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CLAT Time Management Tips 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : June 13, 2023


Reader's Digest - Mastering CLAT time management tips is crucial for success in the exam. Learn how to optimize your study schedule and allocate time effectively for each section to ace the CLAT.

As the competition for the CLAT exam is increasing exponentially, you must put your maximum effort into the exam to deal with the competition and come out with flying colours.

Effective time management is vital to securing a good entrance exam rank. Also, it will help you boost your confidence, set priorities, and reduce stress levels.

We believe most of you might have taken 5-10 mocks and must have encountered a lot of questions about the time that one should devote to each section, how to set a fixed time for each team, how to solve all the questions within a given time and more.

This post will walk you through the best CLAT time management tips, smart ways to solve lengthy passage-based questions, etc.

So, why late? Let's dive into the post for simple tips and tricks that will help enhance your time management skills.

What Should be Your Approach to CLAT Exam 2024?

Many of you may perform well in sectional tests, but you cannot reach the expectation when attempting a complete CLAT Question Paper. This is due to consuming more time for any section and having no time for other areas.

Time management, both within and outside the exam, is necessary to ensure greater chances of success at the exam, as management of time on the part of an aspirant makes sure that enough appropriate time has been allocated to each concept and in the paper- to each section.

The CLAT time management tips below will help you better understand how to manage time to succeed in the Common Law Admission Test 2024:

  • Preparing to attempt all the 150 questions before going through the exam pattern.
  • Make a note of weak and strong sections separately. This can help in proceeding with the easier and more confident section first.
  • Since the question paper includes comprehension-based questions, ensure to read and understand the passage in one go.
  • The best way to fuel up time-managerial skills is to practice the previous year's papers. Set a timer while solving it.
  • Improve reading skills by regularly reading newspapers or magazines.
  • You know your speed, improve your reading skills, and come across different questions.

CLAT Time Management Tips to Manage Stress 

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed during the CLAT entrance exam is the most common thing in most of you. But remember, feeling stressed sometimes is also good for our brains. 

When stressed, our brains release high cortisol levels, which can cloud how we think and get in the way of rational thoughts. Your mind may have thoughts but are not supposed to be confused with the reality of things, as thought-action fusion is not a rational train of thought.

You can follow the following CLAT time management tips to avoid stress during your exam preparation:

Prioritize your time when revising.

  • You must prioritize your time, subjects, and workload, as it will make a big difference and help to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.
  • Ensure to prepare a timetable with the dates and how many topics must be covered daily. This will show you how much time you must dedicate to each topic and when to start your revision.

Make a revised timetable.

Making a revision schedule and writing to-do lists for each day will keep you prepared and make it easier to finish everything on time.

Take breaks from social media before exams.

Try to avoid checking apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook while preparing for the exam, as we all know how quickly time disappears when you are swiping through your social feeds. Social media is a leading cause of anxiety, too; best to stay away if you do not want it to affect you.

Stepping away from social media while preparing will reduce your stress levels.

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Do some physical activity daily

Physical activity is one of the best, scientifically proven methods to overcome stress.

Exercising daily will reduce stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, and stimulate endorphins, which elevate your mood and are natural painkillers.

What is the Smart way of Solving Comprehension-Based Questions in CLAT 2024?

  • Since the paper pattern has been changed, it might be tricky for many of you while easy for a few.
  • As said, start with the easy section first to save time for difficult sections.
  • Time yourself for each question. A few questions take very little time, while some can consume more time from the calculation or thinking part.
  • You can improve on this by solving more mock tests and CLAT quizzes. You can get an idea about how quickly you can solve each question.

CLAT Online Coaching

CLAT Online Coaching

Section-Wise CLAT Time Management Tips 2024

Before attempting the paper, use the time given to read it. Please read it with focus. Allot time for all the sections in which you will finish it. It is essential to allocate time to each section previously.

