Are you an aspirant for the UCEED exam? Well, you can enhance your preparation by solving previous year's papers.

According to the experts, practicing the question papers will let you understand the difficulty level of the questions and the type of questions that will be asked in the exam. 

Download the UCEED Question Papers PDF from the post below and start your preparation for the upcoming exam.

UCEED Previous Year Question Papers PDF Download

By solving the previous year's papers, you can improve your time management skills and problem-solving skills. Also, it will help improve your speed and accuracy on the final day of the exam.

UCEED Question Papers will be beneficial in building your confidence. To score good marks in the exam, you are advised to solve at least 1-2 question papers on a weekly basis.

Download UCEED Question Papers PDF

UCEED Sample Questions

Along with sample papers, you are advised to solve UCEED Mock Tests to test your preparation levels. 

Many of you will be thinking about which type of questions will be asked in the exam. To help you get an idea about the type of questions, we have provided some sample questions for your reference here.

Q1) A cube has six faces numbered 1 to 6. A schoolboy tosses up the cube twice and notes down the two numbers appearing on top in these two tosses. He multiplies these two numbers and notes down the multiplication result. How many unique multiplication results can he possibly get through this tossing game?

Q2) Fifteen people from different places came together for a family reunion. Each one of them had two gifts each for every other person. When the gifts were exchanged they hugged each other. What is the difference between the number of hugs and the number of gifts exchanged?

Q3) Which of the following statements related to Indian musicians is/are TRUE?

A. Ustad Allah Rakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain are known for playing the Tabla

B. Pandit Nikhil Banerjee and Ustad Vilayat Khan are known for playing the Sitar

C. Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, and Dr. L. Subramaniam are known for playing the Violin

D. Pandit Ravi Shankar and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia is known for playing the Shehnai

Q4) Suresh, Biju, and Tina bring one gift each. When they meet, they swap their gifts in such a way that no one gets back what they had brought with them. The gifts are a book, a pen, and a ball.

Suresh says: I gave my gift to the one who gave away the ball.

Biju says: I received my gift from the one who gave a gift to the one who gave away the ball.

Tina says: I got what I always wanted.

Biju says: But Tina, you had to give away your pen. Which of these statements is/are TRUE?

A. Tina gets the Ball

Q5) A pyramid with a base side of 6 cm and a height of 7 cm is merged with a cube of length 5 cm such that the centroid of the cube matches with the center of the base of the pyramid. The base of the pyramid is parallel to the base of the cube and the edges of the base of the pyramid are parallel to the sides of the cube. Count the number of surfaces in the resulting solid

Q6) There are some men and some women in a group. Each person shakes hands with exactly one other person in the entire group. After this round of handshakes, eight men and four women find that they shook hands with someone of the same sex. The total number of handshakes exchanged in the entire group is 87. At most how many women can there possibly be in this group?

Q7) At most how many spheres of the same size can be placed around the same size sphere at the center so that they all simultaneously touch the sphere at the center?

Q8) A water tank of dimensions 20 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm has 307 cc water in it. A few bricks, each of dimensions 5 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm are fully submerged in the tank. Each brick absorbs 30% of its own volume of water. Just enough bricks are put in, such that the water level rises to completely fill the tank. How many bricks were put in the tank?

Q9) It is 12 o’clock, and the hour and minute hands are aligned exactly one over the other. Both hands move continuously. After how many minutes will they meet again?

Q10) How many pages of size 21 cm x 25 cm can be made from a roll of 48 m x 1.2 m paper? Assume the pages are perfectly cut edge to edge. 

B. Tina gets the Book

C. Suresh gets the pen

D. Biju gets the Book

How to Download UCEED Question Paper?

Follow the simple instructions mentioned below for downloading the UCEED Question Papers from the official website.

  • Visit the official website i.e.
  • On the Home Page, look for the "Downloads" tab and click on it
  • You will be redirected to a new page
  • Click on the "UCEED Question Paper" link that you wish to download
  • The question paper PDF will appear on the screen
  • Download the PDF and save it for future reference

Importance of Solving UCEED Previous Year Question Papers

If you are wondering how solving previous year's papers help in your preparation, then, go through the points below to know the benefits of solving previous year's papers.

  • You will get an idea about the exam pattern and structure
  • You can understand the difficulty level of the paper
  • Know different types of questions asked in the exam
  • Improve your time management skills, accuracy, and speed
  • You can eliminate your exam fear and build the confidence levels that you require on the day of the exam
  • Know in which topic you are weak and improvise on them
  • Also,help measure your preparation level for the exam


Where can I download UCEED Previous Year Question Paper PDF?

You can download the UCEED Question paper PDF by clicking on the direct link provided in the table in the above post.

Is solving UCEED Previous Year Paper is really beneficial?

Yes. Solving previous year papers of UCEED exam will help you know the difficulty level of the paper, type of questions asked in the exam. Also, it will help your time management skills and speed.

Where can I get last 5 years UCEED Question Papers?

You can download the last 5 years' UCEED Previous Year Question Papers by clicking on the direct links provided in the above post.

Should I solve UCEED question papers during my exam preparation?

Yes. It is important to solve UCEED Previous year questions papers during your exam preparation as it will help you to improve your speed and accuracy.

Why should I solve UCEED Question Papers?

You will know which of the topics are most important and can prepare accordingly. You will get to understand the question pattern which will help you prepare in the correct manner. Solving UCEED Previous year papers in a time-bound exam like environment will remove your exam fear and nervousness on the day of the real exam. It will increase your speed and accuracy on the day of the actual exam.

Into how many sections does the UCEED Question paper is divided?

The UCEED Question paper is divided into three sections: Part A (Numerical Answer Type), Part B (Multiple Select Questions), Part C (Multiple Choice Questions).