NATA Books List 2022

Books are the best resources when it comes to the preparation of any competitive exam including, NATA.

Are you an aspirant for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture but don't know how to choose the right book to enhance your preparation?sad Well, no need to worry!

This post shall guide you through the list of NATA Books that experts and toppers highly recommend.

NATA Preparation Books 2022

As we all know, most of you may get confused while selecting the books, as there are many books available both online and offline.

Choosing the books that provide sample questions and previous year's papers for NATA at the end of each topic is essential.

Check out the table below to know the most recommended books to prepare for the NATA entrance exam.

NATA Book Name Author Name
A Complete Self Study Guide for B.Arch Entrance Examination 2019/20/21 PK Mishra
NATA (B.Arch) Guide to Bachelor of Architecture Entrance Examination B.Arch Entrance Examination Guide Surendra Kavimandan
NATA & B.Arch Question Bank AR. Shadan Usmani
NATA & B.Arch complete self-study material: entrance examination  AR. Shadan Usmani
Popular Master Guide B.Arch Entrance Examination R Gupta

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Subject-wise NATA Books 2022

In the NATA entrance exam, you will be evaluated on your mathematics, general aptitude, and drawing skills.

As we all know, referring to the best books shall help boost your confidence levels. Go through the subject-wise essential books for the preparation for the NATA exam from the post below.

NATA mock test

NATA Mock test

NATA Books for General Aptitude 2022

To enhance your general aptitude preparation, you can refer to the books given in the table below.

These books cover all the essential topics for the NATA exam with detailed explanations.

NATA Books Name Author or Publisher Price
B. Arch. & NATA Paperback – 1 June 2018 GKP Rs. 355/-
Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Book R S Agarwal Rs. 520/-
Test and Assess your IQ Philip Carter & Ken Russell Rs. 241/-
Ultimate Psychometric Tests Mike Bryon Rs. 450/-
Word Games, Riddles and Logic Tests Adrian Wallwork Rs. 1723/-

NATA Books for Mathematics 2022

To understand basic concepts of Mathematics, you can refer to the 10th and 12th NCERT books.

After preparing topics from the NCERT books, you can include the following preparation books during your Maths preparation for NATA.

Book Name Author/Publisher Price
Quantitative Aptitude RS Aggarwal Rs. 453
Elementary Mathematics G Dorofeev Rs. 335
Problems in Calculus of one variable IA Maron Rs. 150
Higher Algebra Hall & Knight Rs. 147
Complete Mathematics RV Prakash Rs. 600

NATA Drawing Books 2022

Along with referring to the drawing books for NATA 2022, you should also enhance your creativity and memory drawing skills.

The following books explain all the concepts in detail to help enhance your drawing preparation for the NATA exam.

NATA Books for Drawing Test Author or Publisher Price
Engineering Drawing N.D. Bhatt Rs. 400/-
A Complete Self Study Guide for B. Arch Entrance Examinations Arihant Publications Rs. 205/-
How to Pass Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests Mark Bryon Rs. 140/-

How to choose the best NATA Books PDF?

Below are some tips that you must keep in mind before shortlisting the books for NATA exam preparation.

  • Important Topics and syllabus: The book must cover all the topics as per the latest syllabus. 
  • Read Online Reviews: Make sure to read the review before buying the books, as it will give you an idea of whether the book will serve your purpose or not.
  • Read the Description: Go through the book's description to better understand the topics included in the book.
  • Books with solved Questions: Opt for books containing Mock Tests for NATA and solved examples at the end of each topic.
  • Book Editions: Choose the books that have been updated recently.


Can I find the NATA Preparation Books in online?

Yes, you can find the NATA Preparation Books in online and you can also download the PDF. 

Which are the best NATA books?

You can refer to the above post to know the best preparation books for National Aptitude Test in Architecture.

Which is the nest books for NATA Aptitude Preparation?

Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Book by RS Aggarwal is considered as one of the best books for NATA Aptitude Preparation.

Where can I get free study material for NATA exam preparation?

You can download the free NATA study material by clicking on the direct link given in the above post.

Should I make online notes or offline notes using NATA books?

You are advised to make notes in which you feel most comfortable. However, experts suggest that note-making should be online since it can be organized in a much better way.