The following are some of the best tips to crack the CLAT exam on the first attempt:

  • Finish the Legal Aptitude & Reasoning sections within 30-35 minutes.
  • English Section is easy most times. So, strive to finish it in 20 minutes.
  • GK & Maths must not take more time than 20 minutes.
  • Give the rest of the time to attempt the skipped questions.
  • And then there must be some 5-10 minutes to review all the questions, once
  • If one feels that a question is tricky and time-consuming, do not waste time there. Move on and solve it in the end.
  • Skip the question rather than fill in the wrong answer. Do not forget that Negative Marking applies to the paper.
  • Also, there is no sectional cut-off, another reason to skip questions. If attempting, ensure it is an educated guess you take, not a wild one.
  • In the reading time, ensure to go through the passages once. Later, you can skim the course once again when you start answering.

CLAT Time Management Tips: Divide the Time for Each Section

Allotting time for each section is the first step toward effectively optimizing your time in the Common Law Admission Test.

Remember, the time allotment varies according to your strengths and weakness. You must begin the exam by attempting GK, followed by  English, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude.

Authorities shall not give any extra time for any section, so you must make sure to complete the section within the time limit.

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CLAT Time Management Tips: Allot Time for Each Question

In this step, you must allocate time for every question in each section. This will help you attempt the questions on a priority basis.

  • Also, it will help you understand the questions you can answer first and quickly.
  • Try to finish the easier questions first and then move to tricky questions. 

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CLAT Time Management Tips: Understand the Question in the First Reading

Before answering any question, one should read it, focus, and understand it. Answering a question with unclear observation is dangerous.

  • Develop a habit of understanding the depth of problems and drawing their solutions.
  • Do not hurry when it comes to attempting problems. No matter if it is during practice or the actual exam.
  • Revisiting the passage or question is an unnecessary usage of time that could be better allocated to understand and solve other portions. Use your alert meta while reading the passage so you comprehend it in one go.
  • The seriousness and mindset during the preparation directly impacts the actual exam.
  • Cramming never works, especially when it is an essential exam like CLAT Entrance Exam.
  • Deep knowledge of the basic concepts is a positive pathway to cracking the exam.
  • One does not have much time to spend reading questions again and again. So, ensure you read it, focusing on it the first time.
  • Concentration is an essential aspect of CLAT time management tips. Soak the questions in the first reading.

CLAT Mock Tests

CLAT Mock Tests

CLAT Time Management Tips: Practice Mock Tests

Mock Tests are the best way to fuel your preparation. Set a timer when you attempt CLAT Mock Tests and finish it on time.

Practising mock tests will help you understand the difficulty level of questions and the type of questions asked in the exam.

Mock tests are a perfect parameter to understand how long you take for each section and to figure out the best strategy for yourself while maintaining sectional timings. Please ensure you are honest with the clock.

Also, it will help you understand how much time you are required to attempt each section.

CLAT Time Management Tips 2024 to Follow on the Day of the Exam

There are a few CLAT time management tips that you can follow on exam day. You can go through the CLAT Exam Day Instructions from the post below.

  • Do not revise anything new at the end of the hours.
  • In the exam hall, try to be calm and silent.
  • Do not indulge in any talks at the exam hall.
  • Talking about the exam, especially, can build the pressure of attempting it. So, avoid conversation anyway.
  • Before the exam, do not get into negative thoughts, talks, quotes, etc.
  • Do not guess in the exam. Take the problem, understand it and then answer it. If it does not get into the mind, leave it. Do not play a guessing game.
  • Do not jump on sections. Attempt one section, then move on to the other one. Otherwise, it will create confusion.
  • Do not stick to questions. Move on. Keep solving. Mark the time-consuming questions. Solve them later
  • Be positive. Things will work out.


In conclusion, effective time management is crucial when preparing for the CLAT 2024 examination. By following these CLAT time management tips, you can enhance your study routine and maximize your chances of success. 

Key takeaways:

- Prioritize study material based on importance and difficulty.
- Create a well-structured study schedule with allocated time slots for each subject.
- Utilize effective study techniques such as breaking down complex topics and practising with mock tests.
- Seek guidance from mentors or teachers when needed.
- Maintain a healthy work-life balance and take regular breaks to avoid burnout.
- Stay disciplined, consistent, and positive throughout your CLAT preparation journey.

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