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How to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month?

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : November 16, 2023


Reader's Digest - Is It Even Possible to Crack CLAT 2024 in Just One Month? 🤯 Yes, it is indeed! Read this blog for the ultimate tips to prepare for CLAT 2024 in one month.

Sometimes, things don't need more time, just the right time." What if we tell you that now is the right time for you to dive into your CLAT 2024 preparations?

We're about to reveal how you can complete your 'picture abhi baki hai' to a blockbuster ending of getting admission into your favourite NLU through the CLAT 2024.

If the ticking clock makes your heart race faster and the CLAT dates on the calendar seem to mock you, pause for a moment.

Imagine a world where a month is all you need. Sounds dreamy, right? But can this dream be a reality?

Do you have the potential to harness the power of focused and intensive CLAT preparation and make a monumental difference in a mere month?

Here is a glimpse of the main points that will be discussed in the blog:

  • Top 5 Tips to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month: Key strategies and insights to optimize your last-month preparation for CLAT 2024.
  • Week-Wise Strategy to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month: A detailed plan to help you make the most of each week leading up to the exam.
  • Section-wise Strategy to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month: Customized approaches for each CLAT section, from General Knowledge to Legal Reasoning, tailored for your one-month sprint

Unlock the best preparation strategy for CLAT 2024 in just 2 months, a timeless gem of knowledge. And stay tuned, as we'll soon bring you 'How to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month?

Top 5 Tips to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month

If you have consistently prepared, pressure is unnecessary during the last month. You should focus on practising and time management and keep updated about all the latest happenings worldwide.

Ensure to put all your efforts into last month's preparation because these 30 days can change how you perform in the exam.

Deep Understanding of Patterns & Syllabus

For any preparation to be successful, you need to understand the pattern and syllabus for the CLAT exam.

Know if any changes are introduced in the exam and important topics for CLAT. Also, check the weightage of each topic. 

As the last month is said to be a revision period, ensure to revise each topic. Give a quick glance at easy topics. Remember to read the notes you prepared during the initial studying time. 

LegalEdge CLAT Toppers

LegalEdge CLAT Toppers

Solve Previous Year's Papers

One of the most important tips for scoring good marks in the CLAT entrance exam is to practice question papers.

Try solving as many previous year's question papers for CLAT as possible to understand the exam's difficulty level and the type of questions asked in the upcoming exam. 

Taking up Mock Tests Regularly

Attempting mock tests regularly will help analyze your preparation levels. You can improve your confidence levels and know which topic you are weak. 

Also, in many instances, similar concept-based questions are asked. So, if you practice enough, you can quickly answer the questions.

Avoid New Topics

Since the last month is for revising topics, don't read any new stuff. Try to revise whatever you have studied earlier.

Reading new topics can make you get confused and forget other stuff. 

Week-Wise Strategy to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month

You must ensure that you practice more and more in the last month of your preparation. Suppose you are preparing for 8 hours daily; allocate 2-3 hours to solve sample papers and previous year's papers.

Review the week-wise preparation plan from the post below and enhance your last-minute preparation for the CLAT Exam.

Week 1 Strategy to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month

  • Pick out 100-200 words, find their meanings and practice them.
  • Make sure to be thorough with the basics of all subjects. Take up one subject at a time. 
  • Read newspapers every day, along with editorials. 
  • Also, read Daily Current Affairs to know the latest global issues.

Week 2 Strategy to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month

  • Solve as many questions as possible from each subject. Try solving at least 1000 questions overall.
  • Also, make sure to analyze your answers so that you know your errors. 
  • Try to improve on the topics you are weak on. 
  • Don't miss reading newspapers and current affairs. 
  • Learn and practice at least 200 legal terms, 200 idioms, 100 proverbs, and 100 new words. This shall improve your vocabulary.

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

Week 3 Strategy to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month

  • Practice makes you perfect and crack the exam easily. So, ensure to practice as many questions as possible.
  • Newspapers are a great resource to crack the GK section. Make a habit of reading them daily.
  • Take up CLAT Mock Tests to know your level of preparation. Also, analyze your test report to know where you are going wrong.
  • Solve question papers to understand the difficulty level and type of questions asked in the exam.

Week 4 Strategy to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month

  • The last week can generally make you get tensed and worried. So, make sure you don't panic and get stressed.
  • Read the newspapers and current affairs without fail.
  • Attempt as many possible tests to improve your confidence level.
  • Keep all the documents you need to carry to the exam centre ready in hand. 

One Month Section-Wise Plan Strategy to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in One Month

You can begin with the easier subjects, so you have enough time for the tough ones. Try to revise as many times as you can until you are perfect. 

Gear up your preparation for the CLAT Entrance Exam by checking the quick tips and tricks given below.

How to Prepare for CLAT Legal Aptitude in One Month?

Legal aptitude continues to be the most crucial section of CLAT 2024. The questions in the legal aptitude section are designed to test your problem-solving ability in legal issues.

The following are some of the best CLAT Legal Aptitude preparation tips:

  • This section mainly tests your critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • It is an add-on advantage if you have prior knowledge about Legal issues, but it is not compulsory.
  • Ensure you clear your basics and apply the knowledge in solving problems.
  • Solve as many mock tests and question papers as possible to enhance your preparation. 

How to Prepare for CLAT GK in One Month?

  • Knowing about all the latest current affairs and general knowledge issues is important for this section.
  • One of the best CLAT GK Preparation tips is making a habit of reading the newspaper daily.
  • Reading newspapers regularly is important in cracking this section with a high score.
  • Read current daily affairs to stay updated about the latest issues happening across the globe. 

How to Prepare for CLAT English in One Month?

Around 22-26 questions are asked in this section. You can not learn the English language in a day. Instead, you need to read a lot to become an expert in the English language. 

The following are some of the tips that will help enhance your CLAT English Preparation.

  • You are mainly tested on vocabulary, reading, and grammar topics.
  • Identify the words that you are not familiar with and try to understand their meaning.
  • Solving question papers lets you understand the difficulty level of the exam. You can also know which type of questions are asked. 

How to Prepare for CLAT Mathematics in One Month?

You can follow the CLAT Maths Preparation Tips below to enhance your preparation.

  • Practice is the only way to score full marks in this section.
  • Make sure to solve as many problems as possible for a better understanding of concepts and to score good marks. 
  • There will be questions on percentage, time, speed, distance, number system, probability, profit and loss, averages, fractions, time and work, ratio and proportion, and simple and compound interest.

How to Prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning in One Month?

Following are some of the best CLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation Tips you can follow during your preparation.

  • In the logical reasoning section, questions related to puzzles, diagrams, arguments, statements, age, etc., can be asked. 
  • Try to solve previous year's question papers to get an idea about the type of questions asked. 
  • Solve mock tests to enhance your preparation level. 
  • The main trick to solving questions in this section is to analyze the given question carefully. 

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks


With just one month left to prepare for the CLAT entrance exam, the path to success may seem daunting, but it's manageable with the right strategy. In this comprehensive guide, we've covered essential tips to make the most of your remaining time.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Understand the CLAT pattern and syllabus thoroughly for effective revision.
  • Practice with previous year's question papers and take mock tests regularly to assess your preparation.
  • Focus on the essentials and avoid venturing into new topics during the last month.
  • Create a week-wise preparation plan, gradually building your knowledge and confidence.
  • Specific tips for tackling each section, from Legal Reasoning to GK, English, Mathematics, and Logical Reasoning, are provided to enhance your skills.

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