How To Crack CLAT In First Attempt

how to crack clat in the first attempt

Many students dream of appearing in the CLAT Exam. This year, the officials will conduct the paper in May 2020. The students, still, have a lot of time to prepare. Check out this article to know some amazing tips on how to crack CLAT in the first attempt:

How To Crack CLAT In First Attempt Highlights

It is not at all difficult to crack the CLAT Exam in the first attempt. Some students might be thinking about it otherwise. With simple steps, persistence and time-managerial skills, it is easy.

With following all the tips given in this post, students can crack CLAT without coaching. Read the following to know more about the same:

  • The officials will hold the CLAT Exam in May 2020. Students have a lot of time to prepare for it. Every single day counts from now
  • Considering the CLAT 2020 Syllabus, it is compulsory to complete all the sections in the exam. Only then, one can crack it
  • Students should read Newspapers every day, without fail. This will help a lot in the GK Section
  • One can check the CLAT Previous Year Question Papers to understand the type of questions appear in the paper. It will also help the individuals to understand paper patten
  • Also, students must solve different Puzzles and play games that demand logic. Such activities help a lot in Reasoning Section
  • The Registration Forms will be active in December 2019. Students can check the tentative CLAT Exam Dates

CLAT English Preparation

The English Section of the CLAT Exam holds a total of 40 marks. The most important thing for this section is mastering Grammar and Vocabulary. Read the following to know more:
  • This section is to test the student’s understanding of the English Language
  • Students will have to attempt the Comprehension Passages in this section. They have to focus and read the passage out of which they have to mark the answers
  • The officials will form an idea of how well the students have understood the theme of the passage
  • Not only the theme but the meanings of several words used in the passage
  • To score well, Download Free E-Book Word Power Made Easy. This helps in enhancing grammar and being proficient in English Vocabulary
  • In the grammar section, candidates will have to correct the errors in the given sentences
  • Candidates’ grasping ability must be high. This will only improve with consistent practice
  • Candidates can also study synonyms/antonyms to enhance their vocabulary
  • The best way is to try to form different types of sentences out of the new words learned in a day

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CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation

The Legal Aptitude Section is for 50 marks. The students can score this much marks without much effort. Let’s check out some preparation strategies for the same:
  • First of all, one must practice on understanding the legal principles and jargons in a quick way
  • One must know how to apply the facts in the situations and arguments
  • Practice Short-Cut Techniques, too. But we would suggest not to ever rely on them. Go through them for knowledge and new ideas
  • Try to understand the concepts. Do not go for cramming
  • Practice as much as you can. Spend 3 hours, at least, on the Legal Aptitude Section
  • Good Reading speed is very important to crack this section
  • Not only speed but to apply the facts on the spot – the combination is deadly

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CLAT General Knowledge Preparation

GK Section is for 50 marks. Candidates can achieve all those 50 marks by following the preparation tips below:
  • One must be aware of the current affairs in the area of Economy, Indian Constitution, and Awards
  • Static GK is also a part of the syllabus. Students must read blogs, articles or books about that to crack the section
  • There have been many legal events and issues in the past. One must have an understanding of all
  • Do not cram dates, events. Rather, understand why something happened. Get an idea behind these matters. This way, one will not need to learn or cram things
  • One must know entirely all the happenings of the last 5 years, check CLAT Best Preparation Books
  • Refer to Magazines, Newspapers, E-Newspapers, Blogs, etc. to be more aware
  • Do not forget to read the Newspaper on a daily basis
  • Watch News Channels for at least 40 minutes, per day

CLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation

Logical Reasoning Section is for 40 marks. The students can achieve good marks in this section by the following simple tricks:
  • Two parts consist of this section: Analytical Reasoning and Critical Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning has topics like Blood Relations, Directions, Number Series, etc.
  • Solve more Puzzles & Play Logical Games to Crack CLAT Logical Reasoning
  • Critical Reasoning is a bit difficult. It contains topics like strengthening/weakening arguments, deriving conclusion, etc.
  • Due to the application of Negative Marking, one can leave questions they are unsure about. But one can also master the same questions by practicing and devoting more time on them
  • With this section, the officials will understand one’s ability to crack patterns. Also, how does one deal with the illogical arguments and logical links

CLAT Maths Preparation

Students do not have to panic because Maths is only for 20 marks. The level of the questions would be that of an elementary standard.
  • Practice and understand the basics of the topics
  • Do not cram. Understand the concepts and ideas of certain theories
  • Practice formulas. Do not learn them. Insert them in different types of questions. Try to master them
  • Attempt more and more questions to enhance the speed
  • One can achieve all 20 marks from this section with the right amount of time given to practice
  • Skip the questions in the exam that take a lot of time
  • Do not wait to get the answer in your mind through magic
  • Keep moving forward in the exam. The clock is ticking

Solve Mock Tests

Solving 1 Mock Test per day can fuel the preparation and take one to a higher level. Students should understand the significance of solving mock tests. Read the following for the same:
how to crack clat exam in first attempt
  • Mock Tests help in knowing our actual speed
  • Once we know what our speed is, it becomes easy to work on it
  • Practicing mocks also help in understanding our weak areas at the end of it
  • One will understand in detail the CLAT Exam Pattern. Not only that, but they will solve so many different questions. This will help in enhancing knowledge in all the sections at one time
  • It will give an actual feel of solving a test which is very important before the real exam
  • This is the best way to learn time-management. Speed in the exam matters a lot. One will learn how to solve questions within the time-span

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