undergraduate law curriculum, but thorough revision of important topics is necessary.

Wishing you good luck with your exams!

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