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Which Stream is Best for CLAT 2024?

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : June 3, 2023


Reader's Digest - Are you aiming to crack CLAT 2024? Wondering which stream would be the best fit for you? Dive into this blog to explore the possibilities & find out the answer to the burning question: Which stream is best for CLAT 2024?

Once you finish 10th grade, you're faced with a multitude of career options, and it can be quite overwhelming to make a decision. But if you're interested in pursuing a career in law, don't worry! We're here to help you navigate through this process.

In today's world, the traditional paths of science and engineering aren't the only ones available. There are plenty of diverse professional opportunities out there. If you're passionate about becoming a lawyer, this post is tailor-made for you. It will provide detailed information on choosing the right stream after Class 10th grade or even if you're already in Class 11 and wondering about your options.

While there are various law entrance exams you can consider, the CLAT is the most prestigious one. It opens doors to renowned National Law Universities (NLUs). Our aim with this post is to guide you in determining Which stream is Best for CLAT for selecting a subject stream after Class 10th that will best support your CLAT journey.

If your dream is to study at a prestigious NLU and achieve great success, it's crucial to start preparing early. Begin your path to a fulfilling career in law and reach for the stars.

Latest News - Great news for CLAT aspirants! The Consortium has released the CLAT 2024 Exam Date. Watch out for more updates in the coming days!

Navigating CLAT Eligibility and Stream Selection: Key Considerations

  • The subject you choose for your class 11 and 12th education does not determine your eligibility to study law, appear for CLAT, or join an NLU for the B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) programme.
  • The governing body of the CLAT exam has specified that there is no upper age limit for candidates applying for the UG Programme.
  • To be eligible for the CLAT exam, candidates must secure a minimum percentage of marks in their qualifying examination (Class 10+2 or equivalent).
  • The minimum requirement for General/OBC/PWD/NRI/PIO/OCI categories is 45% marks or its equivalent grade.
  • The minimum requirement for SC/ST categories is 40% marks or its equivalent.
  • When selecting a stream for your class 11 and 12th education, it is important to consider your interests and aptitude for a backup career in case a law career doesn't work out.
  • Ask yourself what alternative career you see yourself pursuing with interest and aptitude, and based on the answer(s) to that question, make a well-informed choice for you which stream is best for CLAT.
  • While the right preparation and mindset can help you succeed in the CLAT exam, it is crucial to consider all relevant factors before making a decision about your subject stream after Class 10.
  • The best stream for CLAT may vary for each individual, depending on their personal strengths, interests, and long-term career goals. Choosing a stream that aligns with your aptitude and provides a strong foundation for your preferred areas of law is advisable.

LegalEdge CLAT Toppers

LegalEdge CLAT Toppers

Which Stream is Best for CLAT 2024?

Arts/Humanities Stream:

  • The CLAT exam and other law entrance tests are known for their reading-heavy nature and the need to comprehend complex information.
  • The humanities stream, which includes subjects like Elective English (advanced literature), Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, History, Economics, etc., provides a solid foundation for understanding and analyzing the dense and theory-oriented content of the CLAT exam.
  • Studying humanities cultivates critical thinking skills, analytical abilities, and a deep understanding of social issues, which are highly relevant in the legal field.
  • Moreover, the B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) course, a popular choice for law aspirants, incorporates subjects like History, Sociology, Political Science, etc. Opting for the humanities stream in classes 11 and 12 establishes a strong base for these subjects, facilitating a smoother transition to law school.
  • The advantages of the humanities stream include the development of skills in logical reasoning, persuasive writing, and effective communication, which are valuable in the legal profession.

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks

Science Stream:

  • The science stream after class 10th offers its own set of advantages for CLAT preparation and future legal studies.
  • Science subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, develop logical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail, transferable skills beneficial in law.
  • The rigorous nature of the science stream fosters discipline, perseverance, and strong analytical skills, which can be advantageous in tackling the challenging aspects of the CLAT exam.
  • Students from science backgrounds may find opportunities in specialized areas of law such as Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law, Health Law, or Technology Law, where a scientific understanding can be highly valuable.

Commerce Stream:

  • Going for the commerce stream after class 10th also provides unique advantages for CLAT preparation and a future legal career.
  • Commerce subjects, such as Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies, offer knowledge and understanding of financial transactions, commercial laws, and business operations, which are directly applicable to various areas of law, such as Corporate Law, Banking Law, or International Trade Law.
  • Commerce students often develop strong numerical and analytical skills, which are beneficial in tackling the CLAT exam's quantitative reasoning and data interpretation sections.
  • Students from commerce backgrounds may find opportunities in fields like Corporate Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law, or Securities Law, where a combination of legal and business knowledge is valuable.

When deciding on the best subject stream for CLAT 2024, consider your personal interests, strengths, and long-term career goals. While the humanities stream is commonly associated with law, students with aptitude and passion for science or commerce can excel in CLAT by leveraging their specific skill sets and aligning their legal interests with related areas of expertise. Based on this information, you can make a proper decision about choosing your subject in classes 11 and 12th.

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching


When deciding which stream is best for CLAT 2024, it's important to think about your interests, strengths, and future career objectives. The humanities stream is well-suited for the reading-heavy nature of the exam, but science and commerce streams also have their advantages. The best stream choice depends on your aptitude and long-term goals. Selecting a stream that aligns with your strengths and provides a solid foundation for your desired areas of law is crucial. Consider all relevant factors and make an informed decision for your preferred subject stream to set yourself up for success in your CLAT journey. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in law or passionate about becoming a lawyer, then choosing any stream is best. However, upon expert advice choosing humanities or arts can help in better understanding of law-related topics and scoring good marks. 
For the CLAT Exam 2024, you need to study 5 subjects; Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude, English Language, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. All 5 subjects are equally important.
After the 10th, make sure to choose the humanities or arts stream if you wish to appear for CLAT 2024. However, you can choose any stream to become a lawyer.
There is not much role of 12th marks in the CLAT exam. However, you must have secured minimum marks or percentages in the 12th standard. 
No, you can apply for CLAT only after qualifying for the 12th standard or when studying in the 12th standard. 
CLAT exam will have topics like Economics, Psychology, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy, Human Rights and Gender Studies asked in examination which is covered in Humanities.
Yes, the earlier you start your preparations, the better your revision.


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