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Important Concepts of Jurisprudence for CLAT PG 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : April 3, 2023


Summary: Last year, 12 questions were asked from the Jurisprudence section in the CLAT PG paper with a difficulty level of "moderate." The jurisprudence section is important in LLM entrance exams like CLAT LLM and AILET PG. 

CLAT PG preparations are not easy, with a vast syllabus to cover. However, thanks to several online materials available for free to help you prepare for each section for CLAT LLM.

One such section is the Jurisprudence which holds good weightage for your CLAT PG question paper.

So what is Jurisprudence?

Those relations of man with society are regulated by Law and are derived from the term "Jurisprudentia" meaning Knowledge of Law.

A video is provided in the article that clearly explains every important concept you must know in order to prepare for Jurisprudence for CLAT PG. The articles walk us through the Historical School of Jurisprudence, explanation for each, understanding of law in reality/ inaction, roles of judge, and more. 

Important Concepts of Jurisprudence for CLAT PG 2024

CLAT LLM Syllabus includes schools of law explained as follows: 

Introduction of Jurisprudence

The introduction of Jurisprudence includes topics like the

  • Definition
  • Significance
  • Nature
  • Scope of Jurisprudence

Subtopics include Jurisprudence and legal theory, the relation between law and justice, and the relation between law and morals. 

The analytical school of Jurisprudence explains the relationship of law with the state; it's also called as English school of jurisprudence, the imperative school of jurisprudence, and the austanian school of jurisprudence. 

Jeremy Bentham explains the limits of Jurisprudence, the Duty of the state to provide maximum happiness and liberty, pain and pleasure, and the principle of utility, and explains how law can be set for the state's welfare. 

Utilitarian calculus has 7 parameters to quantify pain and pleasure. These parameters were namely;

Important Concepts of Jurisprudence for CLAT PG 2023

Austin states laws to inform what is right and wrong. 

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

The historical school of Jurisdiction is a direct relationship of law with society. There are 4 concepts under this they are - 

  • Montesquieu
  • Savigny
  • Henry Maine
  • Puchta

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The philosophical school of Jurisprudence is law based on reason, and the reasons can be Justice, Fairness, and reasonableness. This law is also called Natural laws.

You must check the theories by St. Thomas Aquinas, John Locke, Immanuel Kant, Fichte, Hegel.

The sociological school of Jurisprudence explains sociology as understanding human society and social behaviour. 

You must check the theories by Ehlrich, Roscoe Pound, Auguste Comte, Duguit, Rudolf Van Ihering.

If you find it hard to grasp these concepts and are looking for help, check CLAT LLM Coaching by LegalEdge and take their mock tests to understand where you stand with your preparations. 

The realist school of Jurisprudence explains the concept of reality/ inaction. It mainly focuses on Factors, Experience of Justice. 2 major questions asked are the Rules of Judges in Making Law and the Value of the Doctrine of precedent. John Grey and Oliver Wendell Holmes are known as the fathers of the Realist school. 

CLAT PG Mock Tests

CLAT PG Mock Tests

Other Important Concepts of Jurisprudence for CLAT PG 2024

  • Realism - You can focus on the topic of American Realism by Oliver Homes, Badman theory and Skepticism, Jurimetrics and Law job theory, Scandinavian Realism
  • Learn concepts like Law and state: Economic view Karl Marx and Angel. 
  • You must also study legal and feminist jurisprudence.
  • Under sources of Law, you can study legislation, Judicial Reasoning, and customs. 
  • You must understand basic legal concepts like legal personality, Rights and Duties, Responsibilities, Liability, criminal liability, and theory of punishment. 

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CLAT PG Jurisprudence Preparation Tips 

Purchase AK Jain to understand the basic concepts. In the year 2021 - CLAT PG paper, the questions were asked based on the basics of Jurisprudence, making this section a high-scoring one. 

Note the important topics, memorize Jurist's words which belong to which school, Jural Correlators, Jural Opposites.

Understand the type of questions that will be asked in the exam. You can check the previous year's papers and sample papers. 

Solve many passage-based questions and try to answer as many questions using the passage only.

There are no preparations without taking CLAT PG mocks! Take your mock tests seriously. 

Prepare for the topics listed below: 

  • Rights, Duties, Power Liability
  • Person and Liabilities
  • Ownership and PossessionSource of Law
  • Schools of Jurisprudence
  • Analytical School
  • Natural School
  • Historical School
  • Philosophical School
  • Ethical School
  • Sociological School
  • Corporate Liability
  • Theories of Punishment
  • Definition/outlook of the subject/Nature of Jurisprudence
  • Law and Morals
  • Contemporary Jurists & Recent Contemporary Concepts and Maxims
  • Hohfeld’s Legal Relation/ Jural Analysis

Check: CLAT PG Mocks 2024

A minimum of 2 passage questions will be asked from this section. Therefore revise and prepare thoroughly for this section. 


Jurisprudence is an important section, and its preparations require you to understand its basics right.

Practise many mocks and sample papers so you can understand the type of questions asked in this section. 

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