As you all know, the new pattern of the CLAT exam includes comprehension based passages followed by questions. English subjects play an essential role in the CLAT examination. If you struggle to prepare for reading comprehension in the CLAT exam, then the post shall take you through preparation strategies.

Get expert tips and tricks on how to improve reading comprehension for CLAT 2022. Earlier, reading comprehension was a part of CLAT English, but the entire question paper now includes comprehension passages. 

Sometimes, the questions can be direct, while you might get stuck in between the questions in a few cases. You might not be able to get the correct answer. So, how to solve such tricky questions and get the correct answer? Well, this post shall provide you with the best tips and tricks to solve RC questions in CLAT English. 

Top 5 Tips to Improve Reading Comprehensions for CLAT 2022

Here are five tricks you can follow to score full marks in reading comprehension passages. 

Don't Preassume Things

  1. As soon as you read any passage don't conclude that passage. 
  2. Don't think that you are already aware of this passage and know the answers.
  3. Read the passage carefully and imagine yourself in the place of any character in the passage. Read the context from the author's perspective.

Learn to Simplify

  • Most of you might not be able to summarize the given passage. But, in reading comprehension for CLAT, you need to learn to summarize the passage.
  • Simplify the complex sentences to get the gist of the passage. This helps in answering the questions easily and quickly.

Context is the King

  • Many things can change in a sentence or a passage, like the part of speech, meaning, voice, and more. 
  • Make sure to keep an eye on the context. You need to understand the context carefully before moving to questions.

Think before Choosing the option

  • Generally, most of you might choose which one strikes as soon as reading the question, but it's not correct.
  • Understand the question carefully and decide the option correctly. "Half right is not right"
  • One slight mistake can end up in losing a mark. 

Solve more and more

  • Gear up your preparations well in advance by solving more and more reading comprehensions. 
  • Answer the reading comprehension passages from previous year CLAT question papers. 
  • You will not only come across new passages; indeed, you will find new ways to improve reading comprehension for CLAT. 

Important Tips while Solving Reading Comprehensions for CLAT

  1. Try to summarize the passage
  2. Find out the central idea of the passage or the pinpoint in the passage
  3. Keep an eye on minute details in the passage
  4. Practice more and more to be a pro at answering RC questions
  5. Reading is the key to success. Improve your reading skill and understand the passage in one go.
  6. Improve your vocabulary