NID Exam is scheduled for March 14, 2021 at various centers across India. The exam is expected to follow the set pattern by the conducting authority.

We shall provide this year's student's review as soon as the applicants come out of the center. Here are some highlights about the expected number of questions in the Prelims exam for NID:

  • There are 22 objective type questions to test the aptitude of the candidate.
  • Further, there are 4 questions that are subjective in nature.
  • You will be evaluated on the basis of knowledge, comprehension, analysis, creativity and visualisation.

NID Exam Analysi 2021

NID Paper Analysis (Previous Year)

NID Exam was completely creativity based paper. There were 21 questions based on Aptitude with highest number of Logical Reasoning questions. There was no static GK asked only GK was asked.

There were 6 questions from Creative Drawing. Here is a basic overview of the exam:

  • At a few centers, the question paper for Aptitude and Drawing paper was given at the same time. However, it was delayed at a few centers.
  • Few students reported the delay of Drawing paper by 50 minutes which is why the students missed the paper or couldn't attempt a few questions.

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Questions asked in Logical Reasoning/Aptitude section

  • There was question based on half triangle, half square, half hexagon. The answer was half hexagon.
  • There was a question on Cake
  • There was a question based on Tongue Twister.
  • There were 2 questions based on Blood Relations. 

Questions Asked in Drawing Paper

  • There was a question based on Unfolded Cube. The squares were numbered so that it was easy to make a cube.
  • 1 point perspective question was asked. The question was that "There is a boy standing on X-mark and one had to draw the kitchen"
  • A tree based question to depict the Save Environment message was asked.
  • There was question based on creativity and imagination. The question was to give 5 hilarious uses of a fused bulb.
  • There was a question based on Story Boarding.

There was no question with Color Theory mentioning. One had to judge the color theory accordingly.

NID Exam Analysis 2019

  • This NID Exam Analysis has included a categorical analysis of NID exams that includes all the questions asked, difficulty level, number of questions and many more
  • The NID 2019 Exam Analysis will help the candidates to get an idea of what scores they might receive and estimate their chances of selection
  • The NID exam comprises of two stages-Prelims and Mains. The NID Prelims has both objective and subjective type questions and the Mains consists of Studio Test and Personal Interview
  • The Prelims has MCQ Questions for 70 Marks and Subjective Questions of  30 Marks. The NID Mains will contain marks ranging from 0.5 to 3.
  • Aspirants who are thinking of appearing for the exam should go through the NID Sample Question Papers first.

NID Question Paper Analysis 2019(Prelims)

The tables below present a pattern of questions asked in the BDes Entrance Exam 2019. The number of objective questions was 22 and subjective questions were 6. The objective type questions focused more on General Knowledge and subjective type questions focused more on Creativity Skills.

Parameters Objective Questions Subjective Questions
Difficulty level Easy to moderate  Moderate to Difficult
Focus General Knowledge Creativity Skills
Length of paper Short Paper Lengthy Paper

NID Question Pattern 2019(Prelims)

The table below provides the NID Exam Analysis for BDes Prelims 2019. It consists of number of questions asked, marks allotted for both Objective Type and Subjective Type Questions and other details.

Question Number of Questions Marks per questions Total Marks Total Time
Objective Type 1-22 Question 1-14= 1 Mark Question 15-22=2 marks 30Marks  3hours
Subjective Type 23-26 Question 23= 15 marks ;Question 24=20 marks ;Question 25=15 marks; Question 26=20 marks 70 marks

NID Questions Asked for Objective Type (BDes 2019) 

These are the NID Questions Asked in the Objective Type Section for BDes 2019.

