NID CAT Important Questions with Answers 

CAT, which refers to the creative ability test, is designed to evaluate your intuition skills, the power of observation, innovation in developing a concept, and design ability.

The test also aims at analyzing your innovative thinking skills and use of colours. As per the previous year's trends, the difficulty level of the CAT exam was moderate to difficult. 

Improving your observational and perspective drawing skills is most important for better results. Read through the post that will give you a complete insight into preparation strategies, important questions for the NID CAT exam, and more.

How to Prepare for NID CAT 2022?

Before checking the important questions, look at the best strategies to prepare for the NID CAT exam.

There are no definite requirements or a benchmark set for the CAT exam. So, you need to express whatever you are asked with drawing skills.

Try to create things by getting inspired by your surroundings regularly. In this way, you can enhance your creative skills. You should develop the ability to think out of the box.

Develop a habit of making designs out of materials that are used in your daily life, like glass, straw, tape, etc.

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Also, possessing a strong grip on creativity with an artistic approach will help you fetch marks than others.

Speed is an essential factor in the NID CAT. If you do not improve your speed, having excellent drawing skills and imagination is not helpful. It would help if you aimed to show your creativity in a short time, so focus on practice and consistency.

Practice as many questions as possible from the previous year papers. In this way, you can improve your time management skills and speed.

Most Important Questions for NID CAT 2022 Exam

Most of you might be worried about what type of questions will be asked in the exam and the difficulty level of questions?

To help you understand better the type of Questions Asked in the NID CAT Exam, we have provided a few sample questions here.

Q1. (a) Add a visual to the empty square to complete the following story using a pencil Line Drawing.

 (b) Write out the story you portrayed through the image in not more than 150 words

Q2.Observe the objects and re-draw them according to the instruction below.

(a)Redraw the car with a human figure.

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Q3. Study the image carefully. Draw a photo frame in the visual to create a story which is expressing the feeling of either happiness and anger

NID mock test

NID mock test

Q4. Identify the below-mentioned logos:

Q5. Which of the below mentioned is not a member of SAARC: 

  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • Maldives

Q6. Which of the following would lead to lowering of your carbon footprint?

  • Purchase of NIKE T-shirt
  • Frequent use of cars
  • Purchase of locally grown vegetables
  • Purchase of refrigerated vegetables

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Q7. Draw any three objects that cause global warming.

Q8. In the space given below, a part of the scene is already drawn for you. Complete the scene by drawing two adult human figures in relevant postures and correct proportions, using only a single line.

Q9. Observe the given object and re-draw them according to the instructions mentioned. Re-draw the bike with a human figure.

NID DAT Mock Test Question 9

Q10. Find out the odd one from the figures given below:

NID Entrance Exam Sample Question 10

Practice More CAT Questions for NID Exam

Previous Year NID CAT Questions 

The following are some of the important questions that are curated from the previous year's question papers for the NID entrance exam.

Along with these questions, try to attempt at least 1-2 Mock Tests for the NID exam to analyze your preparation levels.

Q1. a) Study the image carefully. Draw an umbrella in the visual to create a story which is expressing the feeling of either anger or humour.

        b) Mention the title of the story. Communicate your story in 5 sentences.

Q2. Complete the following composition choosing anyone from the following options:

Two human figures (or)

One human figure and one animal (or)

Two animals

Q3. Create a comic strip and sketch it in the four given frames on one of the following topics. Also, give a suitable title or caption to your comic strip.

a) Your journey to mars

b) Me as a fish

c) Your visit to a dentist

Q4. You have an old bulb. Conceptualize five ways in which the bulb can be re-used humorously. Describe in brief and draw your ideas.

Q5. A drawing of a kitchen is given below. A three-year-old child enters the kitchen and observes the scenario from the point marked (X) on the floor. Visualize and draw the scene from the child's point of view.


How long does it take for NID Exam Preparation?

You must require at least 6 months to one year to prepare for the NID entrance exam.

Which book is best for NID preparation?

Design drawing by Francis D.K.Ching is one of the best books for NID entrance exam preparation.

Can I crack NID Exam in 3 months?

Yes. You can crack the NID exam in 3 months. However, you need a lot of practice and hard work to crack this exam on the first attempt.

How Can I manage time in NID Exam?

The best way to manage time in the NID exam is attempting as many mock tests as possible. Also, it will help you to test your preparation levels.

What is the difficulty level of NID CAT exam?

As per the previous year analysis, the difficulty level of NIC CAT exam was moderate to difficult.

How to prepare for NID CAT 2022?

The NID question paper is a mix of creativity, logical thinking and general knowledge. Therefore, working on your creative skills and general knowledge would definitely help you crack the exam with a high score.