Sketching Questions for UCEED 2022 Exam

The UCEED exam is scheduled to take place on January 17, 2021. UCEED is an national level exam, through which you can get admission into the Bachelor’s of Design (B.Design) program at IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, and IITDM Jabalpur.

You are allowed to take the UCEED exam a maximum of two times in a row. Hence, It's worth noting that the UCEED score is only good for one year and only for admissions in the same academic year.

Why practice of Sketching Questions for UCEED Exam is important? 

UCEED syllabus 2022 consist of 2 parts, Part A and Part B.

Part A is a computer-based test for 240 marks and a duration of 2 hours 30mins.

and, UCEED Part B is a drawing test for 60 marks to be completed in 30 mins. The questions for Part B will be displayed on the computer screen which students would have to sketch in the answer booklet provided.

This Paper B aims to evaluate your ability to draw products, people or scenes in proportion with good line quality, composition, proportion, perspective and shading  which will require subjective evaluation by expert examiners.

UCEED Part-B is very important as higher rank will be assigned to the candidate who has obtained higher marks in this section.

Hence, you just need to practice, practice and practice Sketching as much as you can to brush up your skills. 

Learn Designing Sketches and Human Figures for UCEED 2022 and How to solve UCEED Part B questions.

Sketching Questions for UCEED Exam :

We have provided important questions previous year papers and sample papers to ace UCEED Exam 2022

Question 1. If birds were frogs and frogs were birds. Draw how the frog and bird would look. Use dry colors.

Question 2. You have been teleported to the Mughal Era from 2019. Imagine and explain through sketches and notes:

  • one product you would take from this year with you to the past and why.
  • one product you would bring back from the Mughal era and why.

Question 3 .Write and explain how speakers work. Design a new speaker using only environmentally friendly speakers work. Show your design through sketches and notes.

Question 4. Imagine that you are a wish granting genie, living inside a lamp for years. Identify at least 4 problems associated with this and come up with creative solutions to address them. Present it through sketches and notes.
Question 5. The United Nation member states have agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Take any one goal agreed by them and prepare a poster to promote that goal. Use dry colors

Question 6 .Imagine yourself as a kite flying in the sky during a kite festival. The scene below is that of a densely populated residential are of semi-urban town. Draw the scene. Do not color.

Question 7.Write down and sketch 5 creative uses of any one of the following:

  • Old clothes
  • Delivery cartoon boxes
  • Plastic soft drink bottles

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Question 8.Imagine if you are lost in a forest and you found only one water reservoir on the way. You have to walk one more day to reach the civilized zone but you don’t have any container to store the water for the rest of your journey. Give three design solutions by simple line illustrations and explanations to carry the water for survival.

Question 9.Draw, from your memory, an event in your life under the title “Disaster” or “Happy Memory”. 

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Question 10. Sketch the view of a computer desk/table with the following things included

  • Desktop computer with all accessories
  • A rotatable/swinging chair in front of the table
  • Couple of speakers music preferably woofer
  • Three books placed next to the PC in a closed position 
  • A table light (for night reading) switched off
  • Dustbin on the bottom
  • Racks or cupboards included in the table

UCEED Mock Test

UCEED Mock Test

Question 11.Visualize and sketch the view of a scenario

  • A boy opening a fridge
  • Show cooking stove, gas stove, kitchen appliances etc.
  • Show the fridge door as partially opened

Question 12.Sketch the bird's eye view of the scenario mentioned below: 

  • The location of a village field.
  • A tree and a well along the field boundary.
  • A farmer ploughing in the field using two cows. 
  • Water flowing from the pump connected to the well.

Question 13.Draw the scenario of two kids competing for one another on video game

Question 14.Draw the scene of a room with at least one person, dating back to early 40's, 1940-1950 time. The very look of the image should give the perception that the scene dates back to 40's


Does UCEED have a drawing question?

Yes, In UCEED Exam has a drawing question which is in Part B of the examination.

How much time is allotted for the UCEED drawing section?

30 mins are allotted for UCEED part B- drawing section.

How UCEED drawing section part is conducted?

The question in Part-B will be displayed on the computer screen and the answer has to be written/drawn in the answer book provided by the invigilator.

How many questions are asked in the UCEED part B section?

UCEED Part-B contains only one question which is going to be manually evaluated by expert examiners.

Is the UCEED part B score used in the final rank calculation?

Yes. For the purposes of calculating the final rank, UCEED part B marks have been included. Also, note that a higher rank will be assigned to the candidate who has obtained higher marks in Part-B.