1 A textile pattern was to be identified
2 Question regarding Transgender Symbol
3 The candidates needed to choose the odd one out from Cotton, Coir, Jute, and Wool
4 Choose the non-classical dance form between options
5 Images of strokes like Caligraphy strokes, flat brush strokes were given and the candidates were required to distinguish between them
6 The candidates were given to name the instrument that Annapurna plays
7 What was the navigation aid in ancient times?
8 Which animal is the design inspiration for the Japanese Bullet Train
9 Which is the highest Sports Award in India?
10 There were given names of a few Indian personalities one of whom was not an artist
11 There was a graph-based question
12 Determine relationships based on patterns between sibling, sister,boys, and girls
13 There was a shape-based question- Rotate the vase and identify the core of the shape
14 The mother and child together were 70kg, father, and child together was 90 kg, father and mother were 120kg and a combined weight of the family

NID Questions Asked for Subjective Type (BDes 2019) 

The questions asked in the NID DAT 2019 BDes exam are given below in the table

1 The candidates were asked to draw a stamp, color it to commemorate the 160th birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
2 A picture of a section of a room and a window was given. Assuming that the person was on a ladder and trying to look inside the room. The candidates were required to describe what they saw in the room.
3 The exam appearing candidates were asked to draw a woman/man sitting on the table with a spoon, folk and a plate in front of them
4 Candidates were asked to draw something that would represent that all glitters are not gold in a realistic manner
5 The candidates were asked to draw the front view of a picture of which the side view was given. Pictures of a dead old man and a dog barking towards a thief were given to the candidates 
6 They were required to draw a fork, a spoon that was put together at the handle

NID Question Paper Analysis 2019(Mains)

Here is the NID Exam Analysis for BDes 2019. This  NID Exam Analysis table represents the patterns in the Mains Exam.

Question Weightage No. of Questions Total  Total Time
Objective Type 25 % 12 30Marks  3hours
Subjective Type 75 % - 70 marks

NID Questions Asked for Subjective Type (MDes 2019) 

These are the NID Questions asked for the Subjective part in MDes 2019-

1 The candidates were asked to imagine that they were going on a trek. Keeping that on the mind, they were asked to design a product that could be used to keep the bottle, shoe, phone, sandwich, and a book. They were asked to explain the usage of the product(Product Design Question)
2 The candidates were told that the future Indians will be casting votes through the mobile phones. They were asked to identify three problems regarding this and suggest solutions through illustrations
3 They were also asked to draw five icons from the "UN Sustainable Goals for 2018"

NID Exam Analysis 2018

The NID Exam selects candidates on the basis of merit and seeks Problem Solving, Comprehension, Knowledge, Analysis, Reasoning and Creativity among the candidates. Both the NID Prelims and Mains are conducted in the English language and consists of both Objective and Subjective type questions. The exam takes place for a 3-hour time span and both the Prelims and Mains Paper consist of 100 marks questions. Given below is the NID Exam Analysis for 2018.

Question Type Weightage Difficulty Level Total Marks Total Time
Objective  25 % Easy to Moderate 30  3hours
Subjective  75 % Moderate to Difficult 70

Topics covered NID Question Paper 2018

The candidates must give more focus on certain topics. The topics from which the NID Questions were asked are these -

  • Design Theory
  • Visual Logic
  • Color Terminology
  • Elements and Principle of Design
  • Innovation in Design
  • Optical Illusion
  • Usage of Colors in Composition
  • 3D Visualization etc.

NID Entrance Exam Analysis 2017

The NID Exam 2017 took place in 22 centers. There was a slight change in Question pattern than in previous years. The candidates are tested and selected on the basis of certain parameters. Parameters on which the candidates are selected are as follows-

  • Visual Sense Skills
  • Observation & Selection Skills
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Mental Ability & Communication Ability
  • Problem Solving Design Skills

The below table represents the NID Exam Analysis for 2017

Question Type No. of Questions Difficulty Level Total Marks Total Time
Objective  88 Moderate 30  3hours
Subjective  3 Moderate to Difficult 70


What documents not to carry on the day of the NIDDAT Exam 2019?

The candidates should not carry any electronic gadgets such as calculators, mobile phones, etc. The candidates need not carry any extra loose sheet of paper for rough work as it will be provided by the exam conducting authority inside the exam hall.

What documents to carry on the day of the of NIDDAT Exam 2020?

The candidates must carry the NIDDAT Admit card/Hall Ticket with them along with a Photo Identity Proof documents such as PAN Card, Voter Id, Driving Licence etc with them. The candidates must make sure to carry these or they might be debarred from sitting for the exam.