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UCEED Syllabus 2023: Check Topic-wise Syllabus

Author : Aparna

Updated On : April 18, 2023


Summary: Is the syllabus for all design exams similar to the UCEED syllabus? Probably not! Let's find out what are the specific important topics in order to crack the UCEED exam with excellent scores.

The UCEED Syllabus 2023 provides an overview of the examination, structure, and topics to be covered in the examination. 

The syllabus includes details on drawing, design, creativity, and Logical Reasoning topics that you need to be aware of.

This syllabus will help you understand the skill sets required to perform well in the examination.

  • Part A of the UCEED 2023 exam will cover visualization and spatial ability, observation and design sensitivity, environmental and social awareness, etc.
  • Meanwhile, the Part B question paper includes topics assessing your drawing abilities.

The syllabus for both Part A and Part B is different; therefore, pay attention to all details of the UCEED Syllabus 2023 described in this article. 

UCEED Syllabus 2023: Part A

As per the UCEED 2023 Exam Pattern, the UCEED question paper consists of Parts A and B.

Part A is conducted for 240 marks; the maximum allotted time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The UCEED 2023 Syllabus for Part A consists of the following six topics.

  • Visualization and Spatial Ability
  • Observation and Design Sensitivity
  • Environmental and Social Awareness
  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning
  • Language and Creativity
  • Design Thinking and Problem-Solving

1. UCEED 2023 Visualization and Spatial Ability Syllabus

This section consists of pictorial and diagrammatic questions to test your understanding of the transformation and manipulation of 2D shapes and 3D objects and their spatial relationships. Essential things to study related to this topic are listed below:

  • Pattern and Design of Paper Folding Materials and Type of Texture
  • Texture Making Materials, Production Materials, Decoration Materials - Flooring, Cladding (protective material which covers the surface of something), Wall Protection and Decoration - Paints, Plasters, etc.
  • Conventional/Unconventional Materials for Construction, Design, and Decoration
  • Optical Illusion (2D/3D objects and understanding) 

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2. UCEED 2023 Observation and Design Sensitivity Syllabus

The questions are designed to test your ability to detect concealed properties in ordinary things, people, situations, and events and to think critically about them. You are applying attention to specific details, analyzing, reasoning, classifying, inferring, and predicting—the ability to discern subtle differences in visual properties and aesthetic outcomes. The following are crucial topics to prepare for the upcoming exam.

  •  Logos and Punchlines, Type of Logos, Designs of Logos Chronology, Hidden meanings in logos, Punchlines Perspective, Colour Theory, and Line Theory,
  •  Elements of Design, Principles of Design, Colour Psychology and Significance, Photography Evolution of Camera, Type of Cameras, Camera and its functioning technologies and terms Accessories, Photography Glossary,
  • Typography Element and Principles of Design Lines, Shape, Form, Colour, Pattern, Texture.

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3. UCEED 2023 Environmental and Social Awareness Syllabus

This section tests your General Awareness of environmental factors such as climate, population, water, vegetation, pollution, weather, natural resources, etc., and their implications on the design of products, images, infrastructure, and environment.

You should be aware of social and cultural connections with the design, the history of the designed artefact, and socially responsible and environmentally sustainable design responses. History of art, sculpture, and literature. Essential things to study related to this topic are listed below.

  • History of Indian Art/Design, An overview of World Art, Art and Architecture, Social and Cultural relation with Art/Design.
  • Environmentally Sustainable Designs, Indian Cultural Background & Famous Structures, Musical instruments, Musical Maestros, Dance forms, Crafts and Dresses.

UCEED Mock Test

UCEED Mock Test Series

4. UCEED 2023 Analytical and Logical Reasoning Syllabus

This section of the UCEED Syllabus tests the ability to look at qualitative or quantitative information and discern patterns within the information. You should be able to weigh opinions, arguments or solutions against appropriate criteria.

Also, you should be able to check for hidden bias or assumptions and whether evidence and argument support conclusions. Use logic and structured thinking to deduce from a short passage which of several statements is the most accurate response to a posed question. Going through Data Interpretation, brainteasers, and patterns can be an advantage.

  • Arguments, Assumptions, Course of Action, Assertion and Reasoning, Causes and Effect, Analogies, Direction and Distance, Mathematical Tricks, Cubes, Linear and Matrix Arrangement.
  •  Syllogism (a process of logic in which two general statements lead to more precise information), Punch Line, etc.

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5. UCEED 2023 Language and Creativity Syllabus

  • You should be able to understand and use Standard English, and you are reading comprehension and knowledge of English grammar.
  • Also, you should be able to think creatively in terms of alternatives, and you should have the ability to distinguish innovative options and think out of the box.

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6. UCEED 2023 Design Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

You should be able to use visual analogies, metaphors, signs, and symbols. Also, you must understand the complexity, identify the problem, generate alternatives, evaluate the options, and select solutions.

UCEED Online Coaching

UCEED online coaching

UCEED Syllabus 2023: Part B

As per the UCEED Exam PatternPart B of the UCEED exam consists of only one question for 60 marks. The time duration of Part B is 30 minutes, and the question paper aims to test your drawing skills which will require subjective evaluation. 

Drawing Syllabus

You should be able to draw products, people, or scenes in proportion with good line quality, composition, proportion, perspective, and shading.

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UCEED Preparation Books 2023

Choosing the right books that cover all topics per the latest syllabus is essential. You may consider referring to the books listed below during your UCEED Preparation.

Name of the Book Name of the Author
UCEED (B.Des) Entrance Books and Test Series Paperback AFAINDIA
The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition Kindle Edition Don Norman
UCEED Design Environment & Social Awareness In Design Perspective Combined With Mental & Verbal Aptitude Institute of Creative Sciences
Comprehensive English for NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED, NATA, B.Arch & Other Design Entrance Exams Paperback Designologue

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What can CreativeEdge do to Improve Your UCEED Preparation 2023?

We at CreativeEdge provide expert preparation facilities for UCEED 2023 and other design entrance exams. Not making the UCEED exam feel tough is our primary aim. Through our online courses, we always try to build a stable preparation plan for you.

  • We provide UCEED online coaching with study materials in PDF format.
  • Live online classes with doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Sample Papers and Question Papers are available.
  • Self-assessment materials, such as Test series, Mock Tests, etc., are available.
  • Self-paced learning.

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The UCEED syllabus 2023 is comprehensive and covers many topics to ensure students have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the exam.

The UCEED syllabus 2023 has been designed to help students develop their creative thinking, design skills, and problem-solving abilities.

With the help of this syllabus, you can make the most of your academic and professional careers. Therefore, all aspiring UCEED aspirants must understand the syllabus and thoroughly prepare for the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two parts in the UCEED Syllabus: Part A and Part B. Part A consists of 6 sections and Part B consists of Drawing.
Elements of Design, Principles of Design, Colour Psychology and Significance, Photography Evolution of Camera, Type of Cameras, Camera and its functioning technologies and terms Accessories, Photography Glossary are some of the topics that need to be prepared under observation and design sensivity Syllabus.
History of Indian Art or Design, An overview of World Art, Art and Architecture, Social and Cultural relation with Art or Design.
There are a total of three sections in the UCEED Part A Syllabus.
The UCEED Syllabus consists of Visualization and Spatial Ability, Observation and Design Sensitivity, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Language and Creativity, Environmental and Social Awareness, Design Thinking and Problem Solving and drawing.


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