CLAT Important English Vocabulary Questions

In the Common Law Admission Test, the English subject holds around 20% weightage. Most of the questions asked in the vocabulary section are from topics like synonyms, antonyms, Idioms, spellcheck, fill in the blanks, etc.

To help improve your vocabulary, our experts at LegalEdge (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for Law Entrance Exams) curated the most Important English Vocabulary Questions for CLAT.

So, why late!!!  Try to learn all these important vocabulary questions from the post below and enhance your vocabulary skills for the upcoming exam.

Important CLAT English Vocabulary List

Most of you might be thinking that you don't require much practice to answer questions related to vocabulary. But this is not true. You should require strong vocabulary skills to attempt these questions.

Here are some of the important English Vocabulary Questions for the CLAT Exam. Go through tips on how to attempt questions based on CLAT English Including Comprehension

  • Abject: Miserable
  • Abrade: Wear away
  • Callous: Insensitive
  • Debility: Physical weakness
  • Elucidate: To make clear
  • Forsake: To abandon
  • Knotty: Puzzling
  • Nullify: Make void
  • Oust: To eject
  • Pacify: To calm
  • Query: Question 
  • Radical: Extreme 
  • Rogue: A dishonest or unprincipled person
  • Rampage: Violence 
  • Stationary: Unchanging
  • Wry: Twisted
  • Zany: Silly
  • Huff: to treat with arrogance
  • Obstinate: unyielding
  • Gigantic: enormous
  • Stupendous: colossal
  • Verbose: talkative

clat mock test

clat mock test

  • Quip: witticism
  • Obfuscate: confuse
  • Knave: a dishonest person
  • Nimble: open
  • Propinquity: proximity
  • Jovial: gloomy
  • Idiosyncrasy: eccentricity
  • Ligature: bandage
  • Grandeur: splendor
  • Abstruse: hidden
  • Behoof: benefit
  • Quibble: to evade truth
  • Vaunt: boast
  • Abeyance: temporary suspension
  • Swathe: to sweep
  • Colloquial: conversational
  • Nuptial: marriage
  • Zythum: ancient writer
  • Lax: loose
  • Undulation: vibration
  • Urbane: polite
  • Jargon: lingo
  • Detest: abhor
  • Ebb: decay
  • Perestroika: opening up
  • Oligarchy: a small group of people
  • Tedious: tiresome
  • Obsequious: servile
  • Puerility: childishness
  • Dialectic: fawning
  • Charlatan: quack
  • Cynosure: center of attention
  • Apposite: relevant
  • Riparian: riverbanks
  • Enigmatic: perplexing
  • Diffidence: humility
  • Impeccable: flawless

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English Vocabulary Questions with Answers for CLAT

If you appear for the law entrance exam, then solving the previous year's Question Papers of CLAT will help you know the difficulty level of questions and the type of questions asked in the exam.

The following are the few important questions asked in the previous year's exams.

Q) A person who initiates a lawsuit before a court

  • A) Defendant
  • B) Plaintiff
  • C) Acquitted
  • D) Convict

Ans: B

Q) The difficulties he faced in his life made him a stronger person

  • A) he faces in his
  • B) he faces in his
  • C) he faced upon his
  • D) No Improvement

Ans: D

Q) To wash dirty linen in public

  • A) To quarrel openly
  • B) To clean solid lines
  • C) To understand the hidden meaning of the word
  • D) To wash dirty clothes

 Ans: A

Q) Synonym of Astute 

  • A) Illustrative
  • B) Shrewd
  • C) Skilful
  • D) Informative

 Ans: B

Q) The ________ of honest politicians is the reason for the ________ state of the country.

  • A)slur, glorious
  • B) abundance, sad
  • C) shortage, miserable
  • D) lack, progressive

 Ans: C

Q) India has no uniform civil code

P. The uniform civil code has been frozen as a directive principle of state policy since. 

Q. Decades ago, the members of the Constituent Assembly chose the politically expedient path. 

R. Treating matters such as marriage or divorce differently for different religious communities is what we witness today

S. Instead, it has several codes. 

  • A) QPSR
  • B) QSPR
  • C) SRQP
  • D) SQRP

 Ans: C

Q) Find the misspelled word

  • A) Carismatic
  • B) Stupendous
  • C) Corroborate
  • D) Successor

Ans: A

Topic-wise Important English Vocabulary Questions for CLAT

Most of the questions are asked in the vocabulary section from topics like synonyms, antonyms, Idioms, spellcheck, fill in the blanks, etc. 


Q) Babel

A) Din B) Pounce C) Recoup D) Euphony

Q) Milksop

A) Inactive B) Weakling C) Intrepid D) Meek

Q) Efficacy

A) Ineffectiveness B) Potency C) Extremity D) Speciality

Q) Concise

A) Aphoristic B) Lengthy C) Prolix D) Cogent


Q) Rejuvenation

A) sexual B) perfect C) killing D) magical

Q) Apathetic

A) agitated B) happy C) concerned D) surprised

Q) Prove

A) vapid B) assume C) disincline D) atone

Q) Frail

A) worried B) strong C) nervous D) wily

One-word Substitutions

Q) The front of the building that faces the street

A) Avenue B) Facade C) Boulevard D) Troupe

Q) The sound of the funeral bell 

A) Tick-Tock  B) Reveille C) Knell D) Ding-Dong

Q) The study of the meaning of linguistic expressions

A) Phonetics  B) Linguistics C) Polyglot D) Semantics

Q) Temporary structure for holding workers and materials during construction and repair 

A) Prop B) Scaffold C) Rafter D) Pillar

Misspelled Words

Here are few questions based on Misspelled Words. 

Q) Find the misspelled word

A) Moustache B) Abbrevate C) Malevolent D) Affectatious

Q) Find the misspelled word

A) Dilemma B) Ecstasy C) Liasion D) Neanderthal

Q) Find the misspelled word

A) Ceiling B) Definite C) Millennium D) Ryhthm

Q) Find the misspelled word

A) Pavilion B) Persistent C) Pharaoh D) Portugese

Fill in the Blanks

Q) The government has identified food processing as the key _______________ rapid industrialization in Telangana

A) of B) for C) to D) with

Q) Winning an Academy Award is an emotional moment; Many stars have broken _______________ in tears making their acceptance speech

A) away B) out C) down D) berserk

Q) When I entered the dense forest, a pack of wolves _______________ ready to attack on me.

A) was B) were C) are D) is

Q) Elephants are the largest living land _______________ on the earth today

A) spices B) being C) creature D) animals

How to Prepare for CLAT English Vocabulary?

Following the Short tricks for CLAT English will help improve your vocabulary and score well in the exam. You can check out the tips mentioned below to enhance your vocabulary skills.

  • Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily.
  • Try to learn at least 20 new English words daily.
  • Make shortcuts, tricks to make the learning of words easy, and use them in your daily life. Note down the meaning of each word you find unfamiliar or difficult to remember.
  • Solve daily Quizzes on synonyms, antonyms, and meaning of words to improve your vocabulary.


How to make a CLAT English Study Plan?

Before making a study plan, it is important to go through the detailed syllabus.

  • In the study plan, allot at least 1-2 hours of time for studying each topic.
  • If you are already well versed with any topic then give less time for that topic. Instead, concentrate on the topic you are weak.
  • Also, the CLAT 2021 study plan must include reading the newspaper at least for 45 minutes daily.

How to score good marks in CLAT English Section?

The important topics that are included in the CLAT English Section are Comprehension, Grammar, and vocabulary. Make sure to cover these topics from the previous years' papers and CLAT Mocks that are available in the market. Hard work, consistency, and practice of papers can only help you score good marks in the CLAT English Section.

Which newspaper is best to improve my English vocabulary for CLAT?

The Hindu Newspaper is the best material to improve your English vocabulary for CLAT.

How do I prepare for CLAT English Vocabulary at the last minute?

The last-minute preparation refers to revision and giving a quick glance to all topics. This time is utilized for solving previous year papers, attempting mock tests, and revising each topic from English subject.

Is reading the newspaper will help improve my vocabulary?

Yes. Reading the newspaper will help improve your vocabulary and score good marks in the CLAT exam.

Is solving mock tests will help improve my score in the English section of the CLAT exam?

Yes. Solving mock tests will help improve my score in the English section of the CLAT exam.