How To Prepare For NATA In 6 Months

Are you aspiring to pursue architecture as your career? Without proper preparation, you may end up not reaching a good score or not clear the exam.

Generally, 6 months to 1 year is required to complete the entire syllabus. In case you are left out with 6 months, then you need to gear up your preparations. 

Wondering how? This post shall take you through tips and tricks on how to prepare for NATA in 6 months. Read through the post completely to know important strategies to crack NATA Exam.

Top 10 Tricks to Crack NATA 2022 in 6 Months

There are many ways you could prepare for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture. You could come with your own tips and tricks during preparation.

 However, here are a few experts who suggested top tricks to succeed NATA Exam. Try following these tips for enhancing your preparation levels for the exam during the 6 months. 

  • Be clear with the Pattern: You need to be clear with the NATA Paper Pattern before you begin your preparation. Know the number of questions asked under each section and the marking scheme. 
  • Know the detailed Syllabus: The next step is to know the topics involved in each subject. The syllabus might be vast, but there are important topics you need to be thorough, which holds high weightage. 
  • Prepare a Study Plan: Each one of your study timings may vary. Prepare a proper study plan that includes the entire syllabus with appropriate timings as per your convenience. Make sure to complete the tasks planned for each day without postponing them.

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  • Choose the right Book: Studying from the right book plays an important role in your preparation. You need to ensure to choose the book that covers the entire syllabus with a detailed explanation. The book should contain the concepts explained with easily understandable language. 
  • Get Expert Guidance: If you are finding it difficult to prepare on your own, you can always join the best NATA Coaching for expert guidance. This way, you can get coaching from top-notch faculty who shall explain concepts in-depth and help in reaching your goal. 
  • Check the college-wise Cut Off: If you aim to get admission to your desired college, it is important to keep a check on the previous year's cut-off marks. This way, you can enhance your preparation and try to score more than the cut-off marks. 
  • Solve Mock Tests: Solving tests play an important role in preparation. They let you experience the real-time exam environment. You can also analyze your preparation levels. 
  • Collect Previous Year Papers: Keep previous year's papers ready in hand during your preparation. Solving NATA Previous Year Papers gives you an idea about the difficulty level and type of questions asked. 
  • Time Management: Managing time is an important factor in the NATA Entrance exam. Each question may consume different timings. Hence you must ensure not to spend too much time on a question when you cannot find the answer. Be calm and relaxed while answering. 
  • Revision: After studying all the topics as per the syllabus, try to revise each topic during the last month before the exam. Revision lets you remember the concepts for a long time. 

NATA mock test

NATA Mock test

How to Make the Best Time Table for NATA Exam 2022?

You may have queries on what topics should be covered on which day, focus topics, and more. Here, we have curated the best study plan and timetable to help you know how much time you need to give for each subject.

Following this plan would definitely help you crack the exam on the first attempt.

Subject No. of Hours per Day
General Aptitude 2 hours
Mathematics 1.5 - 2 hours
Drawing 2 hours
Practice Previous Year Papers 1 - 1.5 hours
Mock Tests Weekly once
Revision 1 hour

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What should be my Study Plan for NATA 6 Months Preparation 2022?

If you plan to appear for the NATA Exam next year, you need to follow a study plan to reach your goal.

So, you might be wondering how I can complete the entire syllabus in just 6 months? Well, the below NATA Study Plan can help in resolving your query. 

1st Month Be thorough with the pattern and syllabus before you start your preparation. Prepare a study plan that includes a combination of all topics for all three subjects. Make sure to study at least for 6 hours (2 hours for each subject)
2nd Month Continue with studying of topics as per previous month. Try to complete the entire syllabus within 2nd month. You can extend for another month if you are left with more topics. 
3rd Month Try solving question papers and analyze your answer. This lets you analyze your preparation levels. Try to improve on your errors. 
4th Month Solve mock tests to analyze preparation levels. Experience the real-time exam environment. 
5th Month Begin your revision. Try to revise all topics once again to enhance preparation levels. Remember not to read any new topics as it may lead to confusion. 
6th Month In the last month left for the exam don't read any new topic. This month, you need to solve more and more question papers by keeping a timer to improve your speed and accuracy. You can also improve your time management skills. 

What are the important topics for NATA 2022?

As per the NATA Syllabus, you shall be tested on various parameters. Here is a glimpse of topics you are tested on. Based on the below parameters, you can study the topics. 

Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests the ability of logical reasoning, using diagrams and scenarios
Numerical Reasoning Tests mathematical ability through simple problems
Verbal Reasoning Assesses the ability to assess verbal logic
Inductive Reasoning Tests the ability to see patterns and analyze given data
Situational Judgment Tests problem-solving ability
Logical Reasoning Tests ability to recognize patterns, sequences, or relationships between shapes and imagery
Abstract Reasoning Will assess general knowledge and ability to utilize knowledge in new situations.

Which books should I Refer to for NATA Preparation 2022?

Here is the list of NATA Preparation Books recommended by experts. 

A Complete Self Study Guide for B.Arch Entrance Examination 2018/19/20  PK Mishra
NATA (B.Arch) Guide to Bachelor of Architecture Entrance Examination B.Arch Entrance Examination Guide Surendra Kavimandan
NATA & B.Arch complete self-study material: entrance examination  Ar. Shadan Usmani

Subject-wise NATA Preparation Strategy 2022

There are three sections involved in the NATA Exam: Aptitude, Mathematics, and Drawing. Here are a few subject-wise NATA Preparation strategies for scoring good marks.

How to prepare for NATA in 6 months for Aptitude 2022

  • This section includes questions from various topics like Buildings in India and the World, speed distance and time, Important Architects of India and the World, Logical and Reasoning Ability questions, General Maths questions like area, volume Mirror Images, Building Materials and Terminology, Common Architectural Terminology, 2D and 3D objects and their plans and elevations, etc.
  • Solve NATA Aptitude Questions to understand what type of questions can be asked in the exam and the difficulty level. 
  • In the exam, the question paper can also have questions from a general knowledge subject. It will help if you stay updated about the latest issues happening across the globe. 

How to prepare for NATA in 6 months for Maths 2022

  • Questions under the maths section are mainly based on the 12th-grade syllabus. 
  • It would help if you solved questions from the CBSE Textbooks for better preparation. 
  • Try to understand the basic concepts and be thorough with all the topics. 
  • Practice is the only way to clear this section with full marks.

How to prepare for NATA in 6 months for Drawing 2022

  • This section shall include 2 questions that you must answer in 90 minutes. 
  • Read the given scenario carefully and imagine. 
  • Make sure to understand the concept and then proceed with answering. 
  • Solve NATA Drawing Questions to get an idea about the type of questions asked and how to attempt them. 
  • Practice human figures daily as they are an important part of most of the perspective questions.
  • Also, get acquainted with famous logos and their history.

How to Prepare for NATA in One Month?

As long as you have been consistent in your preparation, there is no need to pressure during the Last Month NATA Preparation.

Suppose if you are preparing for 8 hours a day, make sure to allocate at least 2-3 hours for solving the previous year's papers.

Try to revise all the important concepts and keep your general knowledge updated daily. Practice questions based on profit and loss, area and proportion, probability, speed and distance, interest, etc.

Also, make sure to avoid learning new topics which might confuse you at the last moment.

Is NATA Exam Difficult?

Without proper preparation definitely, the exam would be difficult. Try to have a proper planned preparation. Solve as many question papers as possible to get an idea about the questions and difficulty level of the exam. 

Based on the previous year's NATA Exam Analysis, the level of difficulty is moderate. All the questions were doable. 


Can I prepare for NATA in one month?

Preparation strategy shall vary between each one of you. It depends on your capability and dedication. If you are well versed with the basics, then one month is enough for NATA preparation. 

How can I improve my creative skills for NATA drawing?

You should understand each and every scale and proportion. Bring out your best from day-to-day experience. This will give uniqueness to your drawings.

The evaluator's focus will be on your drawings, imagination and observation skills. So, you should never compromise on the creativity.

How long does it take for NATA Preparation?

A minimum of 6 months to 1 year is required for NATA Exam Preparation. 

Is NATA Drawing exam easy?

As per the previous year analysis, the NATA drawing exam was a moderate level of difficulty. With the right preparation strategy, you can definitely clear NATA drawing Exam with a high score. 

What are the important topics that need to be prepared under General aptitude section of NATA Syllabus?

Mathematical Reasoning, seta & relations including complement, union, intersection, and difference of sets, Venn diagram are some of the important topics that need to be prepared under General aptitude section of NATA Syllabus.

What are the best books for preparation of NATA 2022 Syllabus?

  • A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by S.Chand
  • NATA (B.Arch) Guide Bachelor of  Architecture Ent. Exams by GKP

How much time should I keep aside for revision in the NATA Exam Preparation plan?

At least you required 25-30 days for revision. So, make sure to allocate at least 1-1.5 hours hours of your daily time for revision.