How to Prepare for CLAT in One Month? 

The last one month before the CLAT exam is definitely crucial. Are you feeling tensed and worried about CLAT 2022 exam? indecision

Well, you need to be calm and relaxed to attempt the exam so that you can answer all the questions easily. 

Wondering how to prepare for CLAT in one month? enlightenedYou are at the right place. This post is designed to help you and guide you through the preparation journey of CLAT. 

Scroll down and read through the complete post to know the detailed preparation strategy for the Common Law Admission Test. 

Top 5 Tips to Prepare for CLAT in One Month

Before you go ahead with the tips, note that there is no one-month preparation for CLAT. With a vast syllabus for CLAT, it is not possible to prepare for all subjects in one just one month. 

Generally, that last month is designated for revision and glancing at all topics once again to be perfect. Here are few quick tips and important points to remember while you prepare for CLAT in one month.

  1. Deep understanding of Pattern & Syllabus - For any preparation to be successful you need to understand the pattern and syllabus of the examination. Know if there are any changes introduced in CLAT and topics to be studied. Also, check the weightage of each topic. 
  2. Revising all the topics from each subject - As the last month is said to be a revision period, ensure to revise each topic. Give a quick glance at easy topics. Make sure to read the notes you had prepared during the initial time of studying. 
  3. Solving previous year papers - One of the most important tips for scoring good marks is to practice question papers. Try solving as many question papers as you can to understand the difficulty level of the CLAT exam. Also, you will get an idea about what type of questions are asked. 
  4. Taking up Mock Tests Regularly - Attempt mock tests to analyze your preparation levels. You can improve your confidence levels and know in which topic you are weak. 
  5. Do not read any new Topic - Since the last month is for revising topics, don't read any new stuff. Try to revise whatever you have studied earlier. Reading new topics can make you get confused and forget other stuff. yes

clat mock test

clat mock test

Last One Month Week-wise CLAT Preparation

Go through the week-wise preparation plan during the last minute preparation for CLAT.

Week 1 Preparation for CLAT

  • Pick out 100-200 words, find out their meanings and practice them.
  • Make sure to be thorough with the basics of all subjects. Take up one subject at a time. 
  • Read newspapers every day along with editorials. 
  • Also, read Daily Current Affairs to be aware of the latest issues across the globe.

Week 2 Preparation for CLAT

  • Solve as many questions as possible from each subject. Try solving at least 1000 questions overall.
  • Attempt quick tests of CLAT to test your preparation levels. Also, make sure to analyse your answers so that you know your errors. 
  • Try to improve on the topics you are weak on. 
  • Don't miss reading newspapers and current affairs. 
  • Learn and practice at least 200 legal terms, 200 idioms, 100 proverbs and 100 new words. This shall improve your vocabulary.

Week 3 Preparation for CLAT

  • Practice makes you perfect and cracks the exam easily. So, ensure to practice as many questions as possible.
  • Newspapers are a great resource to crack the GK section. Make a habit of reading them daily.
  • Take up mock tests to know your level of preparation. Also, analyse the report of your test to know where you are going wrong.
  • Solve previous year papers of CLAT to get an idea about difficulty level and type of questions asked in the exam.

Week 4 Preparation for CLAT

  • The last week can generally make you get tensed and worried. So, make sure you don't panic and get stressed.
  • Read the newspapers and current affairs without fail.
  • Attempt as many possible tests to improve your confidence level.
  • Keep all the documents you need to carry to the exam centre ready in hand. 

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Subject-Wise Preparation for CLAT in One Month

As you have gone through overall strategies for your last month above, here are subject-wise tips. So, gear up your preparation for CLAT Exam by checking these quick tips and tricks. 

How to Prepare for CLAT Legal Aptitude in One Month?

  • This section mainly tests your critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • In case you have prior knowledge about Legal issues then it is an add on advantage but it is not compulsory.
  • Ensure to clear your basics and apply the knowledge in solving problems.
  • Solve as many mock tests and question papers as possible to enhance your preparation levels. 

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How to Prepare for CLAT GK in One Month?

  • Knowing about all the latest current affairs and general knowledge issues is important for this section.
  • Reading newspapers regularly plays an important role in cracking this section with a high score.
  • Read daily current affairs to stay updated about the latest issues happening across the globe. 

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How to Prepare for CLAT English in One Month?

  • You are mainly tested on vocabulary, reading, and grammar topics.
  • For improving vocabulary try to read and learn new words with their meanings.
  • Solving question papers lets you understand the difficulty level of the exam. You can also know which type of questions are asked. 

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How to Prepare for CLAT Mathematics in One Month?

  • Practice is the only way to score full marks in this section.
  • Make sure to solve as many problems as possible for a better understanding of concepts and to score good marks. 
  • There will be questions from topics such as percentage, time speed and distance, number system, probability, profit and loss, averages, fractions, time and work, ratio and proportion, simple and compound interest.

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How to Prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning in One Month?

  • In the logical reasoning section, questions related to puzzles, diagrams, arguments, statements, age etc can be asked. 
  • Try to solve previous year question papers to get an idea about the type of questions asked. 
  • Solve mock tests to enhance your preparation level. 
  • The main trick to sole questions in this section is to analyse the given question carefully. 

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How much time is sufficient for CLAT Preparation?

For scoring minimum qualifying marks in CLAT, at least one-month consistent preparation is necessary. If you have properly prepared for all topics in-depth, then it is definitely possible to clear the exam with a high score.

How do I prepare for CLAT at the last minute?

The last-minute preparation refers to revision and giving a quick glance to all topics. This time is utilized for solving previous year papers, attempting mock tests, and revising each topic from all subjects.

What should I do one hour before the exam?

The one hour before the exam is very precious as you have to stay calm and be relaxed to answer the question paper. Make sure not to get tensed and worried about the question paper. Just be relaxed and begin answering the question paper.