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CLAT PG Jobs 2024 - Check List of Jobs after CLAT PG 2024

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : April 19, 2023


Summary: Are you deciding whether to practise Law after securing your LLB degree or to write CLAT PG and get your LLM degree? Take a pause and decide better! Learn the benefits and list of jobs after CLAT PG 2024.

CLAT PG is a well-acclaimed and prestigious degree! If you want to know the prospects of jobs offered after CLAT LLM. Here's a guide for you. 

With a die-hard attitude and high ambition, a career in Law will provide you with numerous rewards after a few years of regular practice. 

With too many students choosing medicine and engineering, a career in Law is a breath of fresh air! A post-graduation degree has several benefits, including a higher package, better educational exposure, and more. 

The post will give you a complete insight into various job opportunities after CLAT PG and its placement packages.

List of Jobs After CLAT PG 2024

Law as a profession has been one of the most popular career options among students in recent years. If you are studying Law, you would have researched the legal field with high demand.

Although you are not required to choose a speciality when enrolling in Law schools, staying updated with the disciplines where you can gain experience is always good.

There are many options available to those interested in pursuing a legal career. These areas in which you can achieve expertise are listed in the table below:

Criminal Law Business Law Family Law
Real Estate and Property Law Immigration Lawyer Environmental Law
Cyber Law Military Law International Law
Intellectual Property Law Corporate Lawyer Commercial Law
Labour Law Bankruptcy Law Financial and Securities Law

Different Types of Lawyers and Average Pay

The salary of a lawyer may vary depending on the specialisation and the experience you hold. However, it usually increases with exposure, time, and knowledge enhancement.

Nowadays, lawyers are not just part of courts defending their clients. Indeed, they play an active role in IT firms, administrative services, corporate companies, Law agencies, and various corporate houses.

To help you understand the jobs after CLAT PG and salary, we have provided different types of lawyers and their average pay in the post below. 

Here is a List of Jobs after CLAT PG 2024: 

1. Corporate lawyer

  • Organizations of various sectors require the expertise of corporate lawyers to help them get through legal problems, and it's undoubtedly one of the most sought-after professions.
  • The average salary of a corporate lawyer in India is Rs. 6.9 Lakh per annum depends on the base salary, shared profit, and the received bonus.
  • Although an LLM degree is not mandatory, some law firms lookout to hire LLM graduates.

 2. Immigration Lawyer

  • Immigration lawyers must have high-level capabilities in reading and writing to understand and communicate complex concepts and the client in an adversarial setting.
  • An immigration lawyer deals with visas, passports, and other immigration matters. 
  • The average salary of an immigration lawyer in India starts from Rs 7 lakhs per annum.

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3. Criminal Lawyer

  • Commonly known as a Criminal defence lawyer specializes in the field of crimes and punishments.
  • Criminal lawyers assist individuals who have been accused of committing a crime such as drugs trafficking, theft, murder, etc.
  • These lawyers must work with police officers and court staff. They instruct and advise counsel in court and Screening criminals.
  • The average salary of a criminal lawyer will be Rs. 8 lakhs per annum. 

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

4. Bankruptcy Attorney

  • Bankruptcy attorneys have various job opportunities working in law firms, individual companies, NGOs, government sectors, Public welfare, Finance and Taxation. 
  • A bankruptcy lawyer's job is to assist those financially strapped and unable to repay their bank debts.
  • The average salary of a bankruptcy lawyer in India starts from Rs. 6.5 lakhs per annum.

5. Digital Media and Internet Lawyer

  • This specialization has many opportunities for youngsters wanting a career in Cyber Law. 
  • A digital media and internet lawyer deals with website terms and conditions, piracy issues involving movies, and copyright difficulties. It also deals with cyberbullying, sharing personal information without consent, intellectual property and intellectual property, transactions and freedom of speech, cyber stalking, etc. 
  • The annual salary for digital media and internet lawyers will be Rs. 5-7 lakh annually.

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6. Family Lawyer 

  • Often known as matrimonial law, family law deals with domestic relations and family issues. 
  • Family lawyers will be involved in the personal aspects of their clients' lives, including divorce, alimony, abuse, child custody, neglect proceedings, family partitions, succession, etc.
  • The average salary of a family lawyer will be Rs. 6.2 lakhs per annum.

7. Intellectual Property lawyer

  • This is an exponentially growing field and deals with protecting and exercising benefits for intellectual creations. Intellectual property law helps individuals claim exclusive rights from what they create, benefiting creators and the public. 
  • Intellectual property law protects legal rights to inventions, designs, and artwork; it also safeguards and protects personal belongings and real estate properties.
  • The average salary of an intellectual property lawyer in India starts from Rs. 8 lakhs per annum.

8. Law professor

  • If you want to have a career as a teaching professional, then an LLM degree is mandatory. The starting post is to be an assistant professor to work in Law school, and this is one of the common professions under the list of jobs after CLAT PG 2024.
  • Teaching is considered to be a stable profession. You can also teach UG students after gaining some experience.
  • Most colleges look for UGC NET-qualified candidates with a degree in LLM.

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9. Research Assistant

  • Research attorneys review legal documents and understand new and upcoming legislation and case law changes. 
  • If you have a knack for research, you can choose your career as a legal researcher in both government and private firms.
  • You can also apply for a Junior Research fellowship after clearing the UGC NET examination

10. PSUs

PSU is the dream job of many aspirants. After completing your LLM degree, you can take legal positions as a vigilance officer in various PSUs like ONGC, IOCL, BHEL, NTPC, etc.

PSUs also provide lucrative pay scales, accommodation, and great incentives. The selection process for PSU via CLAT will include three stages:

  • Shortlisting of Students
  • Release of the invite list
  • Interview

Weightage to Different Parameters

Major recruiters like Power Grid also recruit based on your CLAT PG Exam score. 

For calculation of the final score, the exam conducting body will consider the following factors:

  • Group Discussion and Interview shall be as indicated below:
  • Marks in CLAT Entrance Exam (applicable for admission to LLM/ PG): 85%
  • Group Discussion: 3%
  • Personal Interview: 12%

11. Legal Officer in Public Sector Banks

  • You can have a career in public sector banks as a legal officer after clearing the IBPS exam.
  • These lawyers ensure the bank follows all rules and regulations the Reserve Bank of India laid down.
  • Salary: INR 3.0 Lakhs to INR 8.3 Lakhs

12. SEBI, RBI, IRDAI Lawyers

You must clear the organisation's separate exams to work with these renowned statutory bodies.

13. Corporate Law Firm

  • A corporate lawyer advises clients on their rights, responsibilities, and duties under the law.
  • They work in corporate sectors like startups, international organizations, Ed-tech companies, NGOs, etc. 
  • Salary: 3,50,000 - 35,00,000 PA.

14. Legal Journalist

  • This is one of the most attractive fields among the youth. Journalism provides ample opportunities for aspirants.
  • You can become a legal journalist or content manager. 
  • LLM is not a mandatory degree to work in journalism, but it boosts your profile.

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15. Civil services

  • A lucrative career in civil services is a common choice among law graduates.
  • The Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) is a central recruitment agency that carries out the examinations for appointments to union services.
  • All these examinations consist of Group A and Group B of the central services.
  • Since a significant portion of the exam curriculum (law-related) is covered in the undergraduate law program, law graduates have an edge in the civil services examinations.
  • Civil service is one of the most sought-after Law career options after graduation among many aspirants.

16. Legal Services Freelancer

  • You can provide legal services to individuals or firms working as freelancers. 
  • LLM is a degree regarded with utmost prestige in our society; hence, all the job profiles after LLM bring much reverence. 
  • These are a few sought-after jobs that you can choose after completing your LLM course.
  • There is many more list of jobs after CLAT PG 2024 that might interest you. 

CLAT PG Mock Tests

CLAT PG Mock Tests


Get your LLM degree to study at top NLUs or change your UG specialization. 

In the coming years, we can expect more opportunities and legal job roles requiring a CLAT PG degree, adding up to the existing list of jobs after CLAT PG 2024.

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