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CLAT PG Exam Pattern 2024: Marking Scheme & Marks Weightage!

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : November 8, 2023


Reader's Digest:  Get into the essentials of the CLAT PG 2024 exam with our guide. Uncover the exam format, scoring system, and subject weightage to strategize your study plan effectively. Keep reading!

The CLAT PG 2024 Exam is scheduled for December 3, and as per current information, there have been no significant alterations to the exam pattern this year.

The exam is conducted annually by the Consortium of National Law Universities to facilitate admissions into LLM programs across the 23 Participating NLUs.

According to the official website, the examination will feature Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and will be administered in an offline mode.

Prospective candidates are advised to watch for the release of the CLAT PG 2024 Admit Card and utilize this period to enhance their preparation by familiarizing themselves with the exam pattern. So let's begin!

Key Contents

  • Overview of CLAT PG 2024 Exam Pattern
  • Exam Schedule and Format Details
  • Insights into the Previous Pattern with Objective and Subjective Questions
  • Section-wise Breakdown of the Exam Pattern
  • Detailed Subject-wise Weightage for Effective Study Planning
  • Explanation of the Marking scheme, Including Negative Marking
  • Strategic Tips for Approaching the Exam and Study Material Links

Below you'll find hand-curated study material that will help you make it through the CLAT PG 2024!

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 CLAT PG Exam Pattern 2024 

Firstly, check the table below to know the key highlights of the CLAT PG 2024 exam pattern.

Particulars CLAT PG Exam Pattern 2024
Exam mode Offline 
Exam duration 120 minutes (2 hours)
Test language English 
Type of questions Objective
Exam subjects Different law subjects
Total Questions 120
Total marks 120
Correct Answer 1 Mark
Negative Marking Yes (-0.25)

Here's a detailed look at what candidates can expect:

  • Single Section Format:

    • The CLAT PG Exam Pattern 2024 is uniquely streamlined, featuring just one section. This section is composed entirely of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), with a total of 120 questions that correspond to 120 marks.

    • This means that for every question you answer correctly, you earn one full mark towards your score.

  • Focus on Reading Comprehension:

    • In line with the recent trends observed in the last two years, the CLAT PG Entrance Exam emphasizes reading comprehension. Candidates are presented with passages derived from primary legal materials, such as landmark court decisions, pivotal statutes, and critical regulations.

    • These are selected from significant areas covered by the CLAT PG Exam Syllabus 2024. For example, you might be given an excerpt from a Supreme Court ruling on constitutional law to analyze and answer questions on.

Previous CLAT Paper Pattern for PG

Knowing how the CLAT PG Exam Pattern changed over the years can offer insights into the testing approach of the Consortium:

  • Objective and Subjective Questions:

    • In past years, the CLAT PG exam combined objective and subjective assessments. The objective portion consisted of 100 questions, each worth one mark.

    • This was supplemented by a subjective part, which required candidates to write two essays, with each valued at 25 marks. This dual structure tested both the immediate knowledge and the analytical writing abilities of the candidates.

  • Conditional Evaluation:

    • There was a conditional aspect to the previous exam pattern. Only those candidates who secured a minimum of 40% in the objective section were eligible to have their subjective answers evaluated.

    • This means if you scored less than 40 marks out of 100 in the MCQ section, your essays would not even be read. This tiered evaluation system added an extra layer of challenge for test-takers, emphasizing the importance of performing well across both sections of the exam.

Note: The Consortium reduced the CLAT counselling fee from 50,000/- to Rs.30,000/- for the General category candidates and Rs.20,000/- for ST/SC/OBC/BC/EWS/PWD and other reservation candidates.

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

 Section-wise CLAT PG 2024 Paper Pattern 

Understanding the section-wise CLAT PG Exam Pattern is crucial for prioritizing your study plan. Here's a detailed look:

  • Constitution Law:

    • In the CLAT PG exams, questions on Constitutional Law carry the maximum weightage.
    • As a staple of the legal system, questions on Constitution Law often form the bulk of the exam.
    • This section tests knowledge on the framework of the nation's laws and governance.
    • For example, you might encounter questions about fundamental rights or emergency provisions.
  • Jurisprudence:

    • This is the theoretical part of law studies, often considered the philosophy of law.
    • Questions may cover schools of thought like Natural Law or Positivism.
    • Understanding different legal theories and their proponents is key.
  • Administrative Law:

    • It involves the study of how public bodies should act and make decisions.
    • Expect questions on judicial reviews or administrative actions.
  • Law of Contract:

    • This section deals with agreements and enforceability.
    • You may get scenarios to analyze for offer, acceptance, and consideration elements.
  • Torts:

    • The focus here is on civil wrongs and damages.
    • Questions often include case studies on negligence or defamation.
  • Family Law:

    • This part covers laws related to marriage, divorce, and succession.
    • Questions might involve the application of personal laws or the Hindu Marriage Act.
  • Criminal Law:

    • This section tests knowledge of offenses and penalties.
    • Look for questions on the Indian Penal Code and specific crimes.
  • Property Law:

    • Questions will cover rights and regulations related to property ownership.
    • Scenarios might include disputes over land ownership or inheritance laws.
  • Company Law:

    • This section dives into the formation and management of companies.
    • You might encounter questions on corporate governance or shareholder rights.
  • Public International Law:

    • It involves laws governing relationships between nations.
    • Questions could cover treaties, international disputes, and customary international law.
  • Tax Law:

    • It's all about the statutes, regulations, and rules that oversee tax liability.
    • Expect to answer questions on income tax slabs or GST provisions.
  • Environmental Law:

    • This is increasingly important and covers regulations to protect the environment.
    • Questions may involve recent case laws on pollution control or environmental clearances.
  • Labour & Industrial Law:

    • This section looks at the relationship between workers, employers, and the government.
    • Look for questions on trade unionism or employee rights.

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 CLAT PG 2024 subject-wise Weightage 

When it comes to cracking the CLAT PG Exam, understanding the subject-wise weightage is crucial. Here's what you need to know about the weightage for the CLAT PG Exam Pattern:

Section CLAT PG Exam Pattern 2024 - Subjects weightage in (%)
Section 1 Constitutional Law 60
Section 2 Other Law Subjects such as Contract, Torts, Criminal Law, International Law, IPR, and Jurisprudence 60
Total 120
  • Constitutional Law:

    • The CLAT PG Constitutional Law section is the heavyweight champion in the CLAT PG exam pattern. You can expect the bulk of the questions to revolve around this subject.
    • This prominence means that your prep time should be heavily skewed towards mastering topics like Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles, and Emergency Provisions, just to name a few.
    • This means, that if past papers consistently had around 60% of the questions from Constitutional Law, that’s a clear sign to allocate more study time here.
  • Other Law Subjects:

    • While Constitutional Law takes the lead, other subjects share the remainder of the exam weightage equally in the CLAT PG Exam Pattern. These subjects include Jurisprudence, Torts, Criminal Law, and more.
    • It's a strategic move to focus on these subjects as well after you've got a solid grip on Constitutional Law. For instance, if Contract Law and Torts collectively make up 30% of the exam, aim to be proficient in these areas too.
    • Diving deep into previous years' question papers will give you a real sense of the weightage distribution, guiding you on where to focus your energies.
  • Preparation Tips (Check Detailed Guide Here):

    • The key to excelling in the CLAT PG Exam Pattern is not just hard work but smart work. Prioritize topics based on their weightage, and use that to structure your study schedule.
    • Utilize resources like the CLAT PG Online Coaching to get tailored guidance on how to approach each subject according to its importance.
    • You can also take the Free Mock Tests to know where you stand with your CLAT 2024 preparations. 
    • Remember, a deep understanding of the CLAT PG exam pattern and syllabus forms the foundation of your preparation journey. So, get familiar with it as early as possible.

Exam Resource: Best CLAT PG Online Coaching 2024

 CLAT PG 2024 Marking Scheme 

Here's a detailed breakdown of the marking scheme for the CLAT PG 2024:

Response Marks
Correct Answer +1 Marks
Incorrect Answer 0.25 Marks
Unanswered/ Unattempted Question No Marks
  • Positive Marking:

    • For every question you answer correctly in the CLAT PG 2024 exam, you are awarded one full mark.
    • For example, if you correctly answer 80 out of 120 questions, you'll earn 80 marks.
  • Negative Marking:

    • Incorrect answers will cost you. The CLAT PG Exam Pattern includes a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.
    • So, if you answer 10 questions incorrectly, 2.5 marks (10 x 0.25) will be deducted from your total score.
  • No Penalty for Unanswered Questions:

    • If you're unsure about a question, it may be strategic to leave it unanswered because the CLAT PG Exam Pattern does not penalize for skipped questions.
    • This means if you don't answer 30 questions, your score won't be affected by those particular questions.
  • Strategic Guessing:

    • Given the CLAT PG Exam Pattern, a well-educated guess could be beneficial, but random guessing is risky due to the negative marking.
    • For instance, if you can eliminate two wrong options out of four, taking a guess may work in your favor statistically.

 Key Takeaways 

  • The CLAT PG 2024 exam pattern is expected to remain unchanged based on previous years' patterns and the consecutive scheduling of exams.
  • The exam will be conducted offline and consist of multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
  • The exam duration will be of 2 hours, and it will be conducted in English.
  • The question paper will have 120 MCQs, each carrying 1 mark, with a negative marking of -0.25 for incorrect answers.
  • The subjects covered in the exam include Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Administrative Law, Law of Contract, Torts, Family Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Company Law, Public International Law, Tax Law, Environmental Law, and Labour & Industrial Law.
  • Constitutional Law carries the maximum weightage, and it is crucial to prepare well for this section.

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