Which Stream is Best for CLAT 2022?

After completing 10th grade, you might be confused about which stream to choose to pursue your dream career. indecision There are various options for every career like science stream for Engineering and Medical, Arts or Humanities stream for law, Commerce for management courses. 

If you are aspiring to pursue law, this post shall provide in-depth information on which stream to choose after the 10th.

To study law, you need to clear the trendy entrance examination after 12th, known as CLAT. This post shall also provide detailed information on which stream suits you best for taking up CLAT. 

Which is the Best Stream After 10th to Pursue Law?

As per expert advice and suggestions, choosing the Humanities or Arts stream helps understand law-related subjects better. It will be a basic foundation for your law course.

In Humanities, you will learn subjects like Economics, Psychology, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy, Human Rights and Gender Studies. These subjects are the stepping stones for further courses chosen after the 12th. 

clat mock test

clat Mock test

Which Stream is Best for CLAT?

As said above, CLAT is one of the highly competitive entrance examinations for law courses. By appearing for CLAT, you can get admission into top law universities across India. 

In CLAT Exam, you have five sections, out of which one is legal aptitude. To crack this section with a high score you need to know legal issues and topics. 

Thus, choosing Humanities or Arts after the 10th standard can help in cracking the section with a high score. In Humanities or Arts, you shall study subjects like geography, history, and political science that are useful for CLAT examination.

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You might be wondering what goes wrong if chosen other streams? The next section lists other streams after the 12th and how they affect preparation for CLAT. 

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How does Choosing Other Streams Affect CLAT Preparation?

Choosing a law-related stream has few advantages when you appear for CLAT; however, you can choose any stream and appear for CLAT. Know other streams after the 10th and how do they affect CLAT Preparation.


  • Every year around 30-40% of CLAT aspirants are from a commerce background. 
  • You need to put in an extra effort for understanding the concepts in law subject. 
  • As per CLAT Pattern, around 28-32 questions are from the legal aptitude subject. 


  • There are fewer aspirants from science backgrounds taking up CLAT.
  • Around 20% of aspirants appear for CLAT every year. 
  • It might be tough to understand the subjects initially, but you can crack the exam with a high score with proper preparation. 
  • There are many toppers who have cleared the entrance examination by scoring 150 in CLAT Exam

From the above explanation, the humanities stream has a lot more advantages than other streams. Thus, choose your stream wisely. 


Which stream is best for law after 10th?

If you are interested in law or passionate about becoming lawyer, then choosing any stream is best. However, upon expert advice choosing humanities or arts can help in better understanding of law related topics and score good marks. 

Which subject is important for CLAT?

For CLAT exam you need to study 5 subjects; Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude, English Language, Mathematics, General Knowledge. All 5 subjects are equally important.

Which stream is required for CLAT?

After 10th, make sure to choose humanities or arts stream if you wish to appear for CLAT. However, you can choose any stream if you wish to become a lawyer.

Does 12th marks matter in CLAT?

There is not much role of 12th marks in CLAT exam, however you need to have secured minimum marks or percentage in 12th standard. 

Can we give CLAT in 11th standard?

No, you can apply for CLAT only after qualifying 12th standard or when you are studying in 12th standard.