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UCEED Exam Pattern 2023

Author : Reeshav Guha

Updated On : April 18, 2023


IIT Bombay will hold the UCEED entrance exam 2023 on 22nd January 2023.

The first step in beginning your exam preparation is thoroughly understanding the UCEED Exam Pattern and UCEED Syllabus. The UCEED exam pattern includes all exam characteristics, such as

  • The number of questions
  • Marks distribution
  • Duration of the exam and so on.

We have provided the UCEED exam pattern in detail on this page so that you can have proper guidance about the UCEED entrance exam 2023 and score well in the exam.

UCEED 2023 Highlights

Conducting Body IIT Bombay
Number of papers 1 with two parts, A and B
Language English
Exam Mode Computer-based test (Part A) and paper-based test (Part B)
Exam Duration 3 hours
Number of section 3 in Part A and 1 in Part B
Total marks 300

UCEED Exam Pattern 2023: Part A

UCEED is a computer-based test, and the exam paper is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B. 

The Part A of the UCEED exam comprises three sections-

  • NAT (Numerical Answer Type):
  • MSQ (Multiple Select Questions)
  • MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Refer to the table given below to understand a detailed overview of these three sections of Part A:

UCEED Exam Pattern 2023: PART B

Part B of the UCEED exam pattern 2023 consists of one question to test drawing skills requiring subjective evaluation.

The question in Part B will be displayed on the computer screen, and the answer has to be written/drawn in the answer book provided by the invigilator. 

You will be given 30 minutes to solve it. The invigilator will collect the booklet at the end of the exam. Also, note that it is mandatory to answer Part B questions.

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UCEED Exam Pattern 2023: What are the New Changes?

UCEED has introduced some modifications to the marking scheme. These changes have been made in one section of Part A, i.e., Multiple Select Questions (MSQ).

However, the number of questions for parts A and B will remain the same. Also, note that earlier, there was no such distribution of marks present in the marking scheme. 

UCEED Online Coaching

UCEED Online Coaching

New Marking scheme: 

Each multiple-select question may have one or more than one correct choice(s) out of the four given options.

  • Total Marks: + 4 If only (all) the correct option(s) is(are) chosen and NONE of the incorrect options is selected.
  • Partial Marks: + 3 If all four options are correct, but ONLY three options are chosen, NONE of the incorrect options is selected.
  • Partial Marks: + 2 If three or more options are correct, but ONLY two options are chosen, both of which are correct, and NONE of the incorrect options are chosen.
  • Partial Marks: + 1 If two or more options are correct, but ONLY one alternative is chosen, and it is a valid option, and NONE of the incorrect options is chosen.
  • Zero Marks: 0 If none of the options is chosen (i.e., the question is unanswered).
  • Negative Marks: -1 In all other cases.

The entire paper (both Part A and Part B) must be finished within the overall time duration of 3 hours.

 UCEED Marking Scheme 2023

Negative marking has been introduced in the MSQ section of the UCEED exam this year. View the marking scheme for UCEED 2023 in the table below:

Section Marks are Added for Every Correct Answer (New) Marks are Deducted for Every Wrong Answer (New)
NAT 4 0
MSQ 4 -0.19
MCQ 3 -0.71
Drawing Question 60 0
Total Marks 300

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UCEED Exam Pattern & Time for Scribe 2023

The services of a scribe (amanuensis) are available to those with a disability in the upper limbs or who have lost fingers/hands, thereby preventing them from operating the computer for the exam.

  • To avail of this service, you should select the option in the online registration portal and upload a copy of the PwD certificate (Appendix 4-7) at the time of online registration for UCEED 2023.
  • If a PwD candidate wants to avail of compensatory time (maximum of one hour), the same request should be mentioned while filling out the registration form. PwD certificate will be uploaded along with such requests (Appendix 8 & 9).
  • The UCEED-CEED Implementation Committee 2023 will assess the request along with the supporting document, and if found eligible, you will be notified post-scrutiny.
  • Suppose it is found that you have used the services of a scribe and compensatory time but do not possess the extent of disability that warrants the use of a writer and compensatory time. In that case, they will be excluded from the evaluation, ranking and admission process. If you have already been admitted,/her admission will be cancelled.

NIFT Mock Tests

NIFT Mock Tests

UCEED Review or Re-totalling 2023

The list below gives you a basic idea of the review and re-total patterns in the UCEED Exam.

  • Part A of the examination is a computer-based test. There is no scope for reviewing, re-grading or re-totalling the Part A marks of the examination paper.
  • Part B contains only one question, which will be manually evaluated through the sheet provided by the invigilator, irrespective of it being marked online.
  • Marks obtained in Part A will be used to shortlist candidates. The cut-offs for Part A marks for shortlisting candidates in the Open category will be X + yΣ, where X is the average marks obtained by all candidates in Part A, Σ is the standard deviation, and y is calculated as one of the total numbers of the seats.
  • The evaluation of Part B will be done manually by two evaluators independently.
  •  If the difference <= 12 marks (20%), a simple average of the two examiners will be considered.
  •  If the difference is > 12 marks (20%), the answer sheet part Brt-B will be evaluated by a third examiner (and so on until the difference <= 20%).
  • A simple average of the closest of 2 evaluators will be selected as the final marks.
  • The total UCEED score will be calculated by adding the marks obtained in Part A and B. This total score will be used to prepare the final result.
  • UCEED 2023 Question Paper and Draft Answer Key (Part A) will be released on the UCEED website on 25th January 2020.
  • Candidates can check the draft answer key and compare their answers to know the correct answers.
  • The UCEED committee will take the final decision regarding the answer keys after consolidating all the comments from the candidates and the paper-setting team. This decision will be binding on all the candidates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The question paper will have two parts-Part A and Part B.Part A has three sections but Part B has only one drawing questions.The overall duration of the question paper is 3 hours.
 The UCEED Syllabus consists of Visualization and Spatial Ability,Observation and Design Sensitivity,Analytical and Logical Reasoning,Language and Creativity,Environmental and Social Awareness,Design Thinking and Problem Solving and drawing.
There are two parts in the UCEED Exam Pattern- Part A and Part B. Part A consists of 6 sections and Part B consists of Drawing.

Marks added for every correct answer in NAT and MSQ are 4 and in MCQ is 3.And 60 marks is allotted for the Drawing Question.
Yes there is negative marking for every wrong MCQ answer.


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