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NID Study Plan 2022 by Creative Edge

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 3, 2022


NID Study Plan 2022 by Creative Edge

Preparing for the National Institute of Design entrance test can be a challenging task for most of you. Still, with a well-structured study plan and a preparation strategy, it is easy to score well in the exam and get admission to UG and PG programs at the National Institute of Design.

It would be best to be smart enough while allocating time to each subject in your preparation plan, as all topics play a vital role in qualifying for the exam.

Our experts at Creative Edge (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for Design entrance exams) have curated the best preparation guide and NID Study Plan in this post to ease out your preparation.

So, what are you waiting for? Try to follow all these tips and create the best study timetable for better results.

Points to Remember while Creating a Study Plan for NID 2022

The preparation level differs from one individual to another depending on their current abilities, how many hours you study daily, your status (totally devoted to NID or attempting to appear for other exams), your understanding of concepts, etc. 

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You should keep the following points in mind while creating the NID Study Plan.

  • Firstly, focus on your strengths and weaknesses and allocate the time accordingly. 
  • Be thorough with the paper pattern and go through the important topics for the NID entrance exam before making the plan.
  • Divide the topics from most important to least important as per the weightage from each subject.
  • Try to start your preparation with easy topics and later on the move to difficult ones.
  • Keep a checklist of what to be studied each day to not miss out on any topic.
  • Also, make sure to keep sufficient time for revision at the end of the day.

How Can I Create the Best NID Study Plan 2022?

If you are excellent at drawing, you will easily ace the entrance exam, one of the most well-known misconceptions. 

NID questions are asked to test your creative abilities, imaginative skills, perceptive abilities/general knowledge, and observational skills. The NID syllabus focuses on assessing your critical thinking abilities.

The following study plan will immensely assist you in strategizing your NID exam preparation levels and performing well in the upcoming exam.

Improve Your Imaginative And Creative Skills 

One of the most crucial prerequisites to improve your chances of getting into NID is polishing your creative thinking abilities.

You should be able to come up with inventive ideas within a snap of a finger! To improve these skills, get inspired and try out new ideas without any hesitation. 

Learn Time Management

Understand that your drawing and imaginative abilities are pointless if you can't present your thoughts within the stipulated exam duration.

You will lose marks for the questions you fail to address, or if you leave them uncompleted, it doesn't make any difference how great you are at your work. So speed is equally significant. 

While preparing, use a timer or a stopwatch to note the time it takes to answer a single question.

This strategy will assist you in improving your time management skills incredibly. 

NID mock test

NID mock test

Work on Improving Your Drawing 

While attempting previous year's drawing questions for NID, consistently draw first with a light hand.

When you are happy with the proportion and the rough outline, you can finalize it. While practicing, do not utilize using A3 size sketchbooks.

Always use A4 size sketchbooks since the standard size of the answer sheets is typically A4. Practice extensively using dry colors as they are beneficial to use during the exam and take less time. 

Foster Your Sketching Style 

Fostering is an easy process. Eliminate the habit of replicating incredible designers and attempt various types of shading utilizing pencils instead of markers and use broad pencil strokes to enhance the dynamic look of your design. 

  • Try to attempt numerous methods during your practice sessions.
  • Ensure that you foster one and practice it until you accomplish absolute perfection. 
  • Being inventive means utilizing your creative mind and unique ideas to make something; this is an essential requirement to ace this test.
  • Questions in the examination will assess your critical thinking abilities. Thus you need to bring your lateral thinking into play. 

Understand Design Symbolism And Conventions 

Questions that you will face in NID are regularly left open-ended. This is to test whether you can introduce and present the design appropriately.

  • Ensure that you know the design rules such as gestalt principles, the importance of shadings, and the application of various materials. 
  • Design imagery like speech bubbles, zoom-in motions, graphical imagery should be your specialty. This will assist you with understanding the question and clearly expressing your ideas. 

Pick Your Media Cautiously

For NID preparation, you should undoubtedly avoid using 'wet' media, for example, sketch pens or watercolors.

Use dry media such as shading pencils and pastels. Use ball pens and fine liners just in case you are sure of what you will make. 

Focus on General Awareness 

It is crucial to understand that the National Institute of Design searches for individuals with a genuine interest in the designing domain. 

You are not needed to pack up your brain with every general knowledge book. What is significant is how much you know about the current events happening throughout the globe. 

  • To develop your overall mindfulness, read newspapers, magazines, and journals and regularly follow Daily Current Affairs.
  • You should likewise know about the famous designers and their contributions in various domains.
  • It is also suggested that you read different fashion and design books to understand the market standard of a good design. 

Eliminate the Habit of Erasing and Redrawing 

It would help if you did not burn through your time in erasing and redrawing, which the vast majority of aspirants do as you need to finish the test in the allocated time. 

So, to stay away from this habit, you are prescribed to draw with a light hand and focus initially on just the outline.

You can begin detailing the work and finalize it after getting happy with your sketch's rough design and measurements. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

  • Practice and consistency together are vital to ace the NID entrance exam. Stay consistent and practice the questions every day. 
  • It assists you with being better than the previous day and, in addition, also helps you to build up momentum.
  • You will improve your comprehension of the questions and will arrive at the appropriate responses quickly once you develop the habit of consistent practice. 

NID Online Coaching

NID Online Coaching

Regularly Take Breaks

Do not study continuously for more extended periods as it can tire your mind and burn you out!

Your brain needs rest after regular intervals since a lot of data can cause immense mental fatigue. 

This flood of information can likewise confuse you. Hence, make it a point to take consistent breaks during your study hours.

Have a Regular Sleep Cycle 

Some of you may mess up with your sleep cycle and then whine about understanding concepts and overblown anxiety. 

Not having sufficient rest can make your body and mind extremely weak. To think well and keep a hold on grasping power, you need at the very least 7-8 hours of sleep each day. 

Solve Plenty of Sample Papers and Mock Tests

Make it a point to solve every past year's question paper to assess your skills and boost confidence before appearing for the final test.

Practicing the previous exam papers will assist you in becoming familiar with the format and the paper pattern of the final examination. 

It is recommended to solve at least one to two sample papers and NID Mock Tests weekly. In this way, you can enhance your speed and accuracy in the final exam.

Also, it will help you understand better the difficulty level and the type of questions asked in the NID CAT and GAT exams.


  • Maintain a separate notepad to jot down essential subjects, concepts, and ideas so you can return to them later.
  • Allocate the last couple of weeks just to revise the concepts thoroughly. This will give you a significant edge to prepare incredibly for the final exam. 

How to Attempt Questions in the NID Exam 2022?

Questions in the NID test are outlined to test your creativity level and how rapidly you can write your thoughts down. 

The following are tips on how you can stay away from committing errors when appearing for the NID Entrance Exam

  • Read all the questions wholly and cautiously.
  • Ensure that you sequentially read every solution/option.
  • Make a point to go through the appropriate response alternatives provided to you carefully.
  • Attempt questions according to your strengths and shortcomings. Try to attempt those questions first that you are confident in answering.
  • Do not be in a rush to attempt the drawing questions.
  • Be cautious with the media you use for your drawing questions.

Final Thoughts 

By following this NID Study Plan with complete devotion, you are one step closer to accomplishing your desire to get admission to NID.

Devote your time, be earnest, and focus on what you need to achieve during your preparation stages. 

In particular, maintain positive thoughts while you are preparing for the examination. If you follow this study plan by putting in your 100 percent, you can quickly nail the bullseye!

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