CLAT PG Exam Analysis 2024 Live! [Question Paper Analysis]

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : December 3, 2023


Reader's Digest: Reviewing past year's papers can enhance your prep for the next CLAT PG session. It reveals section difficulties, paper insights, and recurring topics. Curious about your competition's challenges? Read on dost!

Done & Dusted!

The CLAT PG 2024 Exam has concluded, and the live analysis is now available! After enduring months of stress, it's finally time for you to relax and unwind. We recommend that you seize this opportunity! Details on CLAT PG 2024 Paper Analysis can be found below!

In this article, we'll explore the CLAT PG Exam Analysis for 2024. If you're a law student preparing for the CLAT PG 2025 exam, understanding what to expect in the paper can be extremely helpful.

The 2024 CLAT PG paper was conducted on December 3, 2023, and it's crucial to analyze its content and structure. We'll take a closer look at the difficulty level, question types, and key topics in the exam.

By the end of this analysis, you'll have a better grasp of what to focus on in your preparations. So, let's get started and into the CLAT PG Analysis 2024 to make your 2025 exam readiness more effective and informed!

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Key Contents

  1. Review of CLAT PG 2024 Exam: Insights into the paper's difficulty, format changes, and question types.
  2. Comparison with Past Papers: Analysis of CLAT PG 2023 and earlier exams, highlighting differences in patterns and subjects.
  3. Subject-Wise Breakdown: Detailed examination of key subjects like Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, and unexpected topics.
  4. Strategies for Aspirants: Advice on time management, subject focus, and preparation techniques for the CLAT PG 2025 exam.
  5. Resource Links: Access to free study materials and mock tests for effective preparation.
  6. Answer Key Information: Details on the provisional CLAT Answer Key and handling discrepancies.
  7. Historical and Contemporary Focus: Analysis of passages related to landmark judgments and current legal scenarios.

Below you'll find hand-curated study material that will help you make it through the CLAT PG 2025!

 CLAT PG Analysis 2024 Insights 

Paper Pattern and Length:

  • Change in Pattern: The 2024 paper experienced a significant change in format with 24 passages, resulting in a lengthy question paper of over 40 pages.
  • Difficulty Level: The overall difficulty of the paper was moderate. However, the length of the paper made it challenging for students to attempt all questions.
  • Ideal Attempt Range: Students ideally managed to attempt between 80 to 95 questions.

Question Types:

  • Nature of Questions: The exam predominantly featured direct questions, focusing more on factual knowledge rather than in-depth analytical skills.

Expected Cut-off:

  • Despite the changes in paper length and pattern, the CLAT PG cut-off for 2024 is not expected to be much different from the previous year.

Subject-wise Breakdown:

  • Constitutional and Criminal Law: There were 3 passages each from Constitutional and Criminal Law. These subjects saw a mix of difficulty levels, with Constitutional Law being moderate to easy, and Criminal Law being moderately challenging.
  • Jurisprudence: Two passages on Jurisprudence featured direct questions. Notably, indirect questions referring to cases were absent, making these passages relatively easy.
  • Unexpected Inclusions: A passage from the Civil Procedure Code (CPC) was included, which was an out-of-syllabus topic for many candidates.
  • Historical and Contemporary Relevance: The paper included 5 passages related to the year 2023, 3 from 2022, and others from landmark judgments or various years. One passage from Public Interest Litigation (PIL) focused on the concept of genocide.
  • Tort Law: A surprise topic in Tort Law asked about the tortious liability of the state, which was not anticipated by many.
  • Minor Subjects: Passages from lesser-focused subjects like the Specific Relief Act (SRA) and Taxation Law also made an appearance.

Key Observations and Strategies for CLAT PG 2025 Aspirants:

  • Given the length of the paper, time management and selective answering are crucial skills.
  • A strong foundation in major law subjects, especially Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Jurisprudence, is essential.
  • Candidates should also be prepared for unexpected topics and diversify their studies to cover minor subjects.
  • Regular practice of lengthy passages can help improve speed and comprehension skills, which are vital for navigating the extended format of the paper.

 Comparative Analysis: CLAT PG 2023 vs. CLAT PG 2024 

The CLAT PG exams of 2023 and 2024 present some notable differences and similarities in their structure, difficulty level, and question types. Understanding these changes can offer valuable insights for future aspirants. Here's a comparison of the two years:

Paper Pattern and Length:

  • 2023: Featured 12 passages, making the paper moderately lengthy.
  • 2024: Experienced a significant format change with 24 passages, resulting in a very lengthy paper of over 40 pages.

Difficulty Level:

  • 2023: Moderate overall, with some passages (like lengthy ones) posing time management challenges.
  • 2024: Also moderate in difficulty, but the total length of the paper made it challenging for students to complete.

Question Types:

  • 2023: A mix of direct and analytical questions, requiring both factual knowledge and deeper understanding.
  • 2024: Predominantly direct questions, focusing more on factual information.

Cut-off Expectations:

  • 2023: The cut-off was influenced by the lengthy nature of some passages.
  • 2024: Despite the significant increase in paper length, the cut-off is not expected to change drastically from the previous year.

Subject Focus:

  • 2023: Featured unexpected topics like high court judgments and company laws. Emphasis on contemporary issues and landmark cases.
  • 2024: Included a broader range of subjects, with out-of-syllabus topics like a passage from CPC. Emphasis on landmark judgments and past year's developments.

Key Challenges for Students:

  • 2023: Managing time effectively due to lengthy passages and balancing between direct and analytical questions.
  • 2024: Major challenge was completing the paper within the time limit due to its increased length.

Preparation Strategy:

  • 2023: Required a balance between understanding concepts and being able to analyze passages quickly.
  • 2024: Demanded strong foundational knowledge and an emphasis on time management skills due to the paper's length.

 CLAT PG Analysis 2023 Insights 

  1. Difficulty Level:

    • The difficulty level of CLAT PG 2023 was moderate compared to 2022.
  2. Question Types - Direct vs. Analytical:

    • In CLAT PG 2023, the questions were direct and straightforward, often requiring factual information from passages.
    • In contrast, the 2022 questions were more analytical, demanding a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
    • Example: In 2023, you might have been asked to identify specific details in a passage, while in the previous year, you might have had to analyze and draw conclusions from the text.
  3. Lengthy Paper:

    • CLAT PG 2023 featured a relatively lengthy paper with extended passages.

    • The lengthy passages posed a challenge for students, leading to a reduced number of questions attempted.

  4. Unexpected Passages:

    • There were surprising passages in CLAT PG 2023 that covered topics like high court judgments and company laws.
    • Despite the unexpected content, the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) were grounded in fundamental concepts.
    • Example: You might have encountered a passage about a recent high court judgment or a complex company law case, but the questions tested your basic understanding of these subjects.
  5. Contemporary Topics and Landmark Cases:

    • Several passages in CLAT PG 2023 were based on contemporary issues and landmark legal cases.
    • The questions required you to apply your knowledge to these current scenarios.
    • What This Means: Candidates had to answer questions related to a recent legal development or a famous legal case that were highly relevant.

 CLAT PG 2023 Paper Passages Detail Analysis 

12 passages appeared in the last year's CLAT PG paper, which is as follows: 

1. Lalita Kumari v. UOI 

  • Concept of FIR Mix of judgment-based and provision-based questions were asked in this passage. 
  • Number of good attempts - 6-7 questions

2. SEBI v. Abhijit Rajan 

  • It's a Contemporary case, and most of the questions were based on the case and the concept of insider trading.
  • Number of good attempts - 2 - 3 questions

3. Sabrimala Case

  • IYLA v. State of Kerala questions were regarding the Fundamental Rights of Freedom of Religion and Untouchability. 
  • The Sabrimala Case passage was quite unexpected. 

4. Law-making power in India

The law by Jeremy Waldren's questions was based on the analytical interpretation of the passage. 

5. Ordinance Making power of the executive 

  • Questions were based on the fundamental provision of the Indian Constitution.
  • This was an easy passage; you could easily attempt 6-7 questions. 
  • Number of good Attempts - 6-7 questions

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

6. FCI v. Abhijit Paul: Contract, IOS Basic Provisions of Contract 

This was a moderate passage. 

7. CSR - Company Law 

  • This passage was easy, with predictable topics.
  • Questions based on the passage and fundamental knowledge were tested; however, the passage was very long to read. 

8. Tax, Constitution Law

  • Passages from the constitution and tax law were a mix of TPA and were difficult. Which were quite unexpected from these sections. 
  • Number of good Attempts - 2-3

9. Pidilite Industries Ltd case 

  • The passage was based on IPR based case (Bombay High court), where 6-7 questions were predictable and based on fundamental knowledge. 
  • Number of good Attempts - 6 - 7 questions

10. Gujarat Mazdoo Sabha Case 

  • The passage was based on Covid Labour law and the constitution. 
  • Number of good attempts - 7 -8 questions 

11. Russian War 

This passage had the concept of Genocide, and the questions were of moderate-difficult level. 

12. Lastly, concepts of Primary, Secondary and electronic evidence from sections 65 A and 65B were asked. 

Wish you good luck with your results. Note that the provisional CLAT Answer Key 2024 has already been released officially.

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 CLAT PG Exam 2022 Analysis: Key Highlights 

The following are some of the key highlights of the CLAT PG 2022 analysis.

  • The overall difficulty level of the exam was difficult.
  • A total of 120 questions need to be answered in 120 minutes.
  • The CLAT PG exam included a total of 33 pages. About 40% of the questions in the examination were from constitutional and criminal law in total. The rest were asked from Family Law, Jurisprudence, Law of Evidence, Law of Contract, Company Law/ Tax Law, Public Law, Environmental Law, and Environmental Law. 
  • There were 20 legal passages, followed by 6 questions from each passage.
  • Most of the questions were based on Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Contracts, and International Law.

Subject-wise CLAT PG Analysis 2022

Surprisingly, there were a few questions on Company Law, Evidence Act, Tax Laws, and Juvenile Justice in the question paper.

There were some instances of problem-based questions as well.

The CLAT PG question paper was conceptual, testing the legal acumen of the students.

Check out the table below for the CLAT PG analysis; understand the number of questions asked on each topic, the difficulty level, and the number of good attempts.

Topic No. of Questions No. of Good Attempts Difficulty Level
Constitutional Law 28 18-20 Moderate-Difficult
Jurisprudence 12 7-8 Moderate
Law of Contract 14 8-9 Moderate
Criminal Law 24 12-14 Difficult
Company Law/Tax Law 10 4-5 Difficult
Family Law 10 5-6 Moderate-Difficult
Environmental Law 10 4-5 Moderate
Public International Law 12 6-7 Difficult
Overall 120 77-80 Difficult

Check: CLAT PG Answer Key 2024

 CLAT PG Paper Analysis 2020 

  • A total of 12 passages with 10 questions were asked, totalling to120 questions. 
  • 6 passages of article-based and judgment-based questions were asked, making both these important. 
  • Recent judgments were also asked. 

For these topics, respective questions were asked. 

Topics Number of Questions Concepts
Constitutional Law 50 4-Judgment; 1 article
Administrative 10 1 Judgement
Family Law 10 1 Judgement
International Law 10 1 article
Criminal Law 10 1 article
Labour Law 10 1 article
Jurisprudence 20 2 articles

Constitutional law is the most important concept to cover, followed by 10 questions from administrative, family, international, criminal, and labour law. 

A similar CLAT PG Analysis 2023 analysis will be conducted on December 18, 2022. 

CLAT PG Mock Tests

CLAT PG Mock Tests

Cases asked in CLAT 2020 paper 

  • In the year 2020, 4 excerpts were asked
  • In the year 2019 - 1 excerpt was asked
  • In the year 2017 - 1 excerpt was asked

 CLAT PG Paper Analysis 2021 

  • A total of 20 passages with 6 questions were asked.
  • Judgment-based = 10 passages, articles-based =10 passages were asked.
  • Recent judgments were also included in the paper. 

Check: CLAT PG Mocks tests 2024

For these topics, respective questions were asked. 

Topics Number of Questions Concepts
Constitutional Law 36 4-Judgment; 2 articles
Criminal Law 30 3 Judgement; 2 articles
Family Law 12 1 Judgement; 1 article
Law of contracts 18 2 Judgement; 1 article
International Law 12 2 articles
Environment Law 6 1 article
Jurisprudence 6 1 article

Constitutional law is the most important concept to cover, followed by criminal and the law of contracts. 

Check: CLAT PG Coaching 2024

Cases asked in CLAT 2021 paper 

  • In the year 2021 - 3 excerpts were asked
  • In the year 2020 - 2 excerpts were asked
  • In the year 2019 - 1 excerpt was asked
  • In the year 2018 - 4 excerpts were asked

Check: Landmark Judgement Questions For CLAT PG 2024

Topics that were asked previously are as follows: 

Major queries are asked based on Contemporary issues, followed by provisions, background, and referred cases. 

Based on the 2020 and 2021 papers following subjects are important: 

  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Law of contracts
  • International Law
  • Jurisprudence

Learn More: CLAT PG Results

 Key Takeaways

  1. Review Past Papers: Gain insights into the difficulty level and question types by reviewing past CLAT PG papers.
  2. Understand the Pattern: Note the 2024 exam's format change and prepare for a mix of direct and analytical questions.
  3. Focus on Major Subjects: Prioritize Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Jurisprudence in your studies.
  4. Prepare for Surprises: Expect unexpected topics and minor subjects; broaden your preparation scope.
  5. Time Management: Develop skills to manage time effectively, especially for lengthy papers.
  6. Use Available Resources: Utilize free study materials and mock tests for comprehensive preparation.
  7. Stay Updated: Keep abreast of contemporary legal issues and landmark cases for potential exam questions.
  8. Practice Regularly: Regular practice enhances speed, accuracy, and comprehension, key for a successful CLAT PG attempt.

In a nutshell, a well-rounded preparation strategy, focusing on key subjects and adapting to unexpected topics, will boost your chances of success in the CLAT PG 2025 exam. Good luck!